“What if people in our government really are revolutionaries who want to bring down the government of the United States?”

I have debated with myself for the last five hours whether to make this post. I am not inclined to be an alarmist; but I think this is an alarm that must sounded. The question in the title is not mine. It is a question that a blogger at The Rio Norte Line  blog asks readers to keep in mind while reading the post Manufacturing a Path to Martial Law. The blogger uses the handle Black3Actual. I first became acquainted with the writings of Black3Actual when she/he commented on a Guest Saturday post here at CoF a little over a week ago. I have now read several of her/his posts and what I surmise is that this person is someone who is well-educated and who writes with passion and with remarkable insight. Nothing I have read would lead me to belive that Black3Actual is inclined toward conspiracy theories.

I ask you, dear readers, to read this article in its entirety. It is both a warning of coming racial violence and a plea for restraint by the white majority. She/he makes a compelling case that Obama, the MSM and, the professional race baiters are using the Zimmerman-Martin case as a tool to foment racial violence. This not news to you I know. What is news is that Black3Actual believes the real motive is an excuse to implement martial law. You might think that is a bit of a stretch. But think about it. Nothing this president or his radical friends inside and outside of government is said or done unless it advances Obama’s agenda for fundamentally changing America. How would Obama benefit from a racial war? Would it help him at the polls in November? I would argue to the contrary; that it would hurt him at the polls. There must be an ulterior motive. I believe tha Black3Actual sees clearly what that ulterior motive is.

Near the end of the article the author says something that may give you reason to wonder if she/he is, in fact,  prone to conspiracy theories:

We must not give them their excuse, because that excuse is not meant so much for us as it is for the rest of the world.  These people are seeking an excuse for their foreign friends, to justify the takeover of this nation according to their foreign friends’ notions of “justice.”

I suspect that those who have followed Black3Actual for some time know what the reference “foreign friends” means. I confess I do not; but my guess is that it may be a veiled reference to the UN. Maybe the author will come by today and give us some clarification. For now I ask you to put this aside and focus on the warning and on the plea for restraint. Obama and friends are setting a trap for us. A very dangerous trap.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

39 thoughts on ““What if people in our government really are revolutionaries who want to bring down the government of the United States?”

      1. We are in a terrible time Jim, when guilt or innocence do not matter, just a life for a life. Society can not stand under this kind of conception, if we continue along this road we will wind up with chaos and total breakdown. The race baiters who are pushing this, desire that kind of breakdown because in their arrogance, they feel as if they can do a better job of remaking society with them at the top. What they don’t realize is that the people behind the curtain will get rid of them first when they become useful idiots no longer. All we have to look at is Lenin and Mao to see where we are headed.

  1. I think it’s a little alarmist.

    Having said that, I do believe there are people in positions of power intent on changing us, but changing us into Europe, where unelected technocrats move the levers and elections really don’t change anything. Now that I think about it, we’re already most of the way there.

    1. That is EXACTLY what Woodrow Wilson called for, and why we now have bureaucracies. You will also find that Wilson embraced Marxism, but said it would have to be “Americanized” in order to work here. He “Americanized” it and called it Progressivism (not my words, Wilson’s).

  2. my stepson from Munich tells me that germany now is conceding its laws to the World Court. German people are in an uproar (weird we don’t hear about that here but, heck, the media’s also always kept quiet that Germans DO pay for their healthcare, too, just in case they couldn’t point to Germany anymore as the great example of a socialized medicine that works. It doesn’t)………..I digress!
    I think more people ought to be examining the subject of your title, whether it was yours or not. I hate conspiracy theories and have scoffed them until the last year or so…not anymore. TOo much is happening that none of us understand, can’t believe is happening, and have nobody standing up for the constitution, etc. Wassup?

    1. The enemies within are always the most dangerous. A friend of mine in North Carolina posted in her blog today that she had attended a townhall type meeting where all the state and local Republican candidates in the primaries would be there to talk to the people. She said there were more candidates than people. If we are not going to pay attention, those that wish to change this country for the worse, will.

