The Entitlement Mentality is not A Laughing Matter

I’m more than a bit under the weather today so here is something short and sweet.

Walter Russell Mead found this video hilarious. It has to do with the New York Times staff thinking about going on strike because the Company want’s to change their pension plan. The video last about six minutes.

Here is some of what Mr. Mead had to say:

It’s an entitled blue deer, meet onrushing truck kind of moment. The Guild is talking about a strike, and an array of Times staffers, including some famous bylines that are well known in news circles, worry aloud that the new plan could make them eat cat food and sleep in boxes on the street in old age. (Or late middle age, anyway; not one staffer talks about working past 65.)

Nobody in the video talks about the changes in the news business that threatens to drive the Times into a deep dive. Nobody talks about the prospect of future significant staff cuts if costs can’t be contained. None of them discuss the incongruity between their own naive sense of entitlement and what is going on in the cities, companies and countries they cover.

I like to think that I have a good sense of humor. And, like Mr. Mead, I do derive some pleasure from seeing the liberal swines who write for NYT about to have a head-on collision with reality. But, the entitlement mentality that these mis-guided fools are experiencing is the same entitlement mentality that we have seen in Greece and in Spain and that we are beginning to see here in America. America is also on a collision course with reality and I don’t see the humor in that.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

18 thoughts on “The Entitlement Mentality is not A Laughing Matter

  1. the entitlement mentality is one of the ills which has its chokehold on America right now. it’s disheartening, but we should have a healthy fear of it. i blame selfish parenting. hopefully, thru all our blogging, we can start turning things around and save our country from its pre-mature doom.

    i love your blog and the way you write! i found you thru Geeez. keep up the good fight! 🙂

    1. namaste, thanks for coming by and thanks for the kind words. Parents are certinly doing something worng. It seems too many parentents turn over their responsibilities to the schools and television. Sad!

      1. I see your point quite well, Mr. Gourdie. On the one hand, it’s both easy and fun to watch the New York Times folks gnashing their teeth. But your point is: these are educated, capable people who are so willing to be victims of an evil corporate decision, rather than take charge of their own lives.

        It was one thing when “entitlement mentality” was limited to the “welfare queens.” But when we see it seep into the educated, the professional, well. That’s a scary realization, because it might spell the end for our culture.

        I had this very realization once, when a friend of mine was making a “the gov’t should help my family” argument. She’s a lawyer. A lawyer! Who wants the fed gov’t to help run her life.


        Hope you feel better soon.

      2. The American mind set has changed dramaticly in my life time. It use to be that young people couldn’t wait to get out on their own. Now they climb out of their parents nest and climb into the governments nest. Very, very sad!

  2. Theone “journalist” made reference to other publications possibly sniping some of the reporters from the Times. But I have to ask…who in their right mind is going to hire former employees of the New York FishwrapTimes?

  3. It’s the same out here too, plenty of people bemoaning the loss of jobs to people overseas and companies closing down almost every week due to rising costs. But no one will entertain a cut to their vast array of benefits or a more competitive salary. Apparently zero job paying nothing is better than one paying less that what they used to get.

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