Don’t Blame Third Party Voters If Obama Is Reelected

I am disturbed by some of the things I am reading in some conservative blogs. I’m talking about those who ridicule libertarians in particular for “throwing away” their votes. The insinuation is that if Obama is reelected, it will be their fault. I do not agree with that way of thinking. I have the utmost respect for libertarians standing on their principles and deciding to vote for their third Party candidate. If Obama is reelected, the only people we should fault are those that voted for him not those that voted for someone else who wasn’t Romney.

Having said that, would I like to convince libertarians to vote for Mitt  Romney? Yes, i would. If we are to defeat Obama, we will need every vote we can get for Romney. My support for Mitt Romney is what my libertarian friend, Country Thinker, would call a strategic vote as opposed to a principled vote. If I were to stand on my principles, I too would vote for a third party candidate.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a fan of Mitt Romney or of the Republican Party. I believe that the most critical problem facing America is our ever-increasing mountain of debt. I am under no illusion that a Romney administration will do anything serious to deal with the debt issue, at least not voluntarily. Yet I am supporting Romney because I believe a Romney administration will be significantly different from another four years of Obama. A Romney administration will cut corporate and other taxes and will get rid of many overreaching regulations that are strangling the life out of our economy and will open up federal lands and the continental shelf to oil and gas exploration and development. These policy changes should create an environment where our economy can start to grow and we can finally have a real recovery. None of these policy changes will happen if Obama is reelected.

A growing economy would be very good for America, of course. But that is not why I am supporting Romney. Remember, my desire is for the next administration to tackle the debt crisis before it explodes in our faces. I believe that the policies of a Romney administration will get our economy going again; but I also believe there will be unintended consequences to a growing economy.

Please bear in mind what you are reading is nothing more than my opinion. And, I would be the first to tell you that my opinions carry less weight than a molecule of air. So, with that disclaimer, let me tell you what I think the unintended consequences of a Romney  administration would be.

First, I believe if our economy start to grow again we are going to see some serious inflation. Now growing economies do not cause inflation. But creating money out of thin air does. The Federal Reserves has been creating money out of thin air ever since 2008 with their QE1, QE2, and, QE2.5.  The big Wall Street banks have been able to borrow this funny money from the at almost no cost and invest in the stock markets for a good return. They, we are told, have over $2 trillion sitting in excess reserves at the Fed. But you can bet when the economy starts growing, the greedy bankers are going to want to get in on a good thing and those trillions of dollars that were created out of thin air are going to enter the real economy and the result will be inflation. So, what could be possibly good about inflation? Ask your self what does the bond market hate the most? The answer is inflation. So, if my strategy is correct, the second unintended consequence of a Romney administration’s policies will be that the bond market will respond to the inflation by driving bond prices down and interest rates up. Higher interest rates will seriously ramp up the cost of serving our debt, which is already over $400 billion per year.

My thinking is that the combination of these two unintended consequences will force all the clowns in Washington, both the “D’s” and the “R’s” to finally deal with our debt crisis. Their only other option would be default. They will be forced by events to introduce austerity programs similar to what many European countries have already started. there will be one very important difference, however. Our friends in Europe are having to deal with their debt crisis at a time where their economies are at best stagnant and in most cases shrinking. If my strategy works, America will have the chance to deal with its debt crisis while its economy is growing, which will go a long ways toward mitigating the pain.

So, there you have it, my friends. This is my lighter than air opinion of why I think supporting Mitt Romney is a good strategy for America. This is why I think my principled libertarian friends should put their principles aside and vote for Romney. But, if they decide to stand on their principles anyway and if Obama is reelected, I will not be pointing the finger of blame at them. If Obama is reelected, the fault belongs to those that voted for him and no one else.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking.  What are your thoughts?

45 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Third Party Voters If Obama Is Reelected

  1. I read your blog and understand your points but I don’t agree with you. LOL Any vote that does not go to Romney (and let me say first, he was not my original choice) will be a vote for Obama. It’s that simple.

    No matter what principles Ron Paul supporters stand on, the difference between Romney and Obama has to be clear enough for them to know who will be the worst choice. And it has to be clear that Paul is nothing more than a spoiler in this fight.

