Winning The Cultural War Is Critical To Winning The Political War

Jack Curtis wrote a very thought-provoking article at American Thinker last with the title.  The Big Picture: Our Curiously Failing Civilization.  He starts out

Governments  around the world are in various stages of financial failure, all seemingly  trying to be Argentina.  Curious, no?  Look at debt and deficits; you see government spending issues; most of the few  exceptions have other problems.  Look then at global migration patterns  showing people leaving poor places for places going broke, an unhappy trend  line.  Look anywhere; we can’t seem to govern ourselves worldwide, while  people protesting are multiplying everywhere.

Mr. Curtis, in supporting his argument that civilization is in decline, touches on every part of globe. He even relates the impact of technology to  this decline. Referring to Western civilization he had this to say:

Western  civilization was the Judeo-Christian replacement for failed Classical  Europe.  Its centrality was the general acceptance of Christian morality,  built on widespread religious belief and embedded in governments and law.   In what’s being called a post-Christian era, that’s dissolving; Western citizens  are struggling with each other over such basics as human rights, obligations,  behavior, and the value of human life.

These  are so fundamental that it’s hard to see how a social unity can exist for long  without general agreement…

(bold added)

The words in bold have really struck a chord with me. I have been in the camp that says “leave the social issues alone for now. We have to focus on the economy and getting Obama out of office.”  Now I am wondering if winning the “Culture War” isn’t as important or more important than winning the war to recover our constitutional republic. Maybe better  said is “Can we win back and keep our constitutional republic without winning the culture war?”

In this essay on Why The Roman Republic Failed, the author said the following:

The essence of its failure was that it could not sustain unity. In its early stages its citizens, both patrician and plebeian, had a certain tradition of justice and good faith, and of the loyalty of all citizens to the law, and of the goodness of the law for all citizens… The bond of the Roman people had always been a moral rather than a religious…As the idea of citizenship failed and faded before the new occasions, there remained no inner, that is to say no real, unity in the system at all. Every man tended more and more to do what was right in his own eyes.

Read the last two sentences of the above quote again. Isn’t that what we are seeing in Western civilization today? Isn’t that what we are seeing in America today? While the statist with “D” and “R” after their names have attacked our constitutional republic in favor of an ever bigger more powerful central government, the progressives have been busy tearing down the social norms that once bound us together as a people; as a society; as a civilization.

We know that replacing Barack Obama with Mitt Romney is not the end of anything. It is barely a beginning. We may be able to bring a more conservative tenor to Washing for an election cycle or two or even three. But sooner or later the progressives will regain power and undo whatever good we were able to accomplish.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Ryun’s essay on Americanism. Until a few says ago I would have agreed wholeheartedly with his description of Americanism and that we could win it back through political participation. Now, however, I think Mr. Ryun missed the importance of our Christian-Judeo culture which provided the unity that allow America to become the greatest nation ever on this planet. I no lonfer believe we can reclaim Americanism through political activism alone.

The progressives have been hard at work for many decades trying to destroy our Christian.Judeo culture. They are winning. The churches that make up our Christia-Judeo heritage, have, over the last fifty years, lost their relevance to a large part of population, especially the youth. Many of the churches are in fact “houses divided”. They are going to have to clean up their own houses and find the means to make their teachings relevent once more. But, the churches can not and will not win the culture war alone. Conservatives not only must get more involved in the political process. They must also get more involved with their church or synagogue and work with the youth. They must re-engage themselves in civic and charitable organizations. They must talk freely and often about the importance of social norms.

Mr. Curtis in his essay on the decline of civilization ended with these words:

Without shared beliefs to build upon, mounting disorder seems likely to fuel  more repressive governments during a lengthy civil interregnum.  The last  widespread interregnum was called the “Dark Ages”; we can only guess how future  historians may characterize what we seem to be preparing…

Surely we would prefer that future historians wrote about the near failure of Western civilization but it was saved when Americans reclaimed their cultural roots and reestablished a unity of purpose. In the opinion of this humble observer, we will not win the political war unless we also win the cultural war.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

34 thoughts on “Winning The Cultural War Is Critical To Winning The Political War

  1. I’m skeptical we can reclaim anything. ‘Western Christendom’ is too big to address, and it will continue to morph and change, just as it did throughout history when Aleppo, Constaninople and other formerly Christian places fell.

    Europe for all intents and purposes is no longer a Christian continent.

    Restoring the constitution to its position of primacy is the only hope for the US, but I don’t see that happening either.

    1. The long term outlook is not promising. We can put a slightly more conservative face on Washington for a couple election cycles; but the progressives will be back unless some otside event should cause people to change.

  2. I can’t agree more with this. I think it IS about the culture – our society and our morals (or lack thereof.) This goes to everything from lax abortion laws to kids using the F-word in the grocery store line.
    And with the education system in this country, I have no idea how to turn this around.

  3. Imho, the fundamental problem in the world today is not cultural at all… its overpopulation.

    Virtually every significant problem today directly ties to overpopulation.

  4. When people don’t have to live with the consequences of their actions, that is when the decline gains steam. It happened with the Roman Empire, and we’re seeing it here and in Europe. Some call it a “safety net.” I call it quicksand.

