How the Liberals Think _ Two Stories

I am no psychologist and I gave up trying to understand how the mind of liberals works years ago. But, sometimes they say and do things that leave me…well, dumbfounded for lack of a better word.

Conservatives by definition are racist or religious extremest.

With Mitt Romney’s super-PAC limo now on cruise control to victory at the GOP convention, voters are left with only two reasons to vote against Barack Obama: Either they are desperate to return a white man to the White House or they feel strongly that it is time to break the glass ceiling denying Mormons the presidency.

This quote comes from Robert Scheer’s article at Huffington Post yesterday. In the opinion of Mr. Scheer, no one would vote against Barack Obama because of his miserable record. They would only vote against Obama because he is black. And, they would only vote for Romney because he is a white Mormon.

My first reaction was to assume that the liberal Mr. Scheer thinks this way and he assumes everyone else thinks that way too. I wondered if mr. Scheer would vote Republican if the GOP candidate belonged to a minority group? We know that, as a liberal, he would not. Liberals went crazy when it looked like Herman Cain might be the Republican nominee. Their worst nightmare was to have a black liberal challenged by a black conservative. How could they play the race card?

As I continued reading, it became evident that Mr. Scheer doesn’t really think this way himself. No, he is a pure liberal- socialist idealog. And, Mr. Obama being a Marxist-racist-envirnmental extremist is not pure enough to satisfy Mr. Scheer.

The pity in all this is that a legitimate critique of the Obama record — present to some degree in the Paul dissection of the president’s war policy and his continuation of the Bush Wall Street bailout strategy — will not be heard in the general election debate. Instead, on the one hand, we will have Obama offering clever-sounding arguments for establishment policies that fail to deal with high unemployment, a brutal level of housing foreclosures and sharpening income inequality. And on the other hand there will be a Republican Party so steeped in the ethos of greed, racism and war-mongering that it would leave even Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, were they alive, with no choice but to vote for Obama as the lesser evil.

It seems then that conservatives and liberals will both be voting for what they think is the lesser of two evils. I wonder how this will affect voter turnout in November?

Fairness trumps everything else.

Liberals are all about fairness while conservatives are for unfairness. We hear that all the time.  The liberals never define fairness. Fairness is what ever they decide it is on any given issue at any given time.

This next story could only have come from California. Like all states, California requires that people who drive on their roads must have a driver’s license. Drivers who are stopped by the police and do not have a valid driver’s license will have their cars impounded. There are fines and fees involved in reclaiming the cars from the police impound. All very typical. However, the police chief of Los Angeles thinks this state law is unfair to those who are in our country and his state illegally.

The LAPD says the state’s impound law is unfair  because it limits their ability to get to their jobs and imposes a steep fine to  get their car back.

As long as drivers can produce some form of I.D.,  proof of insurance and vehicle registration, they’ll be allowed to keep their  car. Police Chief Charlie Beck insists that it’s simply leveling the playing  field.

It is not important that statistics show that unlicensed drivers are involved in five times as many fatal accidents than licensed drivers. Public safety takes a back seat because a liberal has decided that the law is unfair to people who have invaded our country illegally. And, to make things fair, no one should have to abide by such laws.

Talk about a slippery slope! I wonder how many more laws the liberals can find that they think are unfair to some class of people?

I have a headache,

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

22 thoughts on “How the Liberals Think _ Two Stories

  1. “I have a headache”, no kidding!
    There is something very admirable about you, Jim, you bother to read The Huffington Post and people like Mr. Scheer in order to understand their skewed view of the world.
    Admirable, really admirable!

      1. Yes, it is admirable. The HP writers are dumb as a door nail. It is painful to have a conversation with a door nail.

  2. Jim- I hope what they have over at the Huff is not catching, dangerous territory 🙂 Look, if obama can claim fame to a pipeline to nowhere that needed no approvals from him, and the loonie left smiles and cheers, I say it is a disease they have.

  3. People who see race in everything are racists. Period. Democrats want division. They need minorities to feel trodden upon so that they can come to the rescue (with promises of help that never materialize, or worse, that make the situation both worse and permanent… which somehow works for them because they shift blame and make a new batch of promises).

    What is more racist, really? Someone who says, “I don’t care what color his skin is, his policies are bad and we need someone else.” Or someone who says, “I think it’s cool to have a black president and he can do no wrong because he’s black.”

  4. Jim…Here is how the moonbats in my life think.

    1. All projects having a snail darter chance of harming the environment are bad.

    2. They hate old white, rich, elitists. Unless of course they are their own democratic rich elitists like Kerry, Clinton.

    3. They want a law for everything.

    4. They are under some misguided notion that life should be fair. In fact, it shouldn’t be. But coming to grips with that concept is impossible for them.

    5. They tend to be atheistic or at least agnostic. That helps them live with themselves.

    6. They hate and covet success choosing instead to steal yours.

    7. They are the most judgmental and caustic people we have. However, they are also the most delusional- they think they are “open minded” and not judgmental.

    8. They are quick to call everyone else a racist.

    That pretty much sums up my experience. I have one meeting a week that is absolutely saturated with moonbats. I got so sick of listening to them publicly bashing everyone but that idiot in the WH.. that I quit going to that meeting. I was definitely a minority.

  5. Racist accusations. So? What would you expect from the Huffington Post? Its just words, not truth.

    The Fox unlicensed driver story is really apolitical. No one party takes credit for the incredibly dumb decision.

  6. Robert Scheer has been a hateful leftist troll for decades. This is par for the course.

    Naturally, just by bringing up a dissenting view about Dear Obambi, you have in fact self-identified as a raaaaaaaaaaaaacist.


  7. Ah, California!

    What worries me: what starts in California usually arrives to the East Coast within 5 years. Indeed, some of the wacky idea that pervade today’s public education system started in California.

    1. Nope, it’s not easy for me. I may have gone to liberal schools, but collectivists are still entirely alien. I just. don’t. get it. Never did. Even before I could articulate why, I instinctively knew there was something wrong with those people. In the political “matrix,” perhaps I was the kid bending spoons, LOL.

      My inability to understand is what makes me so frustrated. I suspect also it’s the source of Mr. Gourdie’s headache.

      (I hope you took a motrin and read some Sowell for it, btw)


  8. I don’t remember who said that, but it’s easy for conservatives to understand liberals. Many conservatives were in the past liberals, we went to liberal schools, etc. But for the liberals conservative mind is an alien planet. They really have no idea why we think the way we do.

  9. “And on the other hand there will be a Republican Party so steeped in the ethos of greed, racism and war-mongering that it would leave even Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, were they alive, with no choice but to vote for Obama as the lesser evil.”

    Good grief, will liberals ever stop clinging to their hatred and bigotry towards us.

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