“America Dissolving into Barbarian Tribes? Vox Day Speculates” an essay by A Conservative Teacher

Today’s Guest Saturday post is by the author of the A Conservative Teacher blog where it was originally published on Saturday, April 7, 2012.


America Dissolving into Barbarian Tribes? Vox Day Speculates

My world history unit on Rome centers on two questions that I ask my students to wrestle with during our time spent studying Rome- how are great Republics created and why do great Empires collapse.
The students arrive at their own answers to these questions, provoked by a range of material from every direction on the political spectrum and offering a range of social, economic, technological, religious, and weather related hypothesis. But the most interesting discussions in my classroom center on making comparisons between Rome and the United States and investigating if we had those things that make Republics great or have those things that make great empires collapse.
Often I wonder what it was like to be at the end of great time periods in history. A couple years ago someone suggested to me that I watch some of the movies that take place towards the end of the Roman Empire and I always meant to watch to but haven’t gotten a chance yet. I think there was another Kind Arthur set during this time period, and then another one based on a lost legion or something- I haven’t watched them yet but I imagine that perhaps they give a viewer a picture of what the end of civilization might look like.
Vox Day, a Christian libertarian and author of “The Return of the Great Depression” and “The Irrational Atheist” and the blog Vox Popoli, recently wrote an interesting article focusing on this very subject. In it, he suggests that the United States, like Rome before her, has let barbarians come into our nation and settle without absorbing our culture and history or learning the lesson of how to be a great lesson. These barbarians are likely marked by their thuggish attitudes, barbaric behavior in blogs and in politics, and hatred of scientific inquiry. They disdain family and relationships, they hate civil society and charity, and they find themselves more at home understanding power and its uses to advance one group over another.
Here is how Vox’s article DISSOLUTION AND POST-DEMOCRACYbegins:

It is always difficult for those who live through transitional periods in history to recognize that they are taking place.
While we distinguish between the Roman Republic and the Roman empire, and mark the birth of the Byzantine empire with the establishment of its capital at Constantinople, it is unlikely that the average person living under Roman rule understood, much less cared, that he was a citizen of the Roman Republic, the Eastern Roman Empire or the Western Roman Empire. Indeed, although we call them Greeks and Byzantines, the men of the Eastern Roman Empire still called themselves Romans and believed they, and not the barbarian-infested ruins of the city on the seven hills, were the true heirs to Romulus and Caesar Augustus, even though they no longer lived in Italy nor spoke Latin….

Read the whole thing here, and think about what it was like to be at the end of civilization, and what those who recognized the end could do to civilize the barbarians, preserve bits and pieces of civilization as it fell apart, and secure for themselves and family some sort of future in the coming Dark Ages.

15 thoughts on ““America Dissolving into Barbarian Tribes? Vox Day Speculates” an essay by A Conservative Teacher

  1. Reading Gibbon and keeping an eye on the timeline, the decline was so slow as to most likely be imperceptible to the average citizen. We, on the other hand, are taking note, so there is hope.

    Borders, language and culture, as Michael Savage says. That is the key. But having said that, I found Vox’s article disturbing for it’s sloppy broad brush.

    Which immigrants was he talking about? I agree that those whose culture is incompatible with Western Civilization should not be allowed in, but treating blacks as a homogeneous underclass group is an intellectually-sloppy gross generalization. His using the generic “immigrant” impugns them all; an ignorant thing to do.

    I’m now reminded why I avoid World Nut Daily…

    You’re a smart man Jim, you don’t need to go there for material. You have discussed these issues in a thoughful and intelligent manner, unlike that Vox guy. Imho, he and World Nut Daily do more harm that good to the conservative cause.

  2. Guess who is at the top of the SAT, and GRE and otherwise top of the class? Indian and Oriental very ofter, percentage wise. Our so called Culture has lost its roots due to our educational system. The cultures that I mentioned sill inculcate the importance of an education. Inquiry, invention.

  3. Thank you, Jim.

    There is no question that all civilizations eventually die; analyzing the causes and their nature and composition is rather a difficult task due to the very long term metamorphosis which usually overlap one single human life span. If we add to that the additional obstacle of our time – “political correctness”, it becomes a sensitive subject.

    However, it is the ultimate political fascinating subject and I thank you, Jim, for bringing some of its participants to our attention. I’m not afraid to read what they have to say if it is scholarly and intellectually honest.

  4. There’s no question that immigrant groups are being deliberately brought into this country to destabilize the progeny of the Revolution. In the mid-90s, the control of immigration was ceded to the United Nations, who has been responsible for setting groups of Muslims who are not assimilating. Couple that with the one way Mexican immigration. Try to be a white American sneaking into Mexico and you’ll be dealt with severely. It’s all to overwhelm our entitlement system – remember that JPMorganChase makes $$$ for everyone on food stamps. They don’t care that it will eventually crash our economy, they’ve got private islands bought.

