Obama’s Shadow Government

My guest post this past Saturday was by Pat Slattery of the Free Market Project. The title of Pat’s article was Deception in Pursuit of Power, this is an excellent read, which I highly recommend if you missed it. For now I want to focus on the title that Pat chose _ Deception in Pursuit of Power. I can’t think of a more apt description of the Obama presidency.

We are told incessantly by the Democrat leaders, by avowed left-wing liberals and, by the biased media that Preside Obama is a moderate. A moderate?  Mr. Obama may play the part of a moderate on TV; but, in reality, he is just very adept in the art of deception in pursuit of power.

While Obama plays the part of a moderate on the presidential stage, he has packed the executive branch with agency heads and czars who are very much left-wing liberals with an agenda. These bureaucrats are using their regulatory powers to circumvent the Congress, the courts, and the constitution.

We have seen the hidden agenda of our “moderate” president at work on many fronts, all of which are designed to increase the power of our central government and reduce the power of the people. Here are just a few examples to remind us of the accelerated pace at which this administration is grabbing more and more power over our lives:

  • Intentionally driving up energy cost in America in spite of our abundent resources of oil, gas and coal. We have seen mandates placed on utility companies  to include more and more high cost electricity from renewable resources (wind  and solar). The failed Cap and Trade bill is being implemented by placing new unachievable air quality standards on coal-fired power plants. Our government has done everything possible to impede oil and gas development on federal lans, while they have thrown hundreds of billions of dollars at not ready for prime time green energy projects. Should we believe that this is all being done out of true concern for man-made global warming or is it more likely that they see the United Nations’ AGW and Agenda 21 as useful means to the end of obtaining more and more power over our daily lives?
  • Proving that the federal government has the right to mandate what private citizens and private companies must do. The Affordable Healthcare Act was pushed through Congress without anyone knowing what was in it. The Act is based on the government being able to force its citizens to buy health insurance. More recently we find the government telling religious organization that they must include contraception as part of the health benefits they provide their employees; but, when this was met by great protest, our “moderate” president decided to be accommodating  and decided to mandate that the insurance companies provide contraceptives for free. So, I have to wonder if the Affordable Healthcare Act was promoted out of a deep concern for the health of all Americans or was it a means to demonstrate the right of government  to dictate to private citizens and private companies.
  • Congress is a nuisance to the Obama administration. Obama has circumvented the constitutional powers of Congress many times in many ways. The EPA, the NLRB, the Department of Energy, The FCC and the FDA have been very useful in helping him get around Congress. Now he is going to  get the SEC in the act as well. Fox News .Com ran a very disturbing story the other day, which I hope you will take the time to read. Apparently the SEC is considering altering regulation on how stockholder proposals and question get included in the corporations proxy statements. This would activist groups like union and environmentalist to use pension funds and NGO funds to advance their social agendas by way of the corporate boardrooms  instead of the cumbersome process of  getting bills proposed and passed by Congress. This, my friends, could change the whole nature of our capitalist system and would put us on a very slippery slope.

So, you tell me. Does the Obama shadow government use deception in pursuit of power?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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23 thoughts on “Obama’s Shadow Government

  1. Yes, they use deception, but they also do things openly, brazenly, challenging anyone to oppose them. They use any and every means possible to get what they want, at the same time they divide and demean the rest of us that oppose them. They invent crisis’ and encourage violence through out the whole of the world. Deception is just a small part of the tactics that they use!

  2. The Affordable Health Care Act is the battering ram and the Trojan horse. If the supremes do not bat it down, God help us; there is nothing standing the federal government’s way.

  3. As I’ve said many times, the progressive elite thinks it is smarter, more compassionate, and wiser than you and I. We need their guidance (according to them). The given is that they don’t respect the people. When you respect someone, you give them choices and trust they will do what is best for themselves and their community. The people you control are the people you don’t respect. The deception of the Obama administration is just one more sign of their lack of respect for people. Let me put it crudely, just to make the point crystal clear: You don’t piss down someones back and tell them it’s raining if you respect them.

  4. Totally agree with Pat^^ above. I also read the article and thought it was excellent.

    If Obamacare passes the muster of SCOTUS at that point we can all rest assured that the court is bought and paid for. Anyone ACTUALLY reading that bill would have to throw it in the trash. To have to decide the issue this year, before elections, will tell us just what a bunch of spineless and politically driven ninnies are on the bench. If it passes, I am leaving the country. I mean that.

  5. None Dare Call it a Conspiracy by Gary Allen connects the dots, forming the picture of the Shadow Government. Obama is just an employee of that government, as the way was paved with Social Security and Medicaid. This may be the world’s longest con.

  6. Great post Jim! Obama talks like a moderate who wants to bring the country together, but behind the scenes he is centralizing the government and pushing far left policies. I hope that enough Americans see through his rhetoric and judge him on his actions–for they are two very different positions indeed!

      1. I will be also Jim. Right now Obama is getting a bounce in the polls because he is left alone while the GOP candidates attack each other, but once we have a nominee and the focus is back on Obama I expect the race to tighten back up.

  7. I have been wondering for years now, “where are the Republicans?” I’m still wondering. The only place I see outrage is on the internet. The mainstream media calling this guy a “moderate” says a lot about how stupid they think we are …and are doing a great job keeping half the people stupid. And though Fox hints occasionally at the outrageous assaults, that is all they do. It’s not enough. That is the deception part…the media. The rest of it is brazen theft and trashing of the Constitution. Impeachment please???

    Good post, Jim.

    1. I agree, Cheryl, that the Republicans have not demonstrated the outrage we would expect from them. Part of the problem is that this administration has intentionally, in my mind, done a thousand things that should outrage the Republicans. So, when one congressman tries to get his colleagues to rally around the thing he is outraged about, he finds that each one is focused on some other outrageous act of Obama & Company. In the end, they don’t focus on any one issue long enough to get anything done.

  8. The man is a progressive/socialist/fascist.

    At the heart of people like this is distrust of the unwashed masses. They see themselves as better, as chosen, as an enlightened race. And they will tell us what do to. They won’t have to do it of course, but they’re privileged.

    Just like the old communist party members.

  9. obama is no moderate, in reality, he is a radical extremist passing himself off as some sort of moderate. He pulled it off with the help of his media entourage in the beginning, but many are on to him now. Hopefully it’s enough who have caught on.

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