America’s Death by a Thousand Cuts _ Clean Cities Coalition Program at the Department of Energy

Suicide is never an accident. But, can suicide ever be an unconscious act? I don’t know; but, I’ve never heard of a case of suicide by a thousand cuts. Murder, on the other hand, can be accidental or it can be planned. That America is dying a death of a thousand cuts I don’t think can be denied. So, is America committing suicide or is America being murdered or is something else in play?

One of the definitions of death by a thousand cuts according to Wikipedia is:

Creeping normalcy, the way a major negative change, which happens slowly in many unnoticed increments, is not perceived as objectionable.

That seems to me to describe very well what is happening in America. And, the cuts just keep on happening.

American Thinker ran an excellent article yesterday that I hope you will take the time to read. It talks about another government program that I was not aware of that is adding a few more cuts to the American fabric. The article refers to a government program being pushed by the Department of Energy (DOE) called the Clean Cities Coalition Program. One of the Clean Cities projects for Concord, Massachusetts to install recharging points for electric cars. But get this. Those two or three rich Chevy Volt owners will be able to recharge their batteries for FREE! But, don’t worry. Dr. Steven Chu, the Secretary of the DOE has a plan to pay for the electricity that the rich Chevy Volt owners get for free. The plan is to use the funds the government will receive by penalizing those evil coal-fired power plants that generate dirty energy. Surely the utility companies won’t pass their higher cost on to their customers, will they?

The author of the article found it interesting who Steven Chu selected to dish out the billions of dollars  as co-coordinator of the Massachusetts Clean Cities coalition. His name is Stephen Russell and this is what the author had to say:

According  to the Department of Energy, Mr. Russell “has a Bachelor of Science in Community  Leadership and Development from Springfield College” — in short: he was trained  to be a Community Organizer, like you-know-who. It apparently didn’t occur to  Mr. Russell that the electricity from a “dirty power company” would be just as  dirty when used to power a “clean” Chevy Volt. New England, like most places on  the planet, continues to rely on coal; the state’s nine coal-fired power plants  burned 5.25 million tons of coal in 2008. In short, Mr. Russell is enabling a  subsidy for coal-powered cars owned by affluent drivers. Where are the social  justice advocates and radical environmentalists when you need  them?

Yes, another community organizer. But here is the thing. People like Steven Chu and Stephen Russell, liberals if you will, believe with every fiber of their being that the are making America a better place. They are wrong, of course. They are merely adding to the cuts that will eventually bleed America dry. So, I find myself back where I started.

Is America, consciously or unconsciously committing suicide? We can’t deny that for, at least the last one hundred years, we have elected and reelected people who do nothing but harm to America. Or, as some believe, are there evil puppet masters out there manipulating our politicians and electorate with the intention of murdering America? Or, are the majority of Americans so damn dumb that they can’t see that we are on our way to hell on a highway paved with good intentions? Or, is it a case of all of the above? I don’t know. The more I think I know, the more I know that I don’t know anything.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “America’s Death by a Thousand Cuts _ Clean Cities Coalition Program at the Department of Energy

  1. “Or, are the majority of Americans so damn dumb that they can’t see that we are on our way to hell on a highway paved with good intentions?”

    i believe this is absolutely correct. all news, all t.v., all movies, all public schools are dominated by the liberal left. Americans spend their entire lives getting indoctrinated unless they independently educate their ownselves and their families.

  2. Look up the Club of Rome who said in their 1993 paper that global climate change hysteria would “fit the bill” in being a new enemy to unite against now that the Soviet Union was gone. The enemy being humanity itself. That right there is the forest for the trees, and it is an absolutely deliberate attempt to subjugate, not just America, but all of humanity under a tyrannical feudal system.

    I would describe it thusly, America is not committing suicide, but has been slowly poised for over a hundred years now. And every patriot who’s tried to warned us has either been physically or character-wise assassinated. So I guess I go with the evil puppet-master theory who use the education/media systems as their preferred strings. Want to prove it to yourself? Just read Foreign Affairs, or some of these people’s books, they lay it all out as plain as day. As an added bonus, they care not about elections, unless of course Ron Paul tries to get uppity. Never forget that in Missouri in 2008, RP delegates got put on a terror watch list.

    The new Orwell word for terrorist is now meaning someone who threatens the System.

  3. In other words the EPA is implementing Obama’c cap and trade policy in bits and pieces. It is hard to believe that these people don’t know that their policies will hurt America more than it will help it so if I had to guess I would say this is murder and not suicide. Although, we did put these people in power so we have done it to ourselves, does this make it suicide?

  4. Obama told us he would desroy the coal industry, and he’s making good on his campaign promise. I don’t understand how any American can look upon all of this and not be disgusted.

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