“President Obama’s Greatest Accomplishments (1-10)… are mostly Unconstitutional and in retrospect Bad”, an essay by A Conservative Teacher

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from A Conservative Teacher. It was originally published on Thursday, June 21, 2012.


President Obama’s Greatest Accomplishments (1-10)… are mostly Unconstitutional and in retrospect Bad

On the eve of Obamacare being struck down as unconstitutional (in other words, a piece of legislation that was passed in violation with the basic laws of our nation) and the Attorney General being held in contempt (President Obama’s pick to be the main guy on law enforcement has been caught lying under oath, withholding documents, and failing to comply with investigations), I thought it might be fun to take a look at what some believe are President Obama’s greatest accomplishments.

Here in Michigan, it appears that he is now tied with Romney according to a bunch of polls- but I still don’t understand how this is possible. It could be because there are now more people looting others than creating wealth or living off the government than providing resources to it, but it could also be because many people still believe faithfully that President Obama has done a lot of good things in his administration. So let’s break them down, inspired by a list I found on the Washington Monthly:
  1. Passed an act reforming healthcare by nationalizing considerable aspects of the healthcare industry, injecting further inefficiencies in the system, making it less customer responsive, and driving many doctors to retire early or begin to deny seeing patients on government backed policies. Those who argue it is a positive point to the fact that it adds more people to the dole and makes healthy young people shoulder more of the cost of insuring older people, but I don’t even think these really are positives.
  2. Passed the stimulus, an $800 billion giveaway to public sector unions for non-shovel ready projects that scared businesses and drove the unemployment rate up higher (the unemployment rate with the passage of the stimulus ended up being higher than what Obama projected without the stimulus bill, which leads to only two conclusions- that the stimulus bill worsened the situation or that Obama’s people were incompetent by a considerable margin in predicting anything at all). This act was not paid for- or in other words, it will be paid for by future generations after paying billions of interest on it and having a lower standard of living.
  3. Passed the Dodd-Frank banking reform act, which is soon to be ruled unconstitutional as well (it breaks separation of powers by empowering executive officials to make laws and rules and enforce them as well). This bill doubles-down on ‘too big to fail’ and has resulted in the bigger banks getting even bigger and more powerful, thereby centralizing more power farther from the people. Massive chaos resulted over foreclosures and banking fees and soon after the passage of this bill banking systems around the world began to collapse.
  4. Ending the war on Iraq according to George Bush’s timetables (which Obama opposed) after implementing a surge of troops (which Obama opposed). I’m not quite sure how this ends but being in Obama’s ‘accomplishment’ column- if he would have supported these policies or been a part of their creation, then sure, but I think this ‘accomplishment’ happened in spite of President Obama’s actions, not because of them.
  5. Beginning the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan. When Obama took office, Afghanistan was viewed as a tough but winnable war (especially in light of our recent successes in Iraq), and unlike Iraq, this was the war that Obama had the most to say on. And it’s been lost. It’s nice to call our pullout of troops a ‘drawdown’, but President Obama’s policies and pronouncements and political corrupting of the situation has not led to a win in this war. He fired generals because Rolling Stones misquoted them and it made him look bad- I mean come on!
  6. Killed bin Laden. This is an accomplishment, although again I think it’s more a matter of him not getting in the way and messing it up more so than him doing anything to help the situation. The interrogation techniques that eventually led to the killing of OSB were opposed by Obama. But at least he didn’t mess it up, although the afterwards stuff he kind of did, by going on national TV and crowing about it and revealing too many details which led to a remarkable negating of possible intelligence captured in the raid. He also sold out any Pakistanis who helped us, and one of them is now in prison for helping us out.
  7. Bailed out the auto industry. At the cost of billions in losses, taxpayer took one auto company and gave it to the government and the unions and took another one and gave it to the Italians. The one company that didn’t take Obama’s deal- Ford- is the one that is doing the best, and the company that Obama touched the most-GM- is now doing the worst. Old GM went under and took down with it millions of properties and destroyed the tax bases of hundreds of communities, bond holders and preferred stock owners were illegally screwed over in favor of union buddies, and dealerships were closed based on how much money they gave to Obama or his allies. It would be interesting to see what would have happened if a legal, free-market approach would have been done here- alas, that’s all theoretical, and instead Obama can crow that he personally saved the auto industry and people swallow it.
  8. Recapitalized banks. I don’t know enough about this, but I suspect that using a rapidly devalued US dollar backed up by trillions in new debt borrowed from China to ‘recapitalize’ banks is probably just a big house of cards that will collapse at some point. You can’t make domestic banks stronger by borrowing money from another nation and printing money, and if you can, I’m sure Greece, Portugal, and Italy all tried it.
  9. Repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which is an accomplishment for those people who support more gays in the military, but if you don’t, I don’t really think it is an ‘accomplishment’ but more so of a ‘our side won and your side lost’ kind of thing. Myself, this is a nice symbol and I am sure is a burden off of many gays who serve in our armed services, and I really hope that it doesn’t lead to a reduced combat effectiveness and the deaths of our troops, but in the grand scheme of things, it is amazