I’m Pissed-Off! And You Should Be Too

I don’t apologize for the vulgarity in today’s title. I borrowed the term “pissed-off” from a lady that many of you know. I’m talking about Maggie at the excellent Maggie’s Notebook blog. I t seems that Maggie and some friends were talking politics and Maggie let it be known that she was appalled by something or other. Her husband interjected that he was beyond appalled. He was pissed-off. and now Maggie herself has decided that she too is pissed-off and, with good reason. So what is it that changed this lady from being appalled to being pissed-off? If you click on the link above you will find a video by Eric Bolling where he explains that for the first time in American history the parasites are siphoning off more than the taxpayers are paying into the government’s coffers:

For the first time ever, the makers (taxpayers) are taking home less disposable income, $32,400.00 than the “takers” (those subsisting on full or partial government assistance) $32,700.000.


Bolling: The “makers” pay $2.3 TRILLION in taxes every year. The “takers” take $2.5 TRILLION a year. They are taking more than the total revenue of the government.

Let that sink-in for a minute. If those numbers don?t piss you off, I don’t know what will. (BTW, Bolling is referring to data that comes from this Heritage Foundation report.)

Maggie’s article reminded me of a post I made back in September of last year titled  Statism is Killing the Middle Class  where you can find a table that shows that a family of four making $60,000 per year after paying all appropriate taxes ends up with a net benefit of just over 34,000. But, a por family earning only $14,500 per year after all their government hand-outs has a net benefit of $37,777.  How fair is that, Mr. Obama?

Maggie has a right to be pissed-off, doesn’t  she? Folks, we all have a right to be pissed-off. Moreover, every tax paying American should be pissed-off. Our ship of state is sinking and sinking rapidly. Maybe if enough Americans get pissed-off and turn that anger into positive action, we might have a chance of saving this nation we love. We need to clean house in Washington and we need to clean house on the state and local level too.

While we are on the subject of being pissed-off, let me share another reason why my brain is twisted in knots. Payroll Tax Cuts. What the hell are we doing to ourselves? How is it possible that Republicans, supposedly the fiscal responsible Party, are continuing to go along with this nonsense? The Social Security system is broke and all the idiots in Washington are going let tax payers not pay into the system for another year. This is absolute insanity! Once again the Republicans are going to let Obama frame the issue. Here is what I think the Republicans should do if they want to give the middle class a $40 a month tax break. First they should reduce the Income tax rate for the middle class the equivalent amount to generate the 440 per month. But make everyone who is working pay into the bankrupt Social Security System.. Secondly, they should go out and hire a tenth grader from any public school in the country to review the US spending programs and recommend cuts in useless spending to offset the tax cut. This should take the tenth grader about fifteen minutes. How hard is that, Republicans in Congress?

Yes, I am pissed-off and you should be too.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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42 thoughts on “I’m Pissed-Off! And You Should Be Too

  1. Those who decide to go and create a “small business” risk it all to be “rewarded” by having much of their hard work confiscated by the Government. Not only the taxes they pay, but what they collect for the government, such as sales, tax, real estate taxes, and so on. The last I read, over half of all start ups, go bankrupt, leaving those broke for the most part. These are the folks are create the most jobs in America, not big corporations. We are killing the goose. I know, my family was one of those “small businesses” that employed about 50 people. I would not even consider carrying the business on. Unxepected inspections, demanding to see one’s books, all of the licenses, potential lawsuits– a claim a week was average. The last one, someone got a bee sting. Go figure how long this will go on.

    1. Bunker, I can’t imagine what it is like for small business owners these days. We harp all the time about federal government regulations but local government is probably even worse for small businesses. We are indeed killing the golden goose.

  2. Silverfiddle… Are you kidding me?

    You can’t vote them out. First of all, the largesse gatherers and idiots outnumber you. They will vote them in. Secondly, they’re all bad. You cannot distinguish who the good guys are…they are vastly outnumbered or become easily corruptible soon after claiming their new found positions of status.

    The only solution is to starve the beast. That’s right folks. Quit paying taxes. That will bring the bloodletting to a boil. They cannot throw all of us in prison. That is the only solution- as radical as that sounds- it is the only reasonable way to stop this shit.

  3. I whole-heartedly agree…although the 10th grader should probably be a Homeschooled 12 year old or a student from a Christian school…just sayin…I don’t have a real good impression of the math skills of a public educat…er indoctrinat…um… attendee.
    I sent this very story from Maggie to friends and family.

  4. @Frankenstein…our current government and our situation is the BEST reason for kids AND parents need to read, re-read and read again George Washington’s Farewell Address…He warned about it as most of the other Founders, that once people realized they could benefit from the government, they would continue to vote into office people who would continue the “government gravy train”, because they don’t think PAST their noses…we have allowed people to not think these things through and let the media and the leftists/communist/progressives (take your pick)…
    George Washington et al, spelled out our future when we walk away from our religion, morals, ethics, principles, honor and finally the Constitution…AND these are the men WHO the statists/progressives et al tell us were out of touch? Excuse me? These men “prophesied” our countries future, should we walk away from our Godly covenant, heritage and understanding…
    Here is a quote from FDR that sums up this admins progressive agenda…they never change…
    “I beleive that we are at the threshold of a fundamental change in our popular economic thought…do what we may have to do to inject life into our ailing economic order, we cannot make it endure for long unless we can bring about a wiser, more equitable distribution of the national income…It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it and frnakly and tray another but above all else try something…”FDR, 1932

  5. I think the premise that the Republicans are any different than the Democrats is flawed one, based upon their own actions. We conservatives get “pissed off” when the people we elect, fellow “we think” Republicans, don’t stand up for the free market and American self-sustainability. You can get po’ed all you want, but the fact remains that the Ds and Rs are totally bought off by corporate fascists that have EVERYTHING to gain by a country full of moochers. Especially when they’re the one’s who own the necessities of life. Where you gonna’ go? Why to them. This makes them supreme lords over the bulk of us, and when you entrepreneurial hold outs can’t make it any more in the face of stifling regulation, the food stamps and section 8 housing will be ready for you.

    Oh, didn’t crazy Ron Paul want to cut spending by a trillion bucks, using basic arithmetic? No wonder they hate him. That, and he actually wants to win wars that American troops are put in. But nooo, piddle d*&king around for 10 years is much more lucrative for our friends the banksters, whom I’ve shown to be heavily, heavily invested in the war=peace sector of the economy.

    1. republic Mother, I happen to agree with you in re: “I think the premise that the Republicans are any different than the Democrats is flawed one”… unfortunately I don’t trust ANY politician any longer…they have “cried wolf” one too many times for my tastes and wasted their political capitol, left/right, D’s & R’s (in fact even the indies) …this is exactly WHAT Washington warned against, the tyranny of the two-party system… the only ones who haven’t veered from their course? The communists/socialist who have managed to co-op not only the leftists side, but the middle and the right as well…who doesn’t realize that when you get enough attorney’s in one location and there will be trouble…why? Because they are all about manipulating the system…same with bankers, CEO’s et al…human nature is human nature is human nature…”A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.” Alexander Tytler
      Is that NOT what has happened? We have a constituency that has “discovered” that they can support themselves out of the “largesse” of the treasury? Don’t be deceived THIS group of “robber barons” are NOT the rich, it is the people who feast at the trough of the treasury AND those complicit with them…the politicians and the lobbyists. Those in charge are trying to raid the treasury and by all accounts doing a great job…There is PLENTY of blame to go round starting with AMERICANS who have been complacent, apathetic, ignorant of our responsibility to our Republic AND politicians of ALL stripes…TPC

      1. Can’t disagree with that. Some think that it’s just hobos and welfare foodstamp peeps benefiting from government, but as I try to point out billions upon billions are made by attaching one’s industry to the Federal Reserve Cartel. These people are most definitely rich, but wealth itself is not an indication of corruption.

        You can blame Americans, but to be fair up until recently getting the information to make an intelligent assessment of all this stuff was rather hard to come by and only the most intrepid individual would try. It would have involved many hours in a library pestering old librarians and scanning microfiche to put all this together. Most people work and do not have the time to be private eyes investigating everyone darkening the halls of power.

        You ought to check out my latest in my FDR series that follows these same lines of thought.

      1. re: republican mother, I’m not willing to give the rank and file Americans a pass, If I remember correctly, the Founders and their compatriots marched around with no shoes and inappropriate clothes to fight for our freedom and our Republic. And we’re put off because Joey and Suzy have ballet and soccer at the same time? Where are our priorities as a citizen of this nation? We have grown fat, happy, sassy. complacent and stupid by choice..SHAME on us and our willingness to make and accept excuses for ourselves and others.
        The people of 1776 had is MUCH worse then we do, did you know that it took George Washington 3 hours to get to church on Sunday by horseback and the same amount of time to get home? Think about how long it took the members of the delegation of the Constitutional Convention to get to Philadelphia to be about the business of the Republic, and how long they stayed away from their families (and their jobs and livelihoods) to get the job done…I’m sorry but President Washington told us to keep vigil over our Constitution with our very lives…seriously? You want me to feel bad for people because they let our country go to hell in a hand basket because they had a life of convenience by the butt-load that made their lives easier? I’m supposed to give them a pass because they had a family to raise, a car that can take them quickly and easily to the store to buy groceries that are already packaged, or food they don’t have to fix or they can call for takeout when they get really strapped for time? Funny thing for me to consider is that the people who are the most informed are the people who Home School, they are pretty much are self sufficient.
        And yet we have a citizenry that doesn’t have to toil and work as hard just to grow food and have necessities like our ancestors did even 50 years ago. And this is what we get for having an easier life? More of our children today are functionally illiterate then ever before in our nations history…
        The people of Washington’s time were the most LITERATE in our history and they had to work full-time which was much harder to even get food and necessities and somehow they managed to get the work of the people done and the people actually took the time out of their busy day to understand what their responsibilities were TO the nation…We have it so very good, we have been so very blessed and we have managed to piss it all away (I am NOT apologizing for my language)…and our excuse is What? Because we were TOO busy? Our pat answer is “lets blame it on the corporations and the bankers or whomever is the enemy du jour…I am not an intrepid individual, I am informed by choice and it’s funny I could find the information to get informed and work and raise two children and attend college and trust me I am NOT an over achiever…I simply expect the same level of commitment to my country from everyone else.Soldiers choose to give their lives for my freedom, how could I do any less to keep it safe and alive? Freedom is a two-edged sword and it will not be taken for granted, it’s a full contact sport and like a high maintenance woman, it takes a lot of work …look around to see the wisdom in that…There is nothing whatsoever wrong with making money as long as its done honestly, greed is another matter altogether…As I said there is plenty of blame to go around…

  6. Jim, although I agree with you in the payroll tax issue in a vacuum, this is not about taxes or economic efficiency. This is all about election year politics.

    Yes, the President is framing the issue. That is the advantage of being President. And, no, we cannot change that fact without controlling the WH or the senate. Republicans in the House are fighting an election issue and trying to take away the claim that President Obama is a tax cutter.

    Unfortunately or not, it is the political system that we chose and we have to make the best of it.

  7. I am more incensed at our Congress critters and I am at Obama. And that’s saying something!

    Obama is framing the issue — and the complicit mainstream media are shilling for him.

  8. Excellent! Glad to see you’re PO’d Jim. Let’s hope millions more will join you. Looks like what Maggie Thatcher warned us about is getting closer as we’re running out of other people’s money to spend.

    Don’t know if you saw the budget comparison between Washington and a household while you were away. Basically, you just lop eight zeros off the numbers. Very effective for illustrating our pathetic spending when you can equate to numbers you recognize.