  5. Lots of good points here. I’m thinking of the assertion I’m getting from Mark Steyn a lot that there is nothing conservative about the Arnold types who are socially liberal because in its core, the liberal project is about replacing the family with the sugar daddy government.

    1. You nailed it, Sandbox. With the Fema camps that the DHS has asked for bids on constructing, the build-up of ammo by the DHS, the proposed land grab by the DHS on our borders, the new drones that will soon be flying over our airspace–our governement is just preparing for what the folks are evidently asking for–control me, take care of me, tell me what to do.
      I want no part of it.

  6. We will be very blessed if it stop at a “new dark age”.. I fear those who wish to make it to Allah post haste and take us with them.

  7. I have been right there with you about leaving the social issues alone for now, but this does make a person rethink that position. We are losing our morality as a nation and until we are a moral people can we really expect to turn things around?

    1. I think the answer to your question, Sreve, is no. And I am not holding out much hope that we can reclaim ourculture. The rot is to far advanced, IMO. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

  8. If I may estate the obvious, Politics and politicians are a product of the culture, and not the other way around. In a democracy, people elect the politicians and not the politicians the people.
    It is therefore that when politicians are rotten, it is always the fault of the people. The masses are the Achilles hill of Democracy.
    Yes, I would agree, change the culture and you change the politics. But in the age of “equality” and “free rights to everything” changing the mass culture is impossible. The only successful system will be that one that rewards the culture of quality over the culture of quantity where “rights” need to be earned instead of awarded for free.

  9. Jim, this is one of your best analysis posts. The Roman analogy cited is especially salient. I thought back to a post I did some few weeks or months ago stating that, “If the country can’t agree on the simplest thing such as the definition of marriage, then what common understanding can we have on anything?” (Rhetorical question there.) A cohesive society has to have a common understanding and acceptance of a moral / social structure. Without that, the nation has no common goals. I am in the camp that says social issues have huge impact on the situation. I’ve always thought so. Someone above mentions the schools…and I agree.. public schools have been the one of the greatest tools of the left to tear apart that common understanding. But it is more than that, because I would designate irresponsible parents from the 60’s and 70’s onward, also. The culture wars have been ongoing….a la “We Are The World.” As for getting the country on the same page again? I hold trepid hope on that. Good job bringing this to attention….!!

  10. While the statist with “D” and “R” after their names have attacked our constitutional republic in favor of an ever bigger more powerful central government, the progressives have been busy tearing down the social norms that once bound us together as a people; as a society; as a civilization.

    In other words, it’s the perfect storm for a crash — and I’m not referring only to an economic one.

    A culture, a civilization, a nation can only endure if there are significant and multiple shared beliefs. Thanks to the relenting advance of the Left (multiculturalism, relativism, humanism, etc.), ongoing for a century or more, the West is dangerously fractured.

    I’m glad that I’m as old as I am.

  11. I remember a story once of how Augustus Caesar used his census to find that Roman men were not marrying, but just having a good time. Meanwhile the barbarians were reproducing and getting stronger. While the denarius was being devalued (remelted from silver to dross over and over), the Romans were voluntarily depopulating themselves.

    I know I harp on this over and over, but I don’t think we’ll have meaningful discussion of the cultural issues unless we understand the mechanisms at play, or where this stuff is coming from. The family and church have been under a deliberate and sustained 100 year attack. This is not paranoia, this is fact. The Devil has people down here, ya’ll, and they’re committed. I’ll just give out a few jumping off points:

    The Rockefeller Foundation – funded the Kinsey Report, which is where that vile, sicko Dr. Kinsey at Indiana U. did sex experiments, surveyed pervs in prison and passed that off as normal. This laid the “expert” foundation for the counterculture of the ’60s. This same foundation has also given money to just about everything and anything that would tear apart the family and pass it off as science.

    The Ford Foundation – funded Women’s Lib – they needed to get women into the work force to build the New Soviet. Also, separating mothers from children gave the banksters more indoctrination time. These foundations start a lot of the liberal programming in schools and get districts to take it by tying it to grant money. Also note that these foundations are obsessed with depopulating the planet – they don’t want you to be alive -think about that a minute.

    World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches – You’ll see churches belonging to these groups overwhelmingly are more likely to support abortion and homosexuality. These groups were started by the industrialists/oligarchs a long time ago to co-opt the churches

    Purpose Driven- Rick Warren, CFR member and Borg King of evangelicalism. I personally fought off this stuff in my previous church, which is a whole other story. What you have hear is the casting off of “old-time religion” in favor of an experiential corporate-paid religion. What it does is standardize a lot of the churches. If you read some of the literature, it actually lays out a plan for forcing out the older church members who won’t go along.

    The answer is to educate your own family and know what it is that hunts you. This has to be a grassroots effort, no politician is going to save you.

  12. Politics follows culture. In order to change politics, we have to change the culture back to it’s former moral, Christian base.

    And when our elected representatives screw up, they need to be held accountable and made to pay for their mistakes just like everyone else. Until that happens, things will keep getting worse.

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