    That’s just my opinion.

    1. Yeah, I expect to catch a lot of flack today, Roxy. This one of those times we will have to agree to disagree. I doubt it will happen very oftem. But, consider this. A lot of Ron Paul’s followers are going to vote for Gary Johnson who otherwise would have voted for Obama. By your reasoning those will be votes for Romney. Romney and the Republicans and we conservativves that want to get Obama out of office must try to give the libertarians a reason to vote for Romney. In laying out why I am supporting Romney I was also trying to give libertarians a reason to vote for Romney.

    2. I will NOT replace Stalin with Hitler. RON PAUL ONLY!!!

      Romney is a WHOLLY owned Bankster subsidiary TARP II anyone? Romney will sell out this Corporatocracy to the highest bidder. Obama will Socialize everything. Romney and Obama share many of the same ideals. Romney can talk about ‘free markets’ all he wants, but supporting TARP, and Keynesianism is NO different than BHO policies. The end.

  2. I like your argument for voting for Romney, Jim. It actually works out either way. If the growing economy doesn’t cause the inflation you fear and the rise in rates in the bond market, a growing economy, will throw off more revenue in taxes (especially if one of the things that helps cause the growing economy is tax reform) and that can help reduce the deficit, and maybe even the debt. If your scenario plays out, that’s OK too, particularly, as you said, in an environment of a growing economy.

    If Obama is re-elected, we’re just going to speed along into oblivion. Reality will rear its ugly head and crush the utopians. For all I know, that’s part of the plan, but that plan only works out for the elites running the impoverished Utopian States of America.

    I don’t really understand your logic in letting the third party voters off the hook, though, if Obama wins. It’s an election with really only two possible winners, Obama or Romney. The way one of them is elected is by garnering enough votes in each state to win that state and it’s Electoral College deligate vote. Casting a vote for someone with no chance is roughly equivalent, in a winner take all contest, of staying at home. Every vote Romney doesn’t get is not a vote for Obama, but it’s a vote that helps Obama because its a conservative that is choosing to have their vote be as meaningless as it would be if they stayed home (excepting, of course, if those same people were voting for the conservative Senate and House candidates).

    We need to take it all away from the Dems. They are completely off the rails. They’re children, engaged in magical thinking. If they wish hard enough, money will grow on trees and all of our problems will be solved.

    Have you seen their latest idiocy? They’re trying to treat the (snicker) budget deal of 2011 as though the spending CAPS are MINIMUMS instead of Maximums. They’re accusing Republicans of breaking the deal by trying to spend under the cap, and they’re trying to spend over the cap, with no cuts elsewhere to stay under the cap. Read this:

    I’d love to see third party voters actually help the Republicans take power away from Obama and the Dems, and then be active in trying to hold Republicans’ feet to the fire to get real work done that helps. I’m asking for a lot of work. Remember, though, it’ll be easier to push Romney to the right (especially electing a conservative/libertarian Senate and House) than it will be to suffer the onslaught of spending and regulation and usurpation of power by the executive branch that we’ll have under Obama even if we take majorities in both houses of Congress.

    1. I believe every citizen has a right and a moral obligation to vote for who they believe will best serve America. You know, Pat, that I follow a lot of libertarian blogs. I know how they think. They don’t see the same difference between the Democrats and Republican that you and I see. They have some very strong arguments to back them up when looking at the last two decades. If there was not a third party option for them, many would stay home in protest, others would vote Republican and others would vote for Democrats. Net net I don’t think they have much impact on the final results.

      I agree with your point that libertarians and conservatives should work together. We agree on so many important issues. I wrote a post on that subject about a year ago. After discussing the idea with several conservatives and libertarians, I am not hopeful it will ever happen. There are elements on both sides that will not even entertain the idea.

      1. I completely understand, Jim. If I thought it would do any good, I’d vote Libertarian myself. I’m way more on the Libertarian end of the scale than I am close to the establishment Republican end of it. The problem is that we basically have a two party system, really fairly well closed off to third parties. My hope is that we can push the Republican party into becoming increasingly libertarian, and I think we can see some evidence that that is the case when you look at Tea Party victories in 2010, and hopefully the expanding ranks of small government, constitutionalists in Congress in 2012.

