America’s Dilemma

Yesterday I suggested in my post that the people on Main Street needed to drive America back to sanity because we couldn’t count on our politicians to do it. My friend, John Galt of the America’s Chronicle blog commented that “no civilization has ever been saved by “main street” – the masses. The masses destroy, they don’t build. The masses must be guided in order to become a positive force. ” Sadly, I had to agree with John and I added that the masses have not shown much talent for selecting those that would guide them. I recalled a cartoon that I had seen at the Frankenstein Government blog. I have shamelessly stolen it because I think it explains a lot of our problem in selecting good leaders.

  It doesn’t bode well for our future, does it?
Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “America’s Dilemma

  1. There is a word describing people who believe that the masses do not know what is good for them and that the “masses must be guided in order to become a positive force” – Democrats.

    1. It applies to all ideologies, my friend. I was going to explain, but instead I refer you to the learned comment below by Pat.
      I consider it a very important subject – actually a defining subject – so we will be touching on it in the future at America’s Chronicle.

      1. Actually, I agree whole heartedly. I was just making a bad joke. Btw… to most folks… a biased ideologue is anyone who thinks differently than they do.

  2. I think John’s point was that the “masses” tend to be bought off by promises of “more free stuff” from politicians and are easily enraged by class warfare rhetoric. “The masses” aren’t particularly smart. They don’t necessarily understand the principle that they can have a better life and upward mobility if they have a job, whereas if they take government freebies, they are stuck exactly where they are… forever. They are easily convinced that jobs can somehow appear without entrepreneurs and investment. They don’t seem to understand that the reason for starting a business or investing in one is to make more money. The jobs are the opportunity fallout for the masses of someone’s desire to make their own life better by producing something that can make many people’s lives better. That the masses (or enough of them) don’t understand this provides perfect opening for elite progressives, who know the masses don’t really understand economics and want to take advantage of it by selling them on a scheme in which more and more money can be provided to them while the productive private sector of the economy is destroyed. The progressive elites depend on people not understanding that free market capitalism actually works to produce prosperity for everyone (some more than others, but everyone benefits from the wealth created, even those who are unemployed and unemployable because the massive wealth generated allows for both charity and state assistance). The elites depend on people not knowing, not noticing, or not remembering that in societies where socialism, communism, some other form of collectivisation are tried, the country fails financially and the people suffer.

    “The good news is that the rich bastards aren’t going to get any more golden eggs. The better news is: WE’RE having goose tonight!” They depend on nobody asking, “What’s for dinner tomorrow?”

    1. Thank you, Pat, you do understand. I couldn’t say it better myself.
      You have been excluded from membership of the “masses”.

      1. You’re welcome. I’m guessing that Jim and everyone else on this blog already understand everything I’ve said. If they didn’t, they’d be Democrats. I’m sure none of our fellow “Conservatives on Fire” were at May Day rallies yesterday somehow insisting that jobs are possible without someone (or some group) starting them and earning a profit from the them.

        This brings up another thought I had yesterday, listening to the economically ignorant explain how “workers” (which, oddly, when you’re talking about unions in this day and age means public sector union workers… those people we all respect for the great care they take to work hard, work efficiently, and steward our tax dollars like they were their own money) should be well paid, no matter what the market for their labor actually is. Do you think it ever occurs to them that increasing labor costs means a business either goes out of business (resulting in $0 pay for the workers), or has to raise prices in order to accommodate the increased labor costs, and that if every business increased it’s prices to deal with higher labor costs, the goods we all purchase would simply cost more, inflating away the increase in pay?

        The problem we have is that it’s very easy to say, “Workers should be paid more!” and have everyone cheer. It’s much more difficult to explain why that’s stupid because the market sets the labor price, and deviation from the market price for labor has consequences, most of which are bad for workers.

  3. Speaking of Progressive lies… The argument that fatcat CEOs and high taxes on businesses that are mean and selfish can provide us with a utopia is nicely dispelled in this cool app: Go play around with it. It’s well done.

  4. If it is any consolation, the elite usually lose their heads. The masses have a thing about that when they take over for a time.

  5. Where has the Tea Party gone? Has the mainstreamedia tossed them into some dark basement till the Election is over? The TPers may not be the ‘masses’, but they’re not sucking on the Government tit either. Education is the answer, but the Progressives have done a fine job at tasering the real ‘masses’ into complete idiots.

    PLU from Sunny South Florida

  6. Reading just sent me straight to “public education.” Garbage in – garbage out. If the masses have only been taught that government is the answer to everything, then they don’t have the skills to think their way out of this quagmire, or even recognize good leadership. And if those same masses are voting….well, there you are. If a person can’t figure out how to lead himself, or has the opportunity to do so, what’s left?

  7. I think the masses are figuring it out, not all of them, those are the idiot democrats off course, but people are waking up out there and realizing that it’s been an expensive and dangerous adventure and they need to choose more wisely next time.

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