When Will We Ever Learn?

My frustration level has been at an all time high this week. Almost every where I went on the Internet the discussion was on the contraceptive issue and Ms. Fluke and not on the issues that really matter. Then I stumbled upon an article by J. E. Dyer at the Hot Air Green Room that helped me put things back into their proper perspective.  His opening paragraph played right into my frustration. he ask the question: “How do we stop this?” His answer may surprise you.

The answer is, We can’t.  Not in the context of current government.  We bought into this mode of political discourse decades ago, when we decided it was a good idea to set up federal regulatory agencies and unleash them on every aspect of our lives.   When the federal government is empowered by its regulatory charter to take sides on the issue of contraception, then contraception is something we have to talk about.

Please read this important article. It is not about the contraceptive issue at all. It is about the real problem in America; big government. The American electorate has voted for decades to empower the federal government  to regulate more and more aspects of our lives. The size of government and the amount it spends naturally grow accordingly.

It appears that the American electorate is about to do more of same this November. Americans will choose between the worst big government advocate of all time, Barack Obama, and the Republican nominee who will grow government at a more modest pace.

That’s not much of a choice, is it? I have spent nearly six hours this morning thinking about what I would write today and yet I haven written only about 300 words. To my astonishment, I find that I have nothing more to say except; When will we ever learn?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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36 thoughts on “When Will We Ever Learn?

  1. Hi Jim….
    What you touch on here is exactly the divide we are seeing within the Republican Party, i.e. those who are sick of the slow slide into the abyss vs. those who promote the slow slide into the abyss. What I find hopeful is the continuing degree of backlash against the Romney nomination which I believe is based on this very problem. Some have learned the lesson of the slow slide and are trying, at the ballot box, to stop that slow slide and pull the Republicans back. You might say the candidates are not ideally suited to do that…but the voters are working with what they’ve got to at least attempt a pull back.

    Also, when people complain about why we are talking about contraceptives, I wish they would remember it is because the Democrat Socialist Left put this into the national conversation.. by insisting for years that they enter the private lives of Americans through taxpayer funded everything. (Everything meaning abortions, contraceptives, sex education, “free” meals at schools, and now the subsidized “Smart Meters” on your house. Collectivism ruins everything. The Democrats yell and scream that Republicans want to control your bedroom as an example of intrusions, when in fact the Dems want you to pay for everyone’s bedroom and thereby controlling and intruding on all. The conversation makes decent people very uncomfortable. Modesty is lost in this arena. But it is time to throw it back in their faces…as Rush tried to do. This fight is not for the squeamish.

    1. There is something seriously wrong with the primary process, Cheryl, and I’m not smart enough to offer a solution. Conservatives probably make up 60 to 70% of the Republican Party. That explains why the majority of current and past candidates claim to be conservative. Unfortunately we spit our votes amongst the conservatives and the moderate keeps winning the deligates.

      What I learned from the article I quoted (and you made the case very well,also) Is that I was wrong to be frustrated that the issue of contraceptives had diverted us from talking about the issues I thought were more important; the economy. Dyer pointed out that the problem is that government is too big, which is not news, but it is too big because of all the power we have given government too regulate every aspect of our lives. So, now the Democrats want us talking about anything except the economy and Obama’s policies. They can force us to talk about issues such as contraceptive because all these issue have to do with our fundamental freedoms. In other words, we have no choice except to respond.

  2. This is a bit off topic… but in the area of depression relief…
    Here is what I thought to be the two most important news stories on Super Tuesday:

    1-Top members of the hacker group “Anonymous” were arrested by the FBI
    2-Dennis Kucinich lost his bid for reelection

    Item 1-
    The hacker group “Anonymous” are a group of common, ordinary Internet thieves whose methods and tactics are among the greatest threats to individual liberty and freedom in the world today.

    They are an Internet version of Al-Quida. Those arrested were responsible for most of the major hacker attacks in recent years. They were ratted out by one of their own.

    Item 2-
    The Kucinich loss shows the cracks in the Democrats armor.

    Republican’s can’t seem to get their act together in the presidential race yet and look to lose in November.

