Cost Cutting Republicans? Where Are They?

What happened to the Tea Party revolution of 2010? I’m not complaining about the Tea Parties rather the Republican Congressmen they elected. Weren’t they elected to go to Washington and cut spending? Don’t you get tired of hearing the excuse that the Republicans only control one-half of one branch of government? The Republicans control the House and the House controls the purse strings. They are in the driver’s seat! So why are we in the fourth year of “stimulating” our economy with $850 billion per year on top of normal government spending?

Remember the now famous Rex Nutting article in Market Watch, Obama spending binge never happened? We discussed it here a week ago. It was the most reprehensible piece of reporting I have ever read. let’s recap the history of Obama stimulus.

The federal budget cycle runs from October through September of each year.  So, around September of 2008, the last year of the G. W. Bush administration, the House passed the 2009 budget. It did not include a stimulus package. Harry Reid and the Senate delayed passing the budget. Mean while, Barack Obama was elected President and took office in January of 2009. He immediately went to work with the Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate and they passed a stimulus bill for around $850 billion. In March of 2009, Harry & Company finally pass the budget with the stimulus included and send it to Obama to sign. So, Obama had an $859 billion slush fund to spend between March of 2009 and October of 2009. Because Harry Reid decided he doesn’t like budgeting, the fiscal 2010 budget, which should have been passed before October of 2009, and the 2011 budget, which should have been passed in October of 2010, were instead Continuing resolutions which covered the normal cost of government plus the $850 billion of stimulus each year. Damn those Democrats!

Okay! Bad Democrats! But, in November of 2010 there was a Tea Party revolution and the Republicans won control of the House and the purse strings. So, in the Fall of 2011 when it was time to pass the fiscal 2012 budget, what happened? Well Harry & Company still refused to even consider a budget, there was a faux fight over the debt ceiling and,  another Continuing Resolution was passed, which still included the extra $850 billion slush fund. Why, dear friends? Why didn’t the House Republicans stand their ground? Why didn’t they say to Harry Reid: “Fine. If you don’t want to pass a budget, we will agree to a Continuing Resolution but minus the $850 billion stimulus package.” No body would have lost any of their freebies. Social Security and Medicare would not have been touched. They would only have eliminated Obama’s $850 billion vote-buying slush fund. But, our Republican controlled House didn’t do that, did they?

Currently, the United States’ deficits and, therefore our borrowing, are about $1.1 Trillion a year. Just by not spending anymore stimulus money, without touching anyone’s goody basket, we could reduce our deficits and our borrowing to $250 billion per year. Wouldn’t that be a good start?

When Ron Paul was still a candidate for the Republican nomination for president, he said that if he were elected,, he could cut spending in his first year by $1 trillion.  WELL, OF COURSE HE COULD! All he would have to do is to put a stop to the “stimulus spending” and find another $240 billion to cut. A blind hog could find $240 billion of waste and useless agency spending to cut!

Now we find ourselves in election year 2012. This Fall the Republican controlled House will have another opportunity to show us they are serious about cutting spending with the fiscal 2013 budget/Continuing Resolution. What do you think is going to happen. Smart money would say there is going to be another faux debt ceiling fight and another Continuing Resolution and the $850 billion slush fund will continue for the fifth year in a row.

If Obama is reelected, you can bet he will spend that $850 billion. What if Romney is elected? Will he stop the spending on “stimulus”? Hmmm. I lived five years in Missouri. He’ll have to “show me”.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

16 thoughts on “Cost Cutting Republicans? Where Are They?

  1. The Tea Party got a pretty amazing 50-60 U.S. House Representatives elected in 2010. It’s astounding given that the Tea Party Movement didn’t even exist during the 2008 election when President Obama was elected.

    The Tea Party Movement stopped the Obama express. For that we can be thankful.

    They got U.S. Senators elected too, but not quite enough to overcome the Democratic majority.

    But there are 435 representatives in the U.S. House. The Tea Party caucus is not yet big enough in the House and Senate to change the Congress and it is unrealistic to think they could.

    Republicans stand a very good chance to win the Senate this fall and an outside chance to win the Presidency.

    Should those two things happen then the effect of the Tea Party Movement will be fully realized and their agenda could be implemented.

    Only then will be it be legitimate to criticize the Tea Party Movement for failing to right the U.S. Ship of State.

  2. Republicans? They are just another wing of the Democratic party. Both parties are statists. Both parties have vested interests in expanding the reach of the leviathan known as the federal government.

  3. I have tried to keep my faith in the Republican Party. I keep hoping enough of them will dig their feet in the ground, bow their shoulders, and say enough is enough. Unfortunately, I am still waiting.

    I know they have their limitations, simply because of the numbers involved, but sometimes, I wonder if they are even trying.

  4. I fear that any cost-cutting American in government knows he’ll never be elected again EVER if he cuts costs enough that one person hurts a little. That’s going to be Romney’s biggest obstacle. And I doubt he’s articulate enough to make people understand how important cuts are going to be to saving the country; they’re mostly more interested in saving themselves. I mean, the country saving them, of course. 😦

    The problem also is that there are conservatives who won’t vote … that’ll kill us like it did in 2008. They wanted to show somebody they were tough and had integrity; and they toughed and integrity’d America out of a future.

  5. This House led by Republicans has been a disappointment to say the least and I put much of the blame on Boehner. He has been outsmarted and out-maneuvered on many occasions by the Democrats. Now the Republicans and Romney are talking about beinf fiscally responsible in an election year, forgive me for being a little skeptical, but I don’t think anyone is going to do what really is needed.

  6. I’m not complaining about the Tea Parties rather the Republican Congressmen they elected.

    It’s about “We the People,” not the bumbling idiots in Washington. What I mean is that nothing will change until “We the People” change. The Tea Party folks put too much hope and faith in the people they elect. But a corrupt system can’t be righted by simply electing politicos.

    This is something the Paulites understand and that others don’t understand about them. It’s not about him. That’s why I laugh at the idea that somehow Romney could secure Paul’s delegates, and/or that Paul could deliver a large block of votes. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen. Paul is not a “leader,” he simply represents something very near and dear to our hearts – liberty.

    It’s about liberty.

    Once you accept that, you see politics in a whole new light. The struggle isn’t Democrat v. Republican, but Liberty v. Power. Freedom v. Tyranny. We don’t want to simply “win” an office, we want to change the argument. In that, we’re succeeding. And while statism is growing in many ways, it’s at the end of the line. Without a radical reversal, the US fedgov will fail. It’s just math at this point. It can’t go on.

  7. To answer your question, they got bought off. More than you would expect that is:

    It’s a case of these people, many of whom were well-meaning Americans going to DC and not having a clue how the system really works. Like little red riding hood, they said, gosh, how big your coffers are to the bankers, and were told how to vote. It’s like we send up human sacrifices to DC or something and they come out as zombies. In 2006, Tennessee sent Bob Corker up as Senator, now he’s coming to my county Reagan day dinner at $50 a plate all while having a $12.5 million dollar warchest. His next opponent has raised $20,000. Where does he get his money? Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse. Same people who fund Obama, same people who fund Romney.

    It’s time to see the big picture and quit getting bogged down in the minutia. Liberty is very powerful and to those who understand how it has been subverted in this country, people like Romney and Corker stand out like sore thumbs.

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