  5. Interesting piece. Thanks for posting it. Might I offer just a few observations?

    First, while Rome did fall slowly, it fell largely for the reasons listed, plus one even more important reason – licentiousness. They became immoral and corrupt. Our founders told us we would fail in the same way and for the same reasons – we would become immoral and corrupt (note: they did not say if, they said when).

    Second, it is not so much that we let “barbarians” in as much as we have grown up our own domestic spies. Cicero – an apt commentator, given the topic at hand- had this to say about enemies within:

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

    In this case, I would suggest the traitor within came in the form of the Progressive movement, and can be found in both Parties. It was this movement which led the move away from our republican form of government and toward a more democratic one. This opened the door for other initiatives through the manipulation of public opinion. The attack on the public’s understanding of the principles of liberty is being waged in our schools, but also in our media. And political correctness is the primary means by which the gates were then flung open and the “hordes” entered – and even then, some of those “hordes” were home-grown in the form of a dependency culture and unions and every other community organization based on group identiy rather than the value of the individual so necessary to a free and self-governing republic.

    At least, this is what I see happening in America today, and I see it as an intentional and multi-generational campaign that is being deliberately waged to destroy this nation.

    1. Excellent assessment, black3actual. So many truths in your analysis. It is complementary to the barbarians from within.
      It is a fascinating subject and political correctness should not serve as an obstacle to bring it to the open.

      1. Thank you. I appreciate the kind words and count them high praise. I also agree: it is an interesting subject that should be drug into the public arena. But don’t you think that political correctness was designed specifically to prevent just that? By my reasoning, the PC phenominon can be traced directly to Saul Alinsky through his Rules for Radicals – all the way back to Machiavelli, if not before. It’s just that Alinsky developed a formula by which the principles of “ends justify the means” thinking can be applied. Community organizing is but one of the tools in this quiver. Public riddicule is another, and a very effective tool at that. In fact, once these methods are identified and understood, it gets a little easier to recognize when a public voice is actually on to something that leads to greater protection for individual rights and liberty. The forces opposing this voice cry louder and with more venom the closer to home that voice hits.

        Now, granted, these are sweeping generalities, but then, generalities have their purpose – especially in analysing such matters. I just want it known that I do recognize and acknowledge that there are many facets to the problems confronting us today, but I am firmly convinced that the majority of them are the result of the purposeful application of tactics that have been studied by people whose primary purpose in life is to destroy this nation by revolution. I believe this because they have openly said exactly this, I cannot find where they have renounced their goals — and most alarmingly – many of them are now in and around the seat of government, including the White House.

    2. black3actual, thank you for coming by and making such a thoughtful comment. This is not a subject that many people are comfortable discussing. In my opinion, our country took a wrong turn in the sixties. Instead of finally enforcing our unalienable rights equally for all peoples, we were led down the proressive path of creating protected classes. In doing so, the progressives took people that had valid cpmplaints and turned them into useful idiots for their own ends. Cicero was right. The enemy within is far more dangerous than the barbarian at the gate.

      1. It’s my pleasure. It just worked out that I had been posting a series of more in depth blog pieces on a cite I was asked to help maintain in the owner’s absence. While doing a little quick background research, I stumbled across your piece and thought I would add my comments. To me, it is all part of what needs to be a broader conversation.

        As for the Progressives: I understand and agree. However, I have found I prefer the terms Thomas Sowell uses in his book “A Conflict of Visions.” He calls them “constrained” and “unconstrained” views of human nature. The constrained view sees that man’s nature is fixed, therefore, we should seek to structure society to deal with this reality. the unconstrained view believes that man’s nature is maliable and capable of self-directed evolution. I prefer these terms as they encompass all political Parties and – when one really looks at them – they encompass all political ideologies. They also explain how it is we can find people with these two different views of human nature in all political Parties.

        Now, in regards to those holding an unconstrained view of man – the ones who too often tend to think of themselves as the intellectual elite of society – if there were a way to help these supposedly intellectually superior people that their ideology is self-defeating, maybe – just maybe – we could find a way to arrest the repeated cycle of sliding back into tyranny.

        Feel free to pop over to http://www.therionarteline.com and read the posts I have put up dealing with race, the culture of dependency and other realted matters. I’ll be sure to keep all conversations cross linked in return. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the kind words. You honor me as mine was only a reply whereas yours was the original thought that sparked that reply. Without your original post, my words would have never been. :*)

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