Commies, The Iron Curtain, Simpler Times

Van Jones, once Obama’s Green Energy Czar who was forced out due his communist ties, is back in the news. These quotes are from a recent Politico article:

Liberals must work hard to give Obama a second term, then force him to the  left, Jones explained.

“We have to re-elect the president, and we have to re-energize our own  movement. That’s how we get change. We’re not going to have a ‘vote and hope’ strategy. We’re going to have a ‘march-and create change’ strategy,” Jones  said.

I find it incredible that the most radical of the Left don’t think Obama is radical enough. Obama needs to be re-elected and then pushed to the Left. That is a scary thought.

To his supporters, Jones’s combative stance personifies the uncompromising  liberal they wish Obama would be, especially after White House compromises to  the right on issues like health care and the budget deficit. But Jones credits  the vocal right for giving Republicans the openings they needed to increase  their power on Capitol Hill and changing the public debate. And he blames  liberals waiting for directions from Obama.

I must not be as attentive as I thought I was because I don’t remember any White House compromises with the Right on healthcare, do you?

So, it looks like this election cycle is going to be very interesting. Mr. Van Jones and his Rebuild the Dream movement along with his allies in the OWS movement are planning to have a lot of marches and become an auxiliary force to get Obama re-elected so that the movement can then force Obama to the extreme Left. I’m sure all those marches will be non-violent, right?

Thinking about Van Jones and his plans for America got me to thinking about the era of McCarthyism and the House Committee on Un-American Activities.  To be sure, the tactics used by Senator Joe McCarthy and the tactics used by the House Committee on Un-American Activities were in themselves un-American. Buy, they were right about one thing. They were right to worry about communist infiltrating our various institutions, including Hollywood.

I am old enough to remember some news stories from the early fifties. Whether I saw it on TV or in a news real at the Saturday matinee, I remember seeing a bunch of people being washed down the steps of some government building with fire hoses.  I asked my dad what that was about. He told me that they were bad people. He called them pinkos and commies that hated America. I was probably eight years old and I couldn’t imagine anyone hating America. I asked my dad to explain what  commies were. He said they were mostly Russians who kept their people behind an iron curtain where they didn’t have any freedom. Well, that was good enough for me. If my dad said commies were bad, they were bad!, I know I spent a lot of time truing imagine this iron curtain my dad spoke of. I had to be very big and very ugly.

Those were simpler times. Americans knew who their enemies were. They were the commies behind the iron curtain and they were the commies in our midst. As it turned out, the commies in our midst were the greater danger. The commies now dominate our education system, the news media and, Hollywood. We have our first Marxist president and he has filled his administration with like-minded people. The majority of Americans no longer know who their enemy is.

The word “communist” still carries some negative connotations in America today but not much.  The commies openly march today with the unions and the OWS protesters waving their hammer and cycle flags and wearing their Che Guevara T-shirts. But, most on the Left prefer to hide behind names like “socialist” or “liberal” or “progresive”- It’s all the same. It all leads to the same dark place. The enemy hasn’t changed since the days of Joe McCarthy but Americans have changed. The politicians on the Right won’t call Obama and his policies what they are. They are too polite. Only we Right-Wing-Radicals (RWR) will call them commies.

The Left will make this election battle about class warfare and wealth redistribution. That’s communism. They know it, although they will never use that word. They know what this battle is really about.

The Right will make this election battle about the economy. I understand that. They should be able to win this battle on that ground. But, until all of the Right and a majority of Americans relearn who the enemy is, we will continue our march toward communism no matter what Party is in control.

Joe McCarthy was a disgusting creep,  but he knew who the enemy was.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

30 thoughts on “Commies, The Iron Curtain, Simpler Times

  1. I’m thinking you are exactly right. These groups hate our constitution and want to implement their diktats that go against it. The constitution is the foundation of America; therefor these groups are fundamentally un-American.

  2. If we should be so lucky as to have the election about the economy. My hunch the GOP will fall in the same traps they always do.Being put on the defensive. Defending a social agenda, birth control, women’s rights, abortion, gay rights, made out to look like lunatics from the right.If we stay out of these weeds, we may have a chance, but up to now, we always take the bait.

    1. You are exactly right, Bunkerville. Would you mind having a talk with Santorum?

  3. Jim, your warnings and depictions of ‘communism’ today are right. It has been sometime since the cold war. The more vivid advances that communism was making before the Reagan-Thatcher-Pope triumph are consequently now a bit foggy.

    As such, we tend to accept way too easily the cartoon picture of Senator McCarthy that the left, with the help of Hollywood, has spent five decades to build. When one studies the cases he brought and the real active organizations that were working for communism at the time, Senator McCarthy was more right than wrong. I would highly recommend reading Ann Coulter’s book “Treason”, 2003, and specifically the chapter on McCarthyism. It is very well researched and full of facts and data, not opinions, that will contradict today’s image of the man as it was sold to us by the left. Oh, boy, and did we buy it!

