If I Could Be Dictator Instead Of Obama

I don’t think there is much doubt that President Barack Obama wants to be a dictator. He has behaved very dictatorially ever since he was sworn into office. He started by forcing through the Affordable Care Act the people didn’t want. He ignored orders from a federal judge on his moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he intentionally makes appointments of his czars when the Senate is out of session and can not approve his selections as the constitution envisioned, he tells his DOJ not to enforce laws he doesn’t agree with and, he uses fiat powers of the Executive Branch to circumvent Congress either by Executive Order or by ordering his agency heads to implement laws that Congress has not passed.

Now Obama’s pride and joy, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has been challenged and the Supreme Court has heard the arguments pro and con and will announce their decision later this summer. Obama is worried because his Solicitor General was not able to put up much of a defense of Obamacare. Our dictator issued a warning to the Supreme Court against striking down Obamacare. From this Fox News story Obama

…questioned how an “unelected group of people” could overturn a law approved by  Congress.

I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an  unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a  strong majority of a democratically elected Congress

You have to wonder what Harvard Law School teaches about the constitution or what their standards are for giving their students passing grades. Maybe if I were dictator instead of Obama, I wouldn’t allow Harvard Law graduates or any Ivy League law graduate to sit on the Supreme Court. I’ll have to think more about that. To be sure, if I were dictator instead of Obama, I would make changes to the structure and function of the Supreme Court.

Today’s post, however, was not inspired by Dictator Obama’s latest demonstration of his ignorance of the constitution. It was inspired by the scholarly blogger John Galt of the America’s Chronicle blog (aka Robbing America). In John’s article, he asks the question: “Should There Be A Limit On The Time of Service of Supreme Court Judges?”  It is an excellent article that I highly recommend. My immediate reaction was to agree with John; but then I thought, if we are going to make changes to the constitution about the Supreme court, let’s make some real changes. You see, that is what good dictators do and I, of course, would be a good dictator. Not like Barack Obama who is, in my humble opinion, a bad dictator. So, let me explain how I, a good dictator, would change the constitutional language that refers to the Supreme Court.

Under my dictatorship, the Supreme Court would be made up of two panels of four judges each. One panel would be called the New Law Panel (NLP) and the other would be called the Old Law Panel (OLP). As a good dictator, I would not select the judges myself.  The Democrats and the Republicans in the House would each select two judges for each panel and they would serve for ten years or life, which ever came first.

The New Law Panel (NLP)

Before any new law passed by Congress and signed by the President/Dictator goes into effect, the law must first be reviewed by the NLP to determine if it is constitutional. Only laws that receive a unanimous approval will be come laws in fact. That should slow down the growth of the Federal government.

The Old law Panel (OLP)

Each year the Democrats and Republicans in the House will each nominate twenty five existing laws or regulations to be reviewed by the OLP to decide if they are in fact constitutional. Unless there is unanimous approval by the OLP, these laws or regulations will be stricken from the books. That should over time cut the Federal government down to size.

I’m beginning to see why dictators like to be dictators. This could be fun. I suspect that most if not all of you would prefer not to have a dictator; even a good one. I understand that. But, if you change your minds, I will be available for a limited time. All us old folks are only available for a limited time.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

25 thoughts on “If I Could Be Dictator Instead Of Obama

  1. Your OLP is not nearly ambitious enough. 25 laws or regulations.The federal register is 81,000 pages. Obama’s administration has 4200 regulations in the pipeline. Can you imagine the number of useless laws Congress has passed? Your OLP needs to be 25 times larger, separated into 4 person work groups, each being assigned 100 laws and regulations per month. Then you might make a dent.

    1. I wondered who would be the first to point that out. I’m not surprised it was you, Pat. I felt my modest approach would hardly be noticed. Dictators have to worry about revolts, you know. 🙂

  2. So who checks the powers of the Supreme court? They were never envisioned by our founding fathers as the “final word” on the constitutionality of our laws.

    I would put term limits on the court and have them popularly elected.

    1. The founders didn’t want the justices elected because they thought it would open them up to political intrigue if they had to face the voters. This might acually lead to the SC being even more politicized than it already is.

      1. Unfortunately, Steve, most judges are just as political as the politicians that appoint them. I can’t imagine how bad it will be if Obama is re-elected and is able to make one or two more appointments to the SC.

  3. Regarding Harvard and the Constitution:
    Meanwhile, Kagan while she was at Harvard:

    “My understanding is that she instituted three new courses to the required curriculum and, in so doing, got rid of a requirement to take constitutional law,” Robert Alt, senior legal fellow and deputy director of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation, told CNSNews.com.

    “Currently, at Harvard, constitutional law is not required for first-year law students, or even for graduation,” But International Law is required Alt added. CNS News

  4. You have to wonder what Harvard Law School teaches about the constitution or what their standards are for giving their students passing grades….

    Yesterday, when Obama shot off his mouth and basically threatened the Supreme Court of the United States, he full well KNEW that SCOTUS has always been an unelected body. He went on and compounded his statement with the lie that ObamaCare passed by an overwhelming majority. It. Did. Not. The vote was close! Particularly in the House of Representatives.

    BTW, it is a felony for ANYONE to try to intimidate a judge. Just sayin’.

  5. Why do the racist right think they are experts on American History? They aren’t just because they rant about the Constitution, doesn’t mean they understand the laws obviously. Like take “Obamacare” for example. The racist right have forgotten that at least 3-5 judges have deemed it Constitutional, but not a peep from history-challenged losers like Sean Insanity.

