“When Fascism Became the Rage” by Brian at FG

Today’s Guest Saturday post is by Brian of the Frankentein Government blog. It was originally published on March 27, 2012.


When Fascism Became the Rage


There are a lot of people talking about fascism in the United States. I’ve never really liked the term “fascism.” I find it to be ambiguous and imprecise. I’ve embedded the wiki definition here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism
Most people when using that term, are describing a dictator run state wherein all of the power rests with government. Due process is abandoned. The democrats actually support this agenda inadvertently.  As the statists require more and more laws from government, they are creating a fascist state. More and more law means less and less freedom. That is as simple as I can make it.
This morning I read an article on ZeroHedge about the state of California and how it is extorting money from people. That is what a desperate, bankrupt entity does when clinging to survival. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/guest-post-welcome-united-states-orwell-part-2-law-abiding-taxpayers-treated-criminals
Here then is a wondrous and perfect example. California+ full of democrats and libs =broke. They have now created a fascist state of extortion. Things always seem to start in the golden state.
Desperate governments have to abandon the rule of law. There is no time for due process and they are really not interested in what is “fair.” Fair to them is survival and if that means economic death to you- tough shit. That is fair to them.
Ultimately it pits politicians against citizens. It is us against them. That is the mentality.
That is what is about to happen as fascism becomes the rage. In fact, you see it now amongst the left in general as they desperately want government to tax the rich and spare them. The problem with that theme is that it is too little too late. Bush and company put the frosting on that cake with that decade of tax cuts.
In the future, I expect government to really amp up it’s efforts to extract every dime they can from taxpayers all the way down the strata. They will do anything they can up to and including marginally illegal activity. This will include seizing property without due process. It will be your job to defend yourself and pay for the costs of your defense. And you will lose. The fascists don’t have time to waste in a clogged court system. They want your money. Because you see- they have spent all of their allotted tax revenue and then some. Your money after all, is their money.
The fourth amendment was designed to prevent illegal search and seizure. Government will exempt themselves from the 4th amendment. They are already doing that. In that type of scenario, I can’t imagine having anything of value left to the “safekeeping” of a third party. That would include banks and other financial custodians.
All that thievery would be bad enough. But I think what frosts my ass the most is the idea that if we don’t turn over everything we own- we are criminals. Tax evaders.
I know who the real thieves and gangsters are. I’m not going to make it easy for them.

4 thoughts on ““When Fascism Became the Rage” by Brian at FG

  1. Well said. Fascist is a loaded term, so I myself usually use statism instead, but I agree with you on the definition and I also agree that we are moving more in that direction.

    Putting your wealth in physical gold is one way to escape government reach, but it’s less fungible that money in the bank, and depending on who you trade with and how much, there could be paperwork reporting involved.

  2. Physical gold holding value in a world where money is obsolete?

    Bullets, food, water, fuel. That’s what will matter.

    Your gold will be worth however much I determine it to be worth if I have something you need. Glenn Beck and others can pursue putting value in gold, I reckon. To those of us who think outside the box, it’s just too heavy to carry and it has only as much value as someone will give it. A box of bullets, or a gun…now then, these things have value.

  3. “I know who the real thieves and gangsters are. I’m not going to make it easy for them.”




    I agree with One Guy on what will be of value.

    I have said for years that if you can’t wear it, drink it, eat it, smoke it, or shoot it, it will be of little or no value.

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