Breeding Tea Party Success

This old man has been waiting for positive news about what the Tea Parties have been doing for quite some time. After the Tea Parties demonstrated their enormous power in the 2010 elections, it seems that news of their continued activities dried up. Fellow bloggers have told me not to worry; that the Tea parties were busy working at the local and state level. Still I was not satisfied. It is hard on those of us who live outside of the US when there is no news. We don’t have face to face dealings with Americans every day and we don’t see the local news stories that might carry information on local Tea Party activities. So, I was delighted when I read  Doug Mainwaring‘s article this morning at American Thinker.

What is especially exciting to  me is that Doug is reporting on the successful in roads being made by the Tea Parties in the deeply blue state of Maryland. Please read Doug’s article. I think you will be as impressed as I am of the many in roads Maryland’s Tea Parties are making on so many fronts. The level of organization they have achieved is incredible. If what they are doing in Maryland is indicative of what is happening in other states, there really is hope for America.  Taking control of the Republican party at the city, county and state level is the key. It will take several election cycles to get there; but once achieved, conservatives will have much more success on the national level.

I have a favor to ask of you, dear readers. If you have news of Tea Party successes in your community or state, share it here today in the comment section and from time to time, blog about what is going on with the Tea Parties in your part of the country. One thing I learned during my years in the business world is that when things are not going well and people have low morale, a good manager will look for some project or projects, however small, where there is a high likelihood of success. He/she does this because they  know that nothing breeds success like success. But, if news of that success doesn’t get out, it won’t breed. When the Tea Parties achieve something on the national level, like the recent defeat of RINO, Richard Luger, in Indiana,  it does make the news and that is good. Local achievements, however, don’t make the news. So, if you want the to breed the local successes in you area, blog about once in a while. Your readers in other communities and other states who are Tea Party activist will get encouraged and motivated to emulate that success.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

17 thoughts on “Breeding Tea Party Success

  1. Sir,I am happy to report that the TEA Party is alive and well in Texas. We are voting in the primary today and are confident our candidate Ted Cruz will beat out David Dewhurst in the GOP Senate race. Seems every country seat in our area of east Texas has their own TEA Party and are active via email, Facebook and the Twitterverse. This coming election in November will not be an earthquake, it is going to be a tsunami! America is rising!

  2. As I said before, the Tea Party is smart because it is working within, and in cooperation, with the Republican Party instead of whining about the impurity of the establishment and dreaming of defeating single handedly the two party system.

      1. If Carroll Quigley was right about his claims in his book, “Tragedy and Hope,” that would explain why ‘the old guard’ is so adamantly opposed to the TEA Party. It would also explain why the ‘old guard’ Republicans, Democrats AND MSM have joined forces against the TEA Party. It might even explain why – at first – even Rush was skeptical of them (if you’ll remember back, Rush didn’t favor the TEA Party much – until AFTER it succeeded in the mid-term elections).

        Just a thought, not a claim to fact.


      2. I am not familiar with Quigley’s book ( books are something I sorely miss living in Venezuela). However, I would bet that people like Richard Luger whished they had taken the Tea Parties seriously.

      3. Quigley, a “Progressive” insider, wrote a book in which he claimed the ‘power-mongers’ designed a system where every country’s economy was tied to every other. Supposedly, the intention was to prevent global war by giving every other nation the power over any one country through the ability to cripple their economy if they got out of line. The problem is, if all economies are tied together, then punishing a rogue nation cripples the world economy, not just the rogue. Also, if you have a nation such as Iran, then the threat of economic sanctions will have no effect anyway.

        In this book, Quigley also claims that there is really only 1 Party pretending to be 2 (so we can keep the illusion that we can “Throw the bums out.”) He argues that this was done to provide a continuity of ‘leadership’ – better understood as direction. If we look at this, we will see that – no matter which Party has been in power – our national policy that’s pretty much stuck to a steady course (look up any related chart you’d like, so long as it covers the past 40-60 years). It also explains why ‘your side’ always seems to ‘cave’ on the votes you consider to be crucial and why Bush pretty much kept Clinton’s policies and Obama has kept Bush’s. It even explains why an ‘R’ and a ‘D’ can go tooth-and-nail on the floor of the House only to be seen laughing it up on the golf course or at dinner later that same day; or why people seem to ‘cave’ soon after getting to Washington. It even explains why BOTH ‘sides’ hated Reagan: he was NOT one of them.

        The problem here is this: IF this is true, then Rush is not what he appears to be. He is more likely a plant designed to prevent a conservative backlash from forming what would actually be a 2nd Party. In fact, a ‘seasoned female citizen’ accused him of being just this in the fall of ’94 and Rush went off on her, then cut immediately to a break. When he came back, he did exactly what he attacks ‘the Left’ for doing: 10+ minutes of insult and ridicule directed at his caller. Well, at the risk of drawing fire, let’s look at this:

        Rush says that the majority of this nation is conservative and polls have consistently supported this for the past several decades. This means conservatives ARE a strong majority in this nation.

        Rush says to NEVER let anyone tell you that you cannot do something – especially if you have a passion for it — EXCEPT when it comes to starting a 3rd Party. When THAT subject comes up, Rush will give you this same old song and dance about how and why it will not work and that we have to ‘change the R Party from within.”

        Now, let me ask you this: how well has that “change from within” worked since Rush has been on the radio?

        Why does Rush break with his “conservative philosophy of not letting anyone tell him he can’t” when this issue is raised – especially when polls tell us that a true conservative Party would likely become the majority Party in short time, a time he and his talk radio buddies could actually help make even shorter?

        And why was Rush and the ‘Old Guard” initially so anti-TEA party?

        I suggest they ARE trying to keep those of us who oppose them “on the reservation.” Look at the American political landscape: ‘independents’ are now the majority in this nation. So we already have a 3rd Party, what sense does it make to keep trying to bring them back instead of forming a formal third Party on a platform the polls suggest would draw even more from the 2 existing Parties if not for the explanation Quigley gave us?

        (sorry for the length, but this was not a short answer)

      4. You may be right about Rush. I don’t know. I’ve been out of the country for twenty years so I don’t hear the talk-radio or tv personallities. It may be that his fame has gone to his head. Many so-called conservatives have no time for third parties. I am not among them. I do, however, think the Paulites and the Tea Parties have a better chance of reforming the Republican Party from the bottom up than the Libertarian Party has of winning enough seats in the House and the Senate to make a difference. They all support Small Government candidates and so I support all of them.

  3. I have been worried about the Tea Party as well because it appeared as if they fell silent after the success in 2010. But Rush made a good point a few weeks ago: the movement has gone from one of protest to one of politics. There are no rallies anymore but the Tea Party is nominating and electing candidates in many different states. I feel better today about the Tea Party than I did a few weeks ago.

  4. Not much tea party news in the Holy Liberal Mecca of Manhattan unfortunately but If I hear of anything I’ll let you know.

    And the tea party should stay as far away from the Republicans (RINOs) as possible. We need a new party.

  5. It’s not exactly what you call a Tea Party, but they are trying to raise sales taxes in our town, and a week or so ago, a local paper had the front upper half story on city employees’ salaries being way higher than these of the residents. Wow! That’s in the Bay Area.

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