    What makes they think that because he is not the president you want, he is failing. Haven’t they ever heard that one mans meat is another mans poison. With the hate the cons have for him, don’t they think that they would be biased as hell? Lies have to have creditably to be believed, a concept that a con finds completely incomprehensible. The cons with their continuous he’s a failure s–t are really starting to sound stupid. Their problem is that Obama fails to be a white con, and that is a failure only in their deluded mind.

    Yet they have REFUSED to hear any of these eligibilty cases. It would only take four for the case to be heard. Why because in their mind there is NO CONTROVERSY. Their definition of a natural born citizen is anyone born in the United States is a NBC period regardless of the citizenship of the parents unless the parent are foreign diplomats. You can all beleive what you want but unless the US Supreme Courts changes its position you are just spitting into the wind.

    You can all howl at the moon all you want the U.S. Supreme Court will never rule the president ineligible and NO STATE IN THE US WILL TAKE HIM OFF THE 2012 BALLOT. If you want him out you will have to vote for Romney and possibly Sen. Rubio.

    so tell me again, how does reducing taxes, balance the budget? Cause then revenue is even less for the government. Ryans plan adds even more to the deficit than obama… Ryan adds 3 trillion.

    Obama does not meet the rigid definition of ‘communist’ that you are using. Communist carries a negative connotation in America since the red scare.
    No, he’s not a true communist, Then, if by chance, Romney gets elected, they’ll see in 3 years how his policies are virtually the same as Obama’s, because Romney is at heart a moderate and so is Obama (all these fools who call him an extreme liberal, socialist, Marxist, etc. are shills for the extreme right- the Socialist Party of America has plenty to say about how Obama is definitely not a Socialist- they’re as unhappy with him as the Ex-Conservs are).

    By any reasonable and intelligent measure, his predecessor (George Bush) who took us to war with failed intelligence, destroyed the economy and sanctioned torture was MUCH more divisive. Not Obama.

    Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim! He IS a Christian. A REAL Christian follows the Ten Commandments. One should rule is “Love Thy neighbor” and Obama has followed that rule to a T.

    The idea that Barack Obama hates America is partly because he’s a Democrat, and partly because he’s black, and because the patriotism of African-Americans has long been doubted by some on the right. And it’s still is, when in fact it;s the other way around!

    what is wrong with America is that a These haters would call the commander in chief a “domestic enemy” on a social network site. Is that Patritoic? to call the commander in chief a domestic enemy? No. it is out of line and insubordinate.These people are really sick, it’s gotten worse. Seek help.

    The right-wing’s hate mongering of President Obama’s religion, race and political philosophy has grown to a fever pitch, and is now evidenced in a series of racist righty website such as this (Not MY website).

    Obama is not just the closest we’ve come to a power grabbing dictator
    and The Republicans who STILL blame Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for everything under the sun somehow think a President who went into two wars while cutting taxes, one that was a complete disaster (Iraq), who’s Presidency ended with the worst economic disaster since the depression, should be off limits??? You tea baggers really think that? Forget 2012, we will be screaming about Bush for DECADES.
    NO AMERICAN GROUP has slammed the President of the United States with as many lies and traitorous hate propaganda as the Rightwing Republicans before President Obama came to office.

    Before anyone cries “Bush” Leftwing attacked Bush so its ok for Frightwingers to attack Obama – let me remind them that the Leftwing attacked Bush with FACTS opposed to the Frightwingers who are attacking President Obama with madeup, traitorous hate propaganda that has divided this country.

    They have proven me right, again. They are NOT Patriots, They are Racists that hates having black people in the White House. That is a fact!

    1. So, you love you lying Marxist president. That’s cool. But, you really need to lay off the kool-aid. Not everyone who disagrees with Obama’s policies and his disdain for the truth, for the constitution and for the rule of law are racist. They just plain don’t like lying Marxists. Period!

      1. *smirk* Historical ignorance. Economic ignorance combined with tortured logic (let’s see… if raising taxes is the only way to balance the budget–forgetting the Laffer curve and all the data that indicates that tax cuts spur economic growth, which raises more revenue– then logically the government can spend all it wants and simply keep raising taxes until they take it all from everyone). And, of course, ad hominem attacks of racism (I’ve never seen a racist comment on this blog either by Jim or the people commenting). I can’t keep from smiling at the guy simultaneously accusing people of being divisive and making unfounded accusations of racism.

        That’s what we’re up against, folks. So nice of him to stop by and give a demo.

  6. Progressives have been in love with the strong man since their inception. They loved Mussolini (where the phrase “makes the trains run on time” comes from), until he bombed Abyssinia.

  7. The urge to control, dictate and control is never far under the skin of liberals. Which is why it’s best to never let them near any positions of power.

  8. It sure would save a lot of time, energy and taxpayer $ if the Supremes would at least give a passing, non-binding opinion on questionable lesgislation before it’s voted on in congress. Then at least, congress would have an idea if they are straying off-course. (Because, as we have learned, few in congress seem to understand the constitution, despite the fact that several lawyers serve).
    And Questionman keeps proving me right. The left believes that in order to prove oneself a Patriot, we must forgive everything wrong an elected official has done if that official is not a white male. I don’t believe in giving anyone the benefit of the doubt because of their race, their sex or their religion. THAT’s racist.

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