        I really am convinced that the last 3+ years have caused a lot of old school Republicans to wake up and see that big government, even supposedly conservative big government, is a very bad thing. If Bush ran on “compassionate conservatism” today in a presidential primary he’d be demolished by the electorate. We’ve seen that that is just more of the same big government and that it solves no problems and creates more. We are closer to the tipping point (if not past it) now than we’ve ever been and only a utopian Democrat can look at the cliff we’re headed toward (seeing the wrecks of Greece, socialist governments, and the falling nations that thrilled at their European Socialism but are now facing austerity or bankruptcy) and think, “no worries, we’ll just fly right on by.”

        You lose the war you’re in by fighting the last war instead of today’s war. I’m confident we can move in a more libertarian direction and push the Republican party in that direction because I’m seeing evidence of it happening. I’m seeing new leaders and some of the old guard shaking off the cobwebs and waking up. Emergencies tend to do that. To say, “Well, I’m still pissed because there was no difference for the last 20 years, and friggin’ Bush passed NCLB and prescription drugs…” doesn’t take into account that neither of those things would stand a chance in the House of Representatives today. We can win! And I mean that small government, free market, Constitutionalism can win… But not through a third party, but by transforming the Republican party.

  3. Your support for Romney is predicated on the idea that he will “get our economy moving again”. I do not think for one second that Romney will lower the corporate rates or open up for drilling. He is a puppet, just like Obama is a puppet, and guess what? Both he and Obama have their campaigns funded by the exact same people – the Federal Reserve Cartel, a decidedly anti-American and pro-globalist organization. Romney has a tried and true history of being all over the political map with absolutely no compunction whatsoever.

    The D’s and R’s have no intention of dealing with the debt crisis. They would still be passing spending bills as Chinese workers come over and repossessed their historic Congressional desks to be pawned for the interest. My research has led me to conclude that the bulk of the Congress has been totally bought by the same people who fund the campaigns of Romney and Obama. This leads to this salient point:

    The disconnect from the average conservative voter and the third party voter is not so much principles, intelligence, or patriotism, but one of context. The average libertarian/independent/fed-up conservative voter sees a much, much larger context than Obama, Obama, Obama. As if this stuff all started with Obama, and will all end with Romney. Most of you would admit that this is a naive assessment, but when you delve into the last 100 years of history, the song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” readily comes to mind. There is a huge system out there that purposefully uses the cult of personality to disguise itself. This is called continuity of agenda and has remained unbroken since Woodrow. The choice then becomes, to the third party/fed-up voter, the System or America. The lesser of two evils is a Hegelian Dialect mind trick / fear campaign by which the System has always held onto its power. With the internet, it’s power is rapidly slipping. And the Elites are freaked. That is why we don’t have time for Romney to do “slightly better” than Obama. Is he going to repeal Homeland Security and the TSA? No. Is he going to push for repealing the NDAA? No. Is he going to repeal Obamacare? No. Why? Because the System wants these things and he is paid to maintain them. It’s amazing how bipartisan things can get when they want to take our freedoms away. When the whole thing crashes, if under Romney’s watch, he’ll be sure to shepherd us into the one-world currency. Just watch for it.

    1. Thanks for the comment, rM. Your comment is exactlly what I would expect you to say. Asumming Romney wins in November, let’s you and I revisit this issue in June of 2014. If I was worng, I will admit it publically.

  4. First, in the case that Obama gets re-elected, the logic of blaming those that vote for Obama but not those that vote against Romney, eludes me. But I’m not about to embark in a long explanation of why it is a crazy logic because I know that you are smart enough to figure it out by yourself; and in a way I have the sneaky suspicion that you are playing a little with your readers.