    U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
    Federal budget: $3,820,000,000,000
    New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
    National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
    Recent [April] budget cut: $ 38,500,000,000

    Annual family income: $21,700
    Money the family spent: $38,200
    New debt on the credit card: $16,500
    Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
    Budget cuts: $385

  9. Perhaps if we could find a way to vote them all out, both parties, it would wake enough people up that we could actually get some real change. I am not optimistic though. This insanity will not stop, IMHO, until we are bankrupt and perhaps have even gone through a new revolution. There are too many who don’t believe that the law applies to them and those of us who do, do not want to go outside the law in order to correct the problem. We are at check, and perhaps even at Checkmate.
    We have only about eight months left to influence change, that is not very much time. If, by hook or crook, Obama remains in office, elected or unelected, we will have lost and have no other option except the drastic change I mentioned above!

  10. I am more than pissed off, I am bleeping pissed off! I am pissed off at the whole situation and I am pissed of at the Republicans as well, our country is about to collapse and all these people care about is getting reelected at all costs–even the cost of losing our country.

  11. Jim, thanks for carrying on with the conversation. I feel the short tempers among bloggers, spurred by their differing opinions about what must be done to save ourselves from ourselves. As Political Chef said, we have been apathetic, irresponsible, and we allowed the admonitions of our Founders to die on the abundant vine of liberty.

    I really do believe it is too late. We might get a Republican in the White House and be able to hold him accountable for a time, and make some strides. Definitely we will if we can take the Senate, but our enemies never give up, and I’m doubtful we will every force the hand of the Federal Reserve. We allowed small steps to snatch freedom, and now, even small steps aren’t needed. The media will not change, and we cannot change that.

    I blame the schools and the administrators who have allowed the Leftist garbage in the classroom. I blame the parents who don’t know that their children are learning Leftist garbage.

    Political Chef, thanks for forwarding my article:-: Jim, thanks for linking. So glad you are able to do some writing. God Bless!

    1. You’re very welcome, Maggie. If the Liberals have their way we will eventually go down with a whimper. But, I believe external events will eventually bring us down with a bang. I feel blessed that I grew-up in the 50s and 60s. I lived the American dream. I feel so very sad for my children and grandchildren.

    2. Maggie, thank you and You are MOST welcome…you are the Godly faithful are on the front-lines…It breaks my heart that so many of us are so broken and discouraged. I know how the story ends! God is victorious and the others will be swept into the dustbin of history! I share your concern because in 2007 when I saw this coming I told my husband that most Americans were blind to the calamity heading our way. I told him that the country needed to go through pain to realize what they had been given and how they mucked it up royally…
      I have been battling leftists in our schools for nearly 30 years and it has not gotten any better. Every means of aberration is acceptable and accepted in Public schools but Christianity and Biblical morals and ethics. What did we think was going to happen? Do we honestly beleive God going to let this humanistic crap from hell go unanswered? Certainly not! Did He let the disobedience and wanton behavior of the Israelites go unanswered? If He didn’t visit the consequences of their disobedience on them, He would have been a liar, He MUST do the same with America, He is the God of Justice…Americans are no better than the Israelites and He will hold us accountable…I beleive that the consequences of our action and inaction and humiliation it will entail is exactly what this country and this people need. We have become just like the Israelites of old who looked at their wealth and slapped each other on the back in congratulations for how clever and resourceful they were to “create” all the wealth and prosperity they had (in reality God had blessed then with it all, as He said He would)sinned just as we have sinned…God warned then against it and that means He warned us against it too…

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how many americans listen to bs on fox news and other media outlets of the right without checking gop members voting record against the middle class.MITT ROMNEY was born with a silverspoon and made his money liquidating U.S.firms and sending the work to low wage nations.do people realize if ww3 broke out tomorrow,we dont have the capacity to make weapons like we did in ww2.GREED IS DESTROYING AMERICA!

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