Obama’s Social Engineers at Work in the EPA

Brian Sussman had a post at American Thinker yesterday. In his opening paragraph he states:

I  just got off a conference call with the Environmental Protection Agency (I do  this regularly just to try stay in the loop as to what these seditious  bureaucrats are up to). The call featured EPA chief Lisa Jackson who shared an  “important announcement” regarding “the Obama administration’s commitment to  environmental justice.”

Now, this immediately got my attention because not just anybody can can pick up the phone and get a conference call  with the EPA chief,, Lisa Jackson.  Since Mr. Sussman’s name didn’t ring any bells with me, I used the magic of Google and Wikipedia to learn that Brian Sussman is an Emmy award-winning television journalist and conservative talk radio host in the San Francisco area.

So, what did our conservative talk radio host learn from his conference call?

In  today’s announcement from the EPA, Jackson stated, “If we aspire to build an  economy and a society that works for every American, we can’t allow the heaviest  burdens of pollution and health threats to fall on our poorest citizens.  Bringing together our federal partners to tackle these challenges is a major  step toward health, environmental and economic benefits in communities across  the nation.”

Are you scared yet? You should be. Think about what Ms. Jackson means by “our federal partners”. Here is a clue from Sussman:

Among  the special announcements today:

  • The  Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration is finalizing an  environmental justice circular to help organizations that have received federal  EPA grants to determine whether there are any minority or low-income populations  that may be adversely affected by a proposed transit project. If there are, then  either the project will be stopped or altered, or the people affected will  likely be eligible for a paid-for-by-the-feds move to a better  neighborhood.
  • The Department of Labor is translating  educational materials and hazard alerts into Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese to  ensure that minority workers have access to information they need to avoid  environmental hazards on the job. The result will be more minorities (including  illegal aliens) filing lawsuits against their employers.

It should be clear to you now what the EPA and their “federal partners” are planning to do to the productive sector, the employers, across America.  They are going to allow any environmental group and any community organizing group to nominate communities that are “unfairly” burdened by pollutants so that the businesses in those communities can be investigated and charged with creating environmental injustices and then be forced to pay fines which will be used to bring justice to the residents of these communities.

Folks, this is just one more Obama wealth redistribution plan.  In the name of environmental justice, this administration will  expand their efforts to kill off what remains of our free market economy.

One of the participants in the conference with Mr. Sussman  was  Elizabeth C. Yeampierre, chair of EPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council. mr. Sussman thought she summed up this fiasco best when she said:

Communities that have historically been the reluctant hosts to the country’s  environmental burdens have endured the consequence of poor public health,  housing, employment and education inequities to name a few. The Administration  deserves praise for recognizing that these complex problems require a holistic  approach

A holistic approach? Really? It’s not as though we needed another reason to make Obama a one term president; but, we have one. A big one.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

33 thoughts on “Obama’s Social Engineers at Work in the EPA

  1. I became familiar with the environment justice movement while in law school. Unlike a lot of liberal causes, there is a shred of truth to EJ. Yes, the poor tend to live in more heavily polluted areas. The problem is mistaking cause and effect. Since the dawn of civilization those with the means avoid polluted areas, and those without end up in the worst areas. Like so many other simple-minded liberal “solutions,” the EJ movement addresses the symptoms, not the causes.

    1. I understand that the poor live in the least desirable areas, Ted, but does that necessarily equate with areas that are polluted? If these areas are polluted, doesn’t it mean the the EPA has not been enforcing its regulations? I don’t think that is the case. I suspect they are redefining what pollution means in a social justice sense.

  2. This morning, the Mayor of Eddystone, the location of the Sunoco refineries that are shutting down, is due to the EPA requiring a $200 million dollar scubber be installed among other new requirements. That is how this is going down. One coal plant, and refinery at a time. This will be the last two refineries in Phila shutting down. I plan on a post tomorrow on it.

    1. Thanks for sharing this information, Bunker. This is just one more example of the Obama’s administrations goal of driving up energy cost in the US because of their belief in the debunked global warming scam. It’s Cap and Trade by fiat.

  3. Oh how the socialists love undefined words and phrases that give them unlimited power: “fairness”, “social justice”, “environmental justice”… If there’s an existing plant, let’s say it’s a power plant or a refinery, and someone moves in near it, can they claim that whatever pollution it spews is causing them an injustice? Did someone place a gun to their heads and force them to move near an existing plant, or a highway, or whatever?

    What do you suppose the game is, here? It looks to me like the idea is to give the poor and middle class people the idea that you’re helping them, while actually stabbing them in the back (driving prices for food and fuel up, limiting their ability to advance their economic standing by harming the economy, etc.), all in a bid to get them beholden to you so you can retain power. It’s a hostage situation, where you need to suffer the beating if you want to get your food and water for the day.

    1. “What do you suppose the game is, here?”

      I can only guess, Pat. I think the long term goal is the control that comes from all the different facets of Agenda 21 : reduce our mobility and eventually force the majority of people to live in high density population centers close to their work.

  4. Just the term “environmental justice” scares the beejees out of me, that’s right out of the old climate change booklet.

  5. Exactly correct here, Pat…. “What do you suppose the game is, here? It looks to me like the idea is to give the poor and middle class people the idea that you’re helping them, while actually stabbing them in the back (driving prices for food and fuel up, limiting their ability to advance their economic standing by harming the economy, etc.), all in a bid to get them beholden to you so you can retain power.”

    If you follow the money trail on all of the social or environmental “justice” issues, the poor and the middle classes are getting the screws put to them in every way possible.

    Bunker is onto it also…with the refinery shut down. Who is going to suffer the most from higher energy prices? The poor and the middle class. This whole administration and all of the federal agencies need to be scrubbed and we need a do over.

    Thanks for this post, Jim!

  6. It’s nannying and meddling mixed in with good intentions, and the taxpayer will pay handsomely for it. It’s the way with liberals, taxpayers are never ever in one of their ‘favored’ groups.

    1. I long ago gave up the idea that any of this is “with good intentions.” That is just the surface ruse. There are no good intentions behind Agenda 21 and all attached to it. None.

  7. In 1989 part of a freeway in Oakland was destroyed by the earthquake. It took 15-20 years to rebuild, and, IIRC, it became the most expensive freeway ever built on the American soil because of the multiple environmental impact studies that had to be conducted since the freeway sliced the Oakland ghetto. Please America, don’t go the way of California.

      1. Slightly, I think. I did not live in East Bay (or the United States) when it happened. I remember confusing detours from the time I moved here until the freeway was actually rebuilt.

  8. Obama is using the agencies to push through his socialistic agenda because he has failed to get his agenda passed through the Congress. This is another example and it really is a deceptive way of accomplishing his goals. And I thought he was going to be transparent?

      1. I think they are awake…..but powerless to do anything about it. Who do we vote for…..the socialist or the socialist? Your welcome for the reblog.
        I had my largest amount of views the other day and not a damn soul commented but my loving wife. I think she fealt sorry for me. Think I’ll reblog more

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