      1. Man, THAT is depressing…….well, we can only hope many are only sick and tired of the Republican party (where the heck IS the Republican party when so many things are going on that we hate by Obama, anyway?) and will vote for Romney anyway… i hope so.

    2. By definition, it is not a conspiracy when they tell you what they intend to do openly and with pride. All I have done is taken them at their word.

      Incidentally, since you are speaking about Germany, take some time and compare where we are now to where Germany was in — oh, say 1934. All we need is a Reichtag Fire (race riots) and they have their excuse to declare an emergency. The trial balloons for suspending the election and Congress have already been floated by a Governor and a Congressman. Like I said: out in the open.

  3. I wish black3actual had a blog.
    As for your post which is so well done, I’m getting the feeling there are bigger troubles than anybody wants coming, too…….where are SHarpton and Jackson when black kids kill black kids. Are they only precious children when whites kill them? Why did this become such a big deal and how could Obama AGAIN have weighed in so soon without knowing the facts? I think the trial’s going to outdo OJ’s, I really do. I’m hoping the reaction isn’t what most of us think it will be.
    Heck, I also wonder how big and dangerous the reaction could be were Obama to somehow miraculously lose in November. When did racism kick up its very ugly head again? I thought “we” had elected a unifier and things haven’t been this bad since the Sixties! Is that intentional? I hope not. So much.

  4. Nothing that this regime does surprises me. He is actively trying to divide Americans based on race, class, and gender and he has personally called OWS into action to further his agenda. He has also signed the Defense Authorization Bill which designates the US as a battleground. It seems the trap has been set and he is hoping the violence he stoked up will come to fruition.

  5. IMO, If Obama realizes that his re-election is in danger, he will pull out all the stops to make his re-election happen. Declaring martial law would be a “hail Mary pass,” but just might work to his benefit.

  6. Black3Actual’s not the only one saying it. We’ve been talking about this in our parish moms’ group (which is a very ethnically diverse group), and working in our community to spread the Gospel message that we’re supposed to love ALL our neighbors, not just the ones who share our phenotype. I still believe that God is greater than the President.

  7. This battle to preserve our nation has so many fronts: the cultural war, the war on our economy, the vote dilution, border issues, erosion of various natural rights, the loss of rule of law, breakdown of division of power b/t the branches, loss of confidence in and connection with our own gov’t, the gradual ceding of sovereignty to global/international bodies of law . . .. what have I missed? plenty more I’m sure.

    Each front in turn has several subdivisions and overlaps. Attempts to divide the American people between various classes and races would be part of the cultural war, and if that ends up being the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, then certainly it’s conceivable that whoever pursues a Soros type globalization scenario would use it if possible to further such ends.

    For whatever it’s worth, I think there will be no race or class war until and unless the economy/dollar collapses.


    1. As I stated below, they are working on collapsing the economy. If China succeeds in its bid to replace the $ as the world reserve currency, this nation will be 3rd world in 2 weeks and you will have your social collapse.

      This is not hyperbole. Look into it. I got it from several highly respected economists who have been trying to warn us but the MSM has been poo-pooing as ‘alarmists’ and ‘conspiracy theorists.’

      BTW: I find it interesting that those labels still work. They are straight out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. The media has used them for decades. They are the foundation of Political Correctness. This is something I should think every conservative would have come to understand by now — especially with an Alinskite is in the White House.

  8. “What if people in our government really are revolutionaries who want to bring down the government of the United States?”

    Well, then things would be happening exactly as they are.

  9. I agree with Linda. It will take total social breakdown to start a race war. They’ve been trying to do it here in Oakland for quite some time, but all they got is a looting here or there or maybe a glass broken by white anarchists.

  10. When I first heard about the Trayvon thing, I knew it was just a test case, and an excuse to attack the Stand Your Ground laws. The average person is not as violent minded as these Elties, so they’ll have to put in provocateurs or make mountains out of molehills to try to get the ball rolling.

