The Socialist Messiahs and Their Followers

Equating the charismatic socialist leaders of recent history to The Beast, to the Anti-Christ may be a bit of a stretch and then again, maybe not. To the true believer in socialism, the state is their religion. I don’t know enough about the Bolshevik revolution in Russia to know if they saw Lenin as a Messiah; but we saw it with Mao in China and we see it in North Korea and we see it in Cuba and I am seeing it here in Venezuela.  People want to believe in their Messiah’s and often do not see their fails and, if they do see fail, they place the blame somewhere else.

Because of the close relationship between Chavez and Castro, we have hundreds of thousands of Cubans here. They will talk to you about the terrible conditions in Cuba but you will never hear a bad word about Fidel. It is the same with the followers of Chavez. They see all the fail yet they never blame Chavez for it.

I think we are seeing the same thing in the US today. It is very prevalent among blacks and that is somewhat understandable. Blacks are understandably proud of the first black president. They refuse to see his fails. Obama is the perfect socialist Messiah for the US precisely because he is black. He uses racism to convince people of color that their lot in life is because of the white’s hatred of them. For everyone else, the enemy is the greedy rich capitalist. This is exactly the tactic used by Chavez in Venezuela. If the person selling this lie is charismatic, like Chavez and like Obama, the message is an easy sell. There are many people who do not want to accept responsibility for their lot in life. They are easy prey for the socialist messiah.

Those that think there is no way Obama can win re-election because of the economy are wrong. I have witnessed first hand how easy it is for a charismatic socialist messiah to divide and conquer. The Obama campaign will make Romney out to be the Anti-Christ. They have in Romney their idea of the perfect opponent. You will have to work very hard to turn out the vote to defeat Obama. The inspiration will have to come from you because Romney is just not very inspiring. The stakes are high, my friends. Please do not underestimate the power of our socialist messiah’s message. Once sold to the majority, it will be nearly impossible to stop the march toward the all-powerful socialist state.

I do not agree with my libertarian friends that eight years of Romney would be worse than four more years of Obama. Maybe you must have lived through what I have lived through to understand my fear. I sincerely hope that is not the case. The fate of America is in your hands.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

30 thoughts on “The Socialist Messiahs and Their Followers

  1. Excellent post. I do think his snarky, blaming, angry self is now starting to emerge more fully.. Taking on the Supremes may have been a bit too far, even for the left. The more people become aware of his emptiness, and shallowness, we may have more of a shot than we think Blaming everyone will start to create a weariness that I am not so sure the electorate is willing to take forever. The annoying grin is wearing on me, I hope others as well.

      1. I agree Jim, and this is very troubling. We have seen low voter turnout in all these primaries and the reason for this is the simple fact that the people aren’t motivated to vote for any of these candidates. The people were motivated in 2010 and it was an historic election but now that excitement is gone at a time when it sould be at an all time high. I do not think this bodes well for the Republicans in November.

    1. I agree, I think that lately he has come across as a whining, sniviling baby who is taken aback by the fact that not everyone agrees with his radical ideology and I also think it is starting to get on people’s nerves.

  2. Was it Mark Levin who said he would vote for an orange juice can over Barack Obama? I think that is where a lot of us are landing, but it isn’t very satisfying. Bunker is right, that Obama’s Chicago politic attack on the SCOTUS is looking like it will backfire on him. I hope to heaven. I think the sad thing about the “first black president,” is that he has emphasized race over everything else. (the New Black Panther case and Travon Martin) When Americans thought voting for this guy was going to be some great step beyond race, all Obama has done is to put race in front of everything else. (Divide and conquer) I was thinking about that this morning…how leftists just keep coming out of the woodwork and under the baseboards and wriggle around the rules. If they don’t get what they want legitimately, they just find an illegitimate way to do it….a la threats against the Supreme Court, or bribes through tax manipulations, gov. guaranteed loans to green energy, etc. A law does not need to be passed for “reparations” for instance (which never had a chance of passing anyway), but they can get “reparations” through (soft law) redistribution of wealth instead. When Obama doesn’t get his Affordable (joke) Healthcare Act, the leftists will just keep adding on more regulations to destroy the insurance companies until the only thing left will be Government Single Payer…(another joke.)
    Anyway, this self-proclaimed Messiah in America is showing his arse more and more. I have a feeling he will not be a good loser when it comes to this election. He doesn’t take rejection well. I just pray he gets it handed to him!

  3. The religion of the state is a real thing. Progressives love this idea because they want more power to the state. Who among Democrats doesn’t see the state as some kind of god that can do anything?

  4. I am glad to hear, again, that you do not share the madness of equating Obama to Romney.
    I also know that able demagogues can convince the masses of practically anything, as you very appropriately provide the cases of Russia, China, Cuba, and now Venezuela, among many more.

    The pragmatism of the Anglo population of the United States have previously inoculated us from raw demagoguery. Unfortunately, demographics have changed and that is no longer true enough, just in part.

    However, I do believe that in spite of the new characteristics of our population, Obama got elected in 2008 by an event, and a very drastic and scary event, that hit precisely one month before the election – the financial crisis.

    He will not have such luck this time.

    1. In many ways Romney is worse. The easiest way to see that is by looking at who’s backing the candidates. For Obama, his top 3 donors are Microsoft, DLA Piper, and Google. For Romney it’s Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley. For Ron Paul, it’s the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. Romney is the tool of the banks and financial industries. Obama is the tool of lawyers and businesses. Paul is the tool of no one apparently, since no one industry is supporting him with millions of dollars like they are for Romney and Obama.

      1. Money is the mother’s milk of politics, turning every politician into a potential tool of some nefarious rich and powerful group.

        The prospect of one or more supreme court retirements keeps me determined to vote for whatever bag o’ crap the GOP serves up.

  5. SOcialists and communists always hail the state as the highest power because if the people think they are ultimately to answer to a Creator they will not be so willing to lay down their lives for the Marxists, therefor the only religion is the religion of the state.

  6. I think the key, as was stated by another commenter, will be turnout. Those of us who earnestly believe that four more years of our current President will be the end of our Constitutional republic need to go back to the politics I remember from my youth — knocking on every door in our counties to make sure people are aware of the importance of their votes. I understood that as a girl of 9 in Baltimore in 1980, and as a (much) older adult, it’s even clearer. Peace be with you.

  7. The only way we can hope to inspire enough turnout to defeat Obama is to showcase his failures. Hopefully, enough of them will see the light of day and enlighten the voters to the dangers of a second Obama term. If not, then our country is in grave danger.

    1. Obama does a wonderful job almost every day “showcasing his failures.” You’re right, we must capitalize on them.

  8. “There are many people who do not want to accept responsibility for their lot in life.”

    That is the key, it’s easier to blame someone else and take the lazy option out. A lot of it is also due to ignorance, leftists thrive when ignorance and laziness abound.

    “I do not agree with my libertarian friends that eight years of Romney would be worse than four more years of Obama.”

    Sounds like they’re not real libertarians then, either that or my suspicions of them being closet lefties is now confirmed.

    1. They are not closet lefties, MK. They are fed up with the corruption and statism of the Republican Party as much as they are with the Democrats. If our current Democrat President wasn’t a Marxist, I would be very tempted to vote for a third party candidate too.

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