Batman and Robin _ Working the Other Side of the Street

Remember Obama’s speeches about how he was going to bring transparency to Washington and how he was going to put an end to the influence of lobbyist? He even formed a task force to investigate Wall Street bankers that may of had a hand in causing the financial collapse of 2008. Things haven’t exactly worked out that way, have they?

My friend, Brian, at Frankenstein Government has written many times about the two tiered justice system in the United States. Brian is right. We do have a twi tiered justice system. That is not new and usually it is not news. But, maybe that is about to change because our “Dynamic Duo” of Barack Obama and Eric Holder would appear to have been bought and paid for by the criminals on Wall Street. Finally some of the MSM have decided to shed some light on our Department of Injustice.

Breitbart ran this headline the other day: The Chicago Way: Justice for Sale at Holder’s DOJ . The article is actually about a breaking story from Newsweek via The Daily Beast.  The article talks about how through last Fall, Obama had collected more money from Wall  Street than any Republican candidate including…get this…Bain Capital. It also points out that criminal investigations for corporate securities and bank fraud are at a twenty year low. This quote sums it up quite well:

It’s the most crass and cynical brand of politics imaginable, the Chicago Way writ large: pay to play justice from the nation’s highest law enforcement official.  (bold added)

We all know about the Too Big To Fail (TBTF) banks, right? Well, Forbes has an article they titled:Obama’s DOJ And Wall Street: Too Big For Jail? This article lists several examples of how the DOJ has gone after and thrown the book at numerous small fries but not one the big Wall Street firms.

Why these two levels of justice? Could this disparity simply be a case that the big banks will fight charges more aggressively, thus making criminal prosecutions more difficult?  Maybe.   But it also undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that the top leadership at DOJ is drawn almost exclusively from White Collar Criminal Defense Practices at large firms that represent the very firms that Justice is supposed to be investigating. Covington and Burling,  the firm from which both Attorney General Eric Holder and Associate Attorney General and head of the criminal division Lanny Breuer hail, has as its current clients Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, ING, Morgan Stanley,  UBS,  and MF Global among others. Other top Justice officials have similar connections through their firms.

Without a doubt, folks, the United States has the best Department of Justice money can buy. This is especially true since Obama and Holder, thee Dynamic Duo, arrived on the scene. If the Republicans lose this presidential election, it won’t be for lack of ammunition. They just have to know how to use it.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

19 thoughts on “Batman and Robin _ Working the Other Side of the Street

  1. I would like to think that Romney has some sort of moral compass what with his LDS background. Perhaps I am dreaming. At least it cannot be much worse.

  2. And still we have dummies driving around with those big Obama cult of personality postage stamps plastered to their cars, hailing him as a hero of the people… Hero of the rich people…

  3. With all of the high crimes being committed by our own governmen and all of the crimes not being investigated by the DOJ because of dirty money, it really makes me want to just open up the jails and let out all the Americans incarcerated for non-violent crimes. THere is no justice when we throw a young guy in jail for having a small amount of pot and we let other folks siphon off millions.

  4. This might just be the most corrupt regime in the history of the United States and I can’t even bear to think what will happen with four more years of these criminals.

    1. Like Obama, Nixon was morally bankrupt but I can remember an AG that comes any where close to as bad as Holder. And, no, I don’t want to think about where this country will be if we have four more years of Obama.

  5. I read in yesterday’s Washington Post that Obama has not appointed some of the inspectors general the he should have. I can’t find that particular article right now, but I did find THIS ONE. Excerpt:

    [S]ome of the most important agency posts — for example, an IG for the State Department — are vacant, and have been for years. Many of these “missing watchdogs” require an appointment from President Obama before the Senate can confirm them, but the White House has been downright sluggish, if not outright negligent, in taking action.

    Inspectors general are watchdogs, and recently a few of them have uncovered some shady doings (The GSA in Las Vegas scandal, for one).

    Obama doesn’t want transparency and accountability — especially before the November election.

    I’m convinced that there is much to uncover about the Obama regime. Some of those details might cause people to vote against Obama — people that would not have otherwise voted against him.

  6. The Republicans have plenty of ammunition, but they’ll never use it because truth be known, they’re all about the big banks stealing millions too. Romney gets a good deal of money from Goldman and gang also. You think the mafia is rough? The central bankster cartel is rougher, especially when they give you money and favorable business deals to get them where they want to go.

  7. What’s amazing is the stupidity of the lefties who support obama, there he is deriding big business, wall street etc. and they just swallow it, yet little to their knowledge, he’s on the take from the very people they despise.

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