  11. I think Zimmerman will / or at least / should be acquitted. But if that happens…watch what happens. RM above is right..it’s a set up, a trap and the attack on the Stand Your Ground law. I think you are right, too, Jim…or the guy you mention, that they are looking for the opportunity to declare martial law. Ever since O was elected and Holder was put in charge of Justice, we have had nothing but race baiting. It is part of the plan to take us down. And imagine how gleeful the socialist left would be if they succeed. I agree with Steve Dennis above, too.

    Now we watch…hoping O’s time runs out before he completes the mission.

  12. Considering Obama’s two recent executive orders, the massive growth of DHS (they are now placing undercover agents on buses and they have rolled out checkpoints in train stations and roads under the name VIPR) and the NDAA bill which overhwelming majorities in BOTH parties have voted for, I would say that is where we are headed.

    Prepping and gun sales have exploded too. People know what is coming.

  13. To Jim from Conservative Hideout:

    I saw your post and link to my piece (thanks for the kind words, btw). I tried to email you. I am no computer geek, so I must have missed it, but I couldn’t post a comment or find a contact for you. If you see this (or anyone knows how to get it to you), please contact me. I would be happy to clarify anything your readers may have questions about.

    Oh, and no, I am not a conspiracy theorist 🙂

    My thanks to the admin of this board for tolerating my personal message here (sorry, just don’t know how else to reach Jim).

    1. Ah, I think I get it now. Ah, sorry, this site and the other seem to be linked. My bad (hey, Marines are slow but persistent, OK? 🙂 )

      Anyway, here’s the connection you may be looking for.

      First – those friends over seas are nothing more than other like-minded politicians who lead the cabal of group-thinkers around the world. No conspiracy theory, they are all out in the open. It’s easy to see who they are, too. Obama sucks up to them in the open and turns his back on our traditional allies and friends. Still, if he were to try something blatantly out of character for an American, he would need his friends in these other countries to help him convince their population that Obama was doing something ‘good.’ Whether people want to admit it or not, the masses still hold the power in this world and – by in large – the world still thinks of America as a source of hope. If they thought Obama had suddenly become Hugo Chavez, it would be hard on him.

      Second – The idea that Obama and others are trying to apply pressure on our society is also out in the open. No dots to connect, only the need to know where to listen and then have enough courage to accept what they are saying. People like Piven are openly calling for violence (Bill Ayres, too). And Van Jones – whether people understand this or not – has been explaining this process openly. If you can create civil unrest (bottom up), then you provide the excuse for Obama to act (top down). The uprising is what Van Jones means by “Force this president to do what he knows he should do.”

      A race war is only one way to do this. There are others and they are working on them. Our financial woes are not an accident.

      3 — The most important point is not to excuse the things Obama does as incompetence. It’s not. It’s just that most Americans do not think in terms of how to bring down our own nation. Obama and his handlers do (and yes, I KNOW he has handlers). if you start thinking in terms of how to topple a government, the things Obama has been doing suddenly make a whole lot more sense. Again, find the courage to accept this and my essay suddenly becomes obvious to most anyone.

      It’s just that we do not want to believe an American would want to destroy America – and that is because we do not understand our own history. That drive started with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

    2. Hey, black3actual!! I an so glad you finally got through. It is a shame that you were not able to join the frey on the day of the post. The comments you made today would have helped the discussion. Because of your problem, I have updated my About page with my E-.maid address. I have added your new blog to my blogroll and look forward to reading your posts.

      1. I apologize. The fault is all mine. I’m nowhere near as proficient with computers as I should be, so I had no idea you were even discussing my post. I added my comments here – just in case. I’ll try to check in more often. Hopefully I will not be so tardy to the party next time.

        As for my blog page, I appreciate you for adding it to your blogroll. With a bit of luck, my first posts will be up this week. I hope I do not disappoint.


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