    On the other hand, with all the Democrats leaving or up for reelection, Republicans look VERY strong for taking over BOTH houses of Congress and should concentrate serious efforts there.

    Should Republicans control both house of Congress next year it will minimize the economic damage that President Obama could inflict should he be reelected.

    1. I thought the best news of the day was the Kucinich loss and the win of Joe the Plumber. I know it is hard to find a silver lining, but here were two slivers of one.

  3. Jim, I read the article and came away with a different impression. The author identified big government as the problem. That’s like saying it’s hot out today, the sun must be the problem.

    Nearly all of us, at least in these circles, see government as the problem. But what the author didn’t do is offer any solution. We’re past the point of wondering why we’re where we are today.

    You know my position. The answer lies in the purse strings and it will take what is considered extemism to fix it. That’s an uncomfortable discussion even amongst conservatives/libertarians.

    1. That big government is the problem is not news, but he helped me to understand why we can not ignore the Democrats when they try to distract us with issue such as the contraceptive issue because these issue are symbolic of the regulatory power we have given to our government; the power to take away our freedoms. We are left with no choice but to respond.

      1. If we have no choice but to play by their rules, then the battle is lost. The left always sets the narrative and as much as we like to discount the influence of the MSM, they are still the main source of news for the average American who isn’t interested in the political process as we are.

        The sooner those of us who wish to save liberty comes to grips with the reality of the situation and accept it, the better the chances of reversing it.

        We already face the reality that the next four years are already lost. That’s taking into account that the left is shifting the debate. Even if we were debating the economy, Obamacare, gas prices, etc., all the things we want discussed, and even if Obama is defeated, we’re still left with a weak GOP POTUS.

      2. IMO, I believe we are forced to play by their rules. If we look at the structure of the federal government as it has evolved over the last hundred years, it is horribly skewed to the left. Therefore the liberals literally have the enormous power of the government on their side.

        Admittedly, I am looking in from a long ways out; but from my perspective we may have already crossed the line from being a republic to being a democracy. So, your earlier point about “extremism to fix” is well taken.

  4. That guy is onto something I have been saying for quite awhile. When we collectivize our rights, and push all of them along with our money into a big government-supervised pile, this is what we end up with: What’s mine is mine, what’s your’s is ours, scream the progressives.

  5. As much as I agree that big government is the source of many of our ills, I don’t see this ending by the coming of a knight on a white horse slashing the head of the monster.

    I’m afraid it is going to be a long painful process. For that, we don’t need dreamers, we need hard working realistic men that can understand the process and work within it, without grandiose promises that cannot be implemented, but by many, many small ones applied with unrelenting persistence.

    We are not electing a rock star but a practical and honest man. I think that Romney is that kind of a man in all of the above.

    For those that disagree, I would entertain their specific complains about his policy platform. What I won’t entertain is absolute generalized non-specific explanations like, “I don’t believe him”, or “that won’t work” without further analysis.

  6. You nailed it. The size of government is the problem. Sadly to many “conservatives” have been content to grow it at a slightly slower rate than the Democrats. We can no longer afford that.

  7. Without an economy we do NOTHING. No military, no abortion, no welfare, no NOTHING.
    The Federal Reserve has almost COMPLETE control over our economy, the ‘politicians’ are nothing more than back seat drivers making ‘suggestions’ to the Fed. The media is misleading the people about who truly controls the economy.

    RON PAUL is the ONLY candidate who is taking about this. LISTEN to this man. If we audit the Fed, the PEOPLE will demand its ABOLISHMENT.

    1. We know that the GOP will never endorse Ron Paul…buts lets see how the Delegates shake out. I am running as one here in Colorado. I’m gonna do everything I can to ‘derail’ this train. By the time I’m done (hopefully a 15 second speech) in front of thousands of fellow Delegates, they will understand that Fractional Reserve makes us all slaves and enables unlimited out of control government. Give me 5 minutes and I will do what Henry Ford pointed out.

      Got a question for you…about Amendment 318 and Ron’s nay vote. Many on your forums denouncing Dr. Paul for this nay vote…did you? Little do they know that this vote was actually in accordance to the Constitution, and is very pro-military…not anti. People need to understand there is always a reason Ron votes the way he does, I have yet to find a bill he’s been deceptive on (not to say there isn’t). But his nay vote is clearly justified and the right thing to do concerning Amendment 318.

