“Statist Whine About Free Speech…” by Brian at Frankenstein Government

The following article was originally published by Brian at the Frankenstein Government blog on March 2, 2012.


Statist Whine About Free Speech, Call “Go To Hell Barack” Ad “Disrespectful”

What…are we supposed to be outraged??
The greatest flim flam man to ever lie his way into the White House gets called on that crooked piece of health care legislation…the one that nobody read and suddenly people are outraged at an ad stating “Go to hell, Barack?”
I’ve been outraged for four years at this asshole. Obama’s been wiping his backside with the Constitution. Czars, takeovers, playing golf, laundering campaign money through Solyndra and other non viable companies, taking campaign funds from crooks like Jon Corzine who stole 1.6 billion in customer accounts. Recess appointments. Gunwalker scandals. The most crooked administration ever.
Obama plays small ball. He sucks. Plain and simple.
Where were you liberals and moonbats when the politicians were hijacking our Constitution? Do any of you dimwits have any idea of the Obamacare health plan prices and just why they were scheduled to go into effect after the 2012 elections?
Of course you don’t know. You want free speech according to your rules. You think nothing of calling Bush an asshole but we are supposed to respect this piece of crap that occupies our property. You’ll think big deal when you are shelling out 12 grand a year for healthcare for your family of four and getting threatened by IRS agents if you don’t pay. You’ll think telling Obama to go to hell was completely justified sometime in 2014. Trust me.
Here’s the link, statists. http://news.yahoo.com/hell-barack-row-over-washington-metro-ad-051919392.html
Obama is too sneaky to tell us to go to hell. Instead, he has simply chosen to deliver us there.


7 thoughts on ““Statist Whine About Free Speech…” by Brian at Frankenstein Government

  1. As long as they can keep everyone needy from the Government, they will get the votes to stay in office. Welcome to Obamadinijads plantation. All uninformed voters please stay home!

  2. The media, for reasons of their own, either still like Obama – the guy that foments more divisiveness than anyone else in the United States – or just plain hate conservatives.

    In either case, contrary viewpoints will never get a fair shake.

  3. Geez, Brian, how do you really feel? (laugh) As I said the other day, I didn’t want Obama elected. I feared the worst. But, I was willing to like the guy personally, and hope for the best. Unfortunately for my ingrained sense of patriotism that told me to respect the President of the United States, I lost all respect for Obama in his first year in office. It quickly became clear that he has no trouble with deceit and that he preys on people’s ignorance (of economics, of simple facts…). I not only disagree with him on policy, but find him unlikeable as a person. We can NOT allow this guy four more years. There will be no way to recover the country short of letting it reach rock bottom and starting over.

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