Environmentalism and the United Nations : Obama’s Favorite Weapons of Mass Destruction

Here is a short list of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). You will recognize the first three. The last two are Obama’s favorite and he does not hesitate to use them.

  1. Nuclear Bombs
  2. Biological and Chemical Weapons
  3. Dirty Bombs
  4. The United Nations (UN)
  5. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

While the United States and the West concentrate their national security efforts on the potential terrorist use of nuclear bombs, biological and chemical weapons and, dirty bombs, these Western governments willingly lay themselves open to the mass destruction of their way of life to the environmentalist and to the United Nations’ grab for power over the sovereign nations they are supposed to represent.

The United Nations as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

It is no secret that the United Nations would like to become the World Government. They wish to be able to tax the member nations so that they can redistribute the world’s wealth from the rich nations to the poor nations. our President, Barack Obama, sees this as a useful weapon of mass destruction to be used against America by destroying our economy and suborning our sovereignty to the UN.

The UN wants control of the world’s oceans through the Law Of the Sea Treaty (LOST). The Obama administration supports this idea.

The UN wants control over the World Wide Web (the internet) and they want to be able to tax all nations to support this program. The Obama administration support this idea.

The UN, through the Kyoto Protocols and Agenda 21, want to reduce the world’s population and concentrate the remaining population in high density urban centers with the majority of the world’s land masses controlled by central governments with little or no use allowed by people. The Agenda 21 accord was singed by President, G. H. W. Bush, but Congress never approved the treaty. President Bill Clinton, using a Presidential Order, put Agenda 21 into practice in the US. The Obama administration thinks this is a great idea.

The UN wants a world-wide carbon cap-and-trade program worth billions of dollars. From Fox News we learn:

The organization responsible for managing a global cap-and-trade system worth  billions of dollars for carbon emissions projects around the world is trying to  get sweeping legal immunities for its actions, even as it plans to expand its  activities dramatically in the wake of the United Nations’ Rio + 20 summit on  sustainable development, which starts June 20.

The global warming/climate change folks just never stop. What is amazing is that this organization, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is not even part of the UN. Think of it as an NGO on a world scale. It came into being at the behest of the UN and we can assume it gets most of its funding from the  UN, which means mostly from the US and other Western nations. The UNFCCC is  funding projects in third world countries to reduce carbon output. The only proof of carbon reduction is the say so of the third world governments. It gets better. Although not a UN  agency, UNFCCC is asking that their people be given diplomatic immunity:

Internal UNFCCC documents, examined by Fox News, show that among other  things, top officials hope to use those immunities to avoid challenges in the  future based on such things as:

–possible conflicts of interest in their duties,

–breaches of confidentiality in their work,

–violations of the due process rights of those affected by UNFCCC  actions,

–making decisions or actions that are beyond the legal mandate of the  organization or its subsidiaries.

And guess what? The Obama administration supports the UNFCCC and their agenda.

The EPA is a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of Barack Obama

To be fair, every agency of our government is a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of Barack Obama. The EPA is just the most aggressive and visible of the agencies.  We know, for example, that various agencies are handing out grants to state and local governments to advance the UN’s Agenda 21 plan and, we know that other agencies are busy driving up the cost to electricity  with food for fuel programs (ethanol) and forcing utility companies to increase their use of “renewable” energy like wind and solar and, we know the federal government is planning to spend $1.4 billion buying up private land when the government already owns the equivalent of two states of Texas. But, let’s focus on a couple of recent initiatives of the EPA.

The EPA recently came out with new standards on micro-particulate emissions, which will force coal-fire power plants to spend huge amounts of money to control this microscopic dust and will drive up electricity costs and these standards will probably cause many small coal mines to go out of business. Here’s a news flash. If you live in or have visited any of the Southwest states of our country, you have probably witnessed the spectacular sunsets that they have. The reason for these beautiful sunsets is in part due to the refraction of the sun light off of micro dust particles in the air over the dry arid states. Maybe the federal government will decide no one should be allowed to live in those states.

For the latest example on how Obama is using the EPA as a weapon of mass destruction, you will want to read this article from Human Events.  The Clean Water Act of 1977 allow s the federal government to govern all pollution of “navigable waters” in the United States. You won’t believe what the EPA now considers “navigable waters”.

Lawmakers are working to block an unprecedented power grab by the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Clean Water Act (CWA) and control land alongside ditches, gullies and other ephemeral spots by claiming the sources are part of navigable waterways.

These temporary water sources are often created by rain or snowmelt, and would make it harder for private property owners to build in their own backyards, grow crops, raise livestock and conduct other activities on their own land, lawmakers say.

At least this time it appears that some lawmakers have woken-up and are trying to stop this egregious overreach by the EPA.

I’m not sure which we should worry about more; terrorist with conventional WMDs or the Obama government with unconventional WMDs.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


20 thoughts on “Environmentalism and the United Nations : Obama’s Favorite Weapons of Mass Destruction

  1. Its amazing to me that you and I would be thinking of the same two types of WMDs on the same day.

    I’m researching the Obama type even as I speak. I have been doing that since 3:30am this morning.

    I just finished publishing an article on the traditional type of WMD.

  2. I’ll face the terrorists any day. At least they are upfront about their intentions. It’s much more difficult to confront a sneaky enemy.
    Don’t know if you saw the New York article about what a 2nd Obama term would look like–was tinkering with a post, in it was this:
    “The President has said that the most important policy he could address in his second term is climate change, one of the few issues that he thinks could fundamentally improve the world decades from now.”
    If that’s not enough to scare off folks from voting for him, I don’t know what will be.