    Second, you are arguing that growth (produced by Romney’s policies) is actually bad because it will irremediably bring inflation. This is a perverse argument, to say the least. Lets stay stagnant so we can control prices and keep interest rates down. This time I won’t call it crazy, just economically erroneous.
    Economic growth does not produce inflation per-se if it doesn’t tax our capacity and resources at a maximum. Innovation and technology that produces growth also increases our productivity. Growth in productivity keeps inflation in check. There are other arguments but suffice it to present two examples. For one, A decade of low and almost zero interest rates in Japan did not produce growth. Second, the after Bush tax-cut years of 2004-2007 (inclusive) produced an average GDP growth of 6.5% (a dream now and something that Bush bashers often forget) with an average inflation of only 2.8%. Rest my case.

    1. John, maybe you read my post a little too rapidly. I stated quite clearly that economic growth is a good thing. I did mention more than once that there would be “unintended consequences”. If you belive that all those magical Fed dollars entering the economy won’t cause inflation, you are not thinking clearly. The inflation will come as a consequence of the growing economy. The fault of the inflation will be the Feds policies of creating trillions of dollars out of thin air. IMO, instead of crying about the Democrats and libertarians that are not going to vote for Romney, we need to focus on two things: getting out the Republican votes in the swing states and winning over a majority of the independent voters in those swing stated.

  5. In no way would I want to criticize Libertarians or Ron Paul supporters for refusing to vote for Mitt Romney. I am a Ron Paul fellow myself, but I have chosen to vote for Romney, for many of the reasons you lay out. Also factoring into my decision is the nauseating thought that Barack Obama might get his hands on one or two more Supreme Court justices.

    Other than that, I completely understand and sympathize with the voters who will simply refuse for Mitt Romney. My hands will be firmly clamped over my nose when I cast my ballot in November.

    1. As bad as both the major parties are, four more years of Obama is the last thing this country needs. Libertarians do not see a difference btween Romney and Obama. We who do see a difference are going to have to work very hard to get Romney elected.

  6. I just cannot fathom any one accepting 4 more years of this socialist/marxist president. There can’t be anyone worse than Obama, running at this time. The damage he’s done and the damage he plans to do, has been and will be horrendous. He has no respect for our founding documents and has not upheld them while in office. He’s done end runs around Congress and is planning to do that with the SC.

    Mr. Jackson mentioned one of my biggest worries — more liberal SC Justices appointed.

    “After the election, I’ll have more flexibilty.” Don’t those words, said to the Russians, scare anyone but me?

    1. I am always amazed that different people can look at the same facts and draw different conclusions. But that is reality. If the polls are any indication about 47$ of the electorate support Obama. Some conservatives and libertarians believe with every fiber of their being that four more years of Obama would be better than eight years of Romeny. We have our work cut out for ourselves to turn out the base on election day and to convince enough independents in the swing states that Romney is their best choice.

  7. It doesn’t matter which party is in power in Washington. Both are wedded to the Federal structure. Both want to increase government. And you know what? We can’t blame them exclusively. In large part they are just responding to the wishes of their constituents. People are not addicted to “free stuff” from the government. They demand it. Our Republic is doomed. Hate to be so pessimistic but that’s the way I see it.

  8. If we all stood strictly on out principles, we’d run screaming from politics forever, probably the public marketplace as well.

    Politics is not about principles, its about power. Your principles don’t mean squat if you don’t have power.

    Mitt Romney is marginally better than Barack Obama, just consider Supreme Court nominations. I don’t think anyone harbors magical fantasies that Mitt will suddently turn into a small-government constitutionalist, but with a GOP congress (which has its own problems) we at least have a fighting chance.

    I respect the right of my fellow citizents to vote for the candidate of their choice, but vote your principles, and watch Obama flush them in his second term.

    1. “Politics is not about principles, its about power. Your principles don’t mean squat if you don’t have power.”

      Until people of principle take over politics in this country, things will get progressively worse.

  9. I think there is ZERO chance of any bipartisan agreements before the election.

    Despite media hype, I think it a foregone conclusion that Obama will be reelected and that Republicans would be smarter to concentrate on winning the Senate and retaining the House.

    Fortunately, the Tea Party Movement is smart enough to know that.

  10. I agree Jim, voting for a third party is not throwing your vote away, if that was the case than anyone how voted for the losing candidate–be it Obama or Romney–could be said to have thrown their vote away. I have no problem with a person voting on principle no matter what the outcome is.
    As for me, I still can’t support Romney but in the end I probably will when I look at who Obama would nominate to the SUpreme Court.