  4. Funny thing…
    As a kid I imagined the iron curtain as an amorphous, pulsing greyish mass you could not see over. I imagined radiation to be like an invisible killing machine made of the wavy lines you see on the horizon in the distance on a hot summer’s day. “Don’t eat the snow”, they told me. “It contains Strontium-90!”, whatever that is.

    As a result of that great fearful unknown…
    In college I studied 18th century Russian literature and took two years of Russian language studies so that I could read Pravda and Izvestia for myself.

    The tyranny of the proletariat is not as bad as we imagine; nor is the bourgeois as benevolent as we hope it to be.

  5. 50 years of leftist indoctrination from Hollywood and our schools have left the majority of Americans confused and without and confidence in the superiority and singularity of the American experience. Most Americans now believe America to be a racist, warlike country no different than any other country in the world.

    And that’s the sad thing.

  6. Van Jones has been sanitized by the media … you rarely see the word ‘communist’ associated with his name. And he’s a more or less regular guest on Maher’s show, just another panelist, laughing along with the audience at the host’s putdowns of everyone to the right of Vladimir Lenin. Yep, the Reds have gone mainstream. Or maybe the mainstream has turned Red.

  7. I have one question for Van Jones: Dude… Where has it worked? California is very liberal, and very bankrupt. Illinois is very liberal, and very bankrupt. The EU is set to fall like dominoes. The Soviet Union fell apart because it was bankrupt–“the workers” lining up in the streets for bread and toilet paper. North Korea can’t feed its people.

    The arrogance of the progressive statists is beyond the imagination.

    I heard Ann Coulter on one of the morning shows putting Van Jones in his place. He was arguing that the costs of the free-riders made Obamacare necessary. Ann told him that the free-riders were a problem that Congress created (mandating that people had to receive care if they went to a hospital). Her point was that you can’t use a problem you created as justification for doing even more meddling. On the same subject, studies were done to see what the cost of free-riders actually were to the healthcare system. It turns out that the number the Obamacare supporters made up (yes, made up, because it is so far off from the actual number that they couldn’t have gotten to it any other way) was small enough that the increase in the cost of insurance to make up for it was $80 per year. To handle a problem that costs individuals $80 per year, the elite progressives justify changes to the health care system that cost individuals far more than that. I wonder what all of the state mandates (and, under Obamacare, federal mandates) of what must be covered by insurance do to rates? I’ll bet dollars to donuts that it comes to a hell of a lot more than $80 per year.

    Whether you call it communism, socialism, progressivism, statism, leftism… it doesn’t matter. It all boils down to an arrogant elite wanting control the rest of us, despite proving over and over again historically, and even in current policy that they are imbeciles that 99% of us wouldn’t hire to advise us on what used car to buy, let alone giving them power to transform our nation.

    1. And Obama’s approval ratings are around 50%. That should worry all of us.
      There is one place where socialism is working fairly well; Norway. They support their socialist programs with their oil resources. If oil prices fall, they are cooked!

      1. Your point about Norway brings up another point: Utilizing natural resources tends to lead to wealth. (A good thing, even if it is propping up an entitlement society… better to have a source of funding for the entitlements that you can pump out of the sea floor than borrowing money and wracking up debt).

  8. “I find it incredible that the most radical of the Left don’t think Obama is radical enough. Obama needs to be re-elected and then pushed to the Left. That is a scary thought.”

    Yeah it is!
    The commies are alive and well and they are teaching our children–yet another scary thought!

  9. To be honest, it’s just as simple now, as it was then. There are people that hate this country, and want to destroy it. They’re called “progressives.” They believe in the state having control of all aspects of human life. Individuals are meaningless to them, and are only to be subjects to the state.

  10. People like Van Jones and his ilk are the enemy of liberty and everything the founders fought for. How we have let them gain a foothold in America and how we have let them be a part of the national conversation is beyond me. These people are part of the problem and their ideology must be exposed and put to the test against liberty. Let the American people see both ideologies side by side and let them choose, The only way the left can sell their flawed anti-liberty ideology is by lying about it. By promising the wealth and property of others. Hold the light of truth on it and it melts.

    1. Lying is what the Left does best, John. Unfortunately, they have convinced a lot of people with their lies. We must, as you say expose them. Being polite, like most of our politicians on the Right, is not going to get it done.

  11. I’m not surprised in the least that the lefties don’t think obama is not radical enough, these people a extremists and they will not be reasoned with. Mind you, obama isn’t much better than them, he’s just far more polished and skilled at deception.

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