  8. And that really is the question Jim–when will we learn? I also am growing frustrated to the point where blogging is getting hard. It often feels as if it isn’t worth it because too many people aren’t paying attention. At this point I haven’t decided if I can vote for Romney once he is the nominee because he really won’t be all that much better than Obama. Sure, he will be better, but will he do what it takes to turn this country around? I doubt it.

  9. Government-mandated contraception *is* a women’s issue. If the government is big enough to manage it for us, it’s big enough to tell us what kind of birth control to use — and whether to use it at all. Like everything with “healthcare”.

  10. I feel your frustration Jim. I’m becoming more convinced that we as conservative bloggers need to start shaping the narrative of the national conversation. We need to start talking about solutions to our monumental problems, instead of chasing the stories the media wants us to chase. We need to make the case for an alternative to social security or why a limited government restrained by our constitution is better for America than an all intrusive government regulating every aspect of our lives. We need to frame the narrative in a way that uses real life examples of how destructive it has been for America since our elected officials started ignoring the constitution. There needs to be an ideological revolution in America. One that focuses on individual liberty and free markets with minimal regulation.

    This needs to happen in the blogosphere, with our families, our schools, our neighbors and so forth.It needs to swell from the bottom up. The revolutionary war did not happen over night. It took years of organizing and building a consensus that England’s abuses could not longer be tolerated. This consensus was built in the town halls and the churches of colonial America, It was discussed in the pubs and in the streets. What we seek is not something as radical as the founders sought; we seek a government that acts within the parameters of its constitutional authority. We seek a system that secures individual liberties. Just remember everything has a starting point Jim and it will take time to build a consensus. But I’m confident we will turn the tide. The more people feel the pain of an all intrusive government in their lives, the more questions they are going to start asking. We need to make sure we’re ready to accept them with open arms.

    1. “There needs to be an ideological revolution in America.”

      Yes there does. I was hoping that the Tea Parties were going to lead that revolution. Maybe they are doing much more than I realize. I hope so!

  11. “The American electorate has voted for decades to empower the federal government to regulate more and more aspects of our lives.”

    That can be said of just about any western nation. Most of us are not interested in responsibility, we don’t want to look after ourselves and each other when needed. We’re looking for someone, anyone to pass more and more off to so that we get on with other things.

    Unfortunately we’re bringing this upon ourselves, government is getting bigger because we’re making it.

  12. This post really resonated with me and I agree with what John said up above. That’s why you’ll find me blogging on the 1920s or some such obscure place because all this evil had a starting place. You cannot hope to dismantle something if you don’t understand how it was put together. You have to understand the mechanisms at work before you can begin to combat them with any real efficiency.

    Even if time has run out, it helps my peace of mind to know the baseline of what is going on, and not what the right/left soap opera talking points are today.

  13. I agree that including solutions to problems when posting is ideal. WHile we may feel we are chasing stories, for the most part I have found that many of the important ones are simply not covered and perchance the visitors who slide by, may pickup a story and pass it along to those who are not news junkies.

  14. You make a good point–the root of the issues, be they contraception, school lunches, or TSA searches, is always govt govt and more govt inserted into the nooks and crannies of our lives.

    You know what else I’ve noticed? When I try to have conversations with collectivists about these issues, I get arguments like this: “why are you politicizing a private/personal matter” or “you want to dictate whether or not we have sex?”

    See how that works? The gov’t inserts itself into the matter, by dictating health care policy, by frisking us without probable cause, by promising contraceptive freebies to loyal voters, etc, and then? When we have the temerity to squawk?

    We are the ones making the issue political!

    Neat trick, aye?

    And please, don’t get too discouraged. Kay say rah and all that. “When will we learn?” is not the question to ask. We HAVE learned. The question is when everyone else will learn, or at least enough of them to cause a cascade effect. And frankly, that question is too big and unpredictable for us to answer.

    Expect the best, prepare for the worst, and find joy where you can.

    Okay, I think I’ve exceeded my platitude quota.

    cheers my friend

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