Global Warmers Never Die. They Just Turn Up The Heat.

Those that worry about global warming can not accept nature is in charge and there is nothing humans can do to stop nature. As reported in this Huffington Post article:

Global warming is revving up the planet’s cycle of evaporation and precipitation, making wet places even wetter and dry places drier, a new study suggests.

A team of researchers found the intensity of the water cycle increased roughly 4 percent over the last half of the 20th century by examining changes in the ocean’s salt content.

This means more movement of water between the locations where it’s stored, such as the atmosphere, oceans and lakes. Their results indicate that as a result, salty places are becoming saltier due to more evaporation, while fresh places are becoming fresher due to more precipitation.

This article is reporting on research done by Paul Durack, a postdoctoral researcher at the esteemed Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The research has found that the salt content of the oceans has increased over the last hundred years.

I wonder how much money was spent on this research? Because any 18 year old that passed high school chemistry could have predicted the results in advance for no cost.

For those that have never studied earth sciences, allow me to explain. When the earth cooled and the oceans eventually formed the oceans were effectively fresh water. Over the millions of years as water evaporated from the oceans, all of that evaporated water eventually condensed as rain and some of rain invariably fell on land masses. Rain water runoff dissolves some soluable minerals (salts) from the earths surface and are eventually carried back to the oceans through rivers and streams. When water evaporates, the dissolved minerals in the water do not evaporate. They stay behind. If you take any source of water that has not been purified and put in a pot and boil it dry, you will find a whitish scum on the bottom of the pot. That is mineral salt.  So, over  time, the concentrations of these dissolved minerals increase and that is why the oceans eventually became salt water.

Guess what? This process is going to keep happening because the laws of nature say so. The salinity of the oceans will keep increasing until one of two things happen: until there are no more soluble minerals on the surface of the earth’s land masses or the oceans become saturated. Every mineral has a natural limit to its solubility. Beyond that point if more soluble mineral enters the system it will precipitate as a solid and fall to the bottom.

But doesn’t that mean that eventually the oceans won’t be able to sustain sea life? Yes it does. Unless man finds a way to change the laws of nature, the salt concentration of the oceans will continue to increase. Me, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

23 thoughts on “Global Warmers Never Die. They Just Turn Up The Heat.

  1. The statists always think that somehow they are in control of the planet and that somehow their miniscule efforts are going to effect some change. They are more than happy to tell you how to live your life- because they have all the correct answers.

  2. It’s not really about global warming, it’s about the re-distribution of wealth internationally. Climate change is merely the pretext by which it can be accomplished via carbon taxing & assorted other measures. Like the saying goes, Green Is The New Red.

  3. A caveat…
    As a result of global warming, wind patterns and storm tracks are directed further toward the poles, which dumps more and more fresh water into the far northern and southern oceans.

    That affects thermohaline circulation which is responsible for 70% of all heat redistribution on earth. As the salinity of the northern and southern oceans decreases as a result of global warming it literally shuts off thermohaline circulation like a light switch.

    That will make the tropics hotter and the poles colder. Then ice reforms at the caps which decrease the Earth’s albedo and invokes moderating global cooling again.

    It is nature’s way of shutting down global warming whether man caused it or not.

  4. ANything to push the radical global warming agenda, even if that means ignoring the laws of nature. The sad part is too many still believe what these people say.

    1. If the question is, “Has that the earth’s surface got warmer over the last 160 years?”…
      The answer is “yes”.

      Empirical measurements prove it. If you believe otherwise than you are mistaken. HadCRUT3 temperature anomaly data since 1850 prove it. That data is displayed in this graphic:

      Just about everything else in the “global warming” theory is questionable…
      1 – Today’s global warming is caused by increased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
      2 – Global warming is the direct result of human caused greenhouse gas emissions
      3 – Reducing human-cause atmospheric CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) will cool the earth

      Though there are grains of truth in all three assertions, Mother Earth and the sun are still the puppeteers… not man.

      1. There are reputable researchers, including a redent NASA report, that disagree with the HadCRUT3 temperature anomaly data. But, be that as it may, your last statement is spot on. Mother Nature is incharge and no one should forget that.

  5. It’s always been my contention that this isn’t about the climate at all. It’s all about wealth redistribution. Notice how money-or the redistribution of it is the only way to fight this scourge?

  6. Super post, Conservativesonfire…and Bob Mack’s comment is absolutely right.
    It’s as if the Left wants to control everything…and they’re not going to stop with controlling Mother Nature. geeez

  7. Okay, you have to stop this. You are using facts to argue your case against global warming and everyone knows that’s just not how it’s done. 😉

  8. I love your explanation, Jim. It’s just fun to read sanity on this subject…really! My theory remains that there are people who just can’t grasp reality, have some sort of brain malfunction, are completely evil, all of the above. If the whole thing weren’t about ruining our lives, we could just have the biggest laugh.

    (Aside…I am in the middle of family matters…. explained on my blog ….so I will be less frequently writing for a bit. Will keep checking in with you! )

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