      1. I”m not trying to beat you up over this because for one thing, you’re lots more knowledgeable than I am. And in essence I agree with most all that you’ve said.

        I don’t want to use the old “vote for the better of 2 evils” because NO ONE is as evil as Obama. But the bottom line is just that: NO ONE is as evil as Obama and he’s got to go or as a nation, we are finished.

        These people will cheat to win. (Why else is there such a democratic hard line against the voter ID law?) Every vote has to count and every vote against Obama has to count. Once he’s gone, we can go back to standing on our principles and turning this nation back into a Constitutional republic.

  11. I’ve got my election day gear packed up and waiting to go…one voter I.D. card, one photo I.D. card, (you’ve always had to have one to vote in South Carolina, regardless of what Eric Holder says), and my extra large, alligator grip, nose plug for when I have to vote for Romney.

    I did vote for Ron Paul in our state primary, however.

  12. I am late to the party -(Comments) so not much to add except that Romney victory speech tonight was excellent, and feel a bit more hopeful. If you can find it, it is worth looking at.

  13. It is good point, the blame should lie squarely with the fools who vote for obama a second time, the first time round was bad enough, but you could weasel around by blaming the media who carried water for the socialist. But there is no excuse for giving him your vote a second time, given how much he’s ruined the country.

  14. I will help SPLIT this vote to bring down this party duopoly…PERIOD!!!

    I want REAL change, I want FREEDOM, REPEAL the 16th, 17th, and the Federal Reserve Act.

    Do you belive in FREEDOM? Do you believe in an individuals right to life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness?

    Then you do NOT support Medicare, Medicaid, SS, or the Affordable Healthcare Act. Think about that.

  15. Great discussion–both the post and the comments. I would love for Americans to embrace a true constitutionalist and a true believer in small, unobtrusive government as President and the same for both houses of congress. But then we would need 500 Pauls and we only have two. The long-term mission for both libertarians and conservatives is to re-educate our children about what makes this nation great, personal freedom. Everyone yearns for it but we’ve gotten so far away from that concept that voters in the 20’s and 30’s don’t know what it really is…they just know something is amiss. We need to make young people understand that introducing new laws, regulations and the establishment of new agencies should always be approached with extreme caution because for every new government rule or body, someone’s freedom is thwarted.
    Our short-term mission is November. Obama has already shown that he is unfraid to use executive order and to abuse executive power to make policy. And congress has proven that they are inept at stopping him. Obama is the ocnductor of a massive train wreck called America. He’s got lots of help, on both sides of the aisle, but he (or rather those shadow government global folks he takes his orders from) are driving the train.
    While Romney is not the first choice of freedom lovers he is the MUCH BETTER choice. Not only will his policies help get our economy going again, but I believe that he loves America and what she stands for. Obama does not.
    I encourage all Americans who believe in freedom to vote for Romney. We need a landslide.

    1. Thanks for your superb comment, Freedom. Our country is split like never before between those that think socialism is the answer and those that know it isn’t. Sadly, those that know it isn’t are split between libertarians and conservatives and they are not working together. The road back to sanity is lonf and uphill. We need to be working together if we have any chance of turning this country around.

  16. I for one don’t think that Romney needs every vote he can get to be elected. If, for instance, you live in Illinoistan where I live, it doesn’t matter a whit who you vote for, or even if you vote.
    The same is true in many places.

    Only a few places matter. If I lived where it mattered, I would be more inclined to vote for the lesser of two evils as you are suggesting. (The thought of that disgusts me however.)

    Therefore, I will be voting for Johnson since the moronic GOP will not nominate anyone who has a clue what it will take to restore our liberties.

    Better to have a chance to send a message to the rest of the country that freedom is the only thing that matters. The debt problem is actually a spending problem, so Romney won’t be the answer to your concerns, only a libertarian type candidate could do that.

    As to who’s fault it will be if Obama gets re-elected: the only people who could possibly be to blame are those who nominated a candidate who failed. It’s that simple.

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