    1. I’ll agree with you on this, at least we know what the terrorists want while Obama lies about his intentions. But in the end they both have the same goal;bringing down America.

  3. Once again, you nailed it. I might add one more that is his latest video games of choice- Drones… chosing his “hit”. No matter if they are Anerican citizens. The precedent has been made. Coming to America soon.

    1. The drone issue is getting little coverage but soon they will be flying over American cities and I find it to be quite disturbing. But I find it equally disturbing that the Tea Party Republicans went along with the NDAA.

  4. Long ago and far away, it seems we used to think of the UN as a bunch of lunatics, not to be feared, but to be kept at bay. You are on target, Jim, connecting Obama to the WMD that is the UN today. But why? It is hardly just Obama and his administration. It’s because our government and agencies, universities, and untold amounts of NGO’s and non-profits have all bought in. “We Are the World” was the musical fanfare….however long ago. Prior to that it was Clinton who sold us out to the UN and now his lovely statist marriage partner is doing the same with the Small Arms Treaty and Lord knows what else. LOST is definitely one of the bombs. But there are many. Smaller cluster bombs, just as lethal, are all over the country in the form of “Comprehensive Land Use Plans.” After decades of infiltration, we have let them light the fuses. The UN is all over us like a rash and only a few politicians will admit it. The Tea Party is attempting to warn people and diffuse the bombs….it is an uphill battle. We are way behind in this fight.

    1. Geez, I forgot about the small arms treaty. And, you are right there are many small cluster bombs too. I wish the US would disavow the UN, but I’m not hopeful it will ever happen. The UN is controlled by socialist and environmental extremist.

  5. I feel that I only have only just so many heartbeats left, and can only handle a just a little more stomach acid. That’s why I have put off commenting on this article. However, you have hit on what I believe is the grand strategy of the Obama administration. Cheryl adds fuel to the fire, and helps us to understand what we may be up against.

    It is my opinion that every Obama program is a WMD. Let me see if I can enumerate some of them
    1. EPA un-legislated regulations, – These silly, and unscientific regulations are targeted to kill our fossil fuel based economy, from coal and oil to natural gas. Eventhough we are energy independent with respect to electric power production, this administration pretends otherwise.
    2. Cap & Trade – This, too, was targeted to smother coal and oil usage.
    3. Alternative/Clean Energy Programs – The ability of alternative or clean energy systems to be successful in the USA is nil. NADA. No way it can happen. Solar only works in the daytime. Wind Power only works when the wind is blowing. Plus, the battery technology does not exist to store enough power when those so-called alternative sources crap out.
    4. Smart Grid Technology – It sounds good, but the federal government has no business funding or forcing conversation to these systems. Left to themselves, the utilities would have installed all this stuff decades ago, and would have built enough generation and transmission capacity to handle anything. Their economic incentives drive them in that direction. But, Government has blocked their growth at every move. Obama and the government can do an easy takover of the power system and its companies with the implementation of all the smart grid technology.
    5. Obama Care – This is the big one. It is a poorly disguised program to take over the medial sector of the nation. It is a bad plan. But, Obama doesn’t care. He is seems dedicated to destroying the financial underpinning of our nation, and killing off citizens does not bother him.

    Notice that all these programs by their nature allow more government control over some part of our lives. At first I thought I was paranoid, but am starting to rethink the whole thing as Obama shows his socialistic tendencies more and more.

    1. “feel that I only have only just so many heartbeats left, and can only handle a just a little more stomach acid.”

      I do know how you feel, Bob. Sonetimes I have to force myself to wire these posts. But, then I get a comment like yours and I feel better knowing there are people out there that feel the same way. Thanks for coming by today.

  6. The environmentalism is what Lucifer has chosen to justify ridding the planet of us pesky humans created in His image. This thing is way, way, WAY bigger than Obama

    The idea of climate change as a crisis was invented by Crispin Tickell, grandson of the Huxleys.

    The ideas of replacing “communism” (which was an idea financed by Wall Street as my readers know) with a war on climate change was codified by the Club of Rome in 1992. The Club of Rome, by the way has the world divided up into 10 sections (kingdoms but not kingdoms anyone?)

    The idea of taxing CO2 was hatched from the brain of republican Ken Lay of Enron. He’s another one of those heart failures, cremated deals.

    The UN was funded and created by banksters for banksters. That way they get to hide all their mechanizations behind do-gooding.

    This is a great way to look at the UN and environmentalism, for these are the weapons that will take down America. These are the real WMDs

  7. Until a UN resolution is passed, that will demand that the United States government cease all HAARP activities and immediately begin to dismantle all HAARP installation, what can we do to stop the US government’s usage of this weapon of mass destruction? Every farmer around the World (including farmers from the US and Canada now affected by HAARP flooding) can start by suing the United States government for damages caused by HAARP to their crops and their livelihood. Every government of the regions affected by a HAARP WMD attack, either in the form of an earthquake, severe drought or flooding (Japan ~ March 11, 2011, Mississippi ~ April / May 2011, Manitoba ~ 2011, China ~ 2010, Pakistan ~ 2010 … ) can sue the United States government for loss of life and damage to their economies. If the United States government ignores the law suits then the international community can force them to stop using HAARP with a total ban of US made goods and services. It isn’t too late, but action must be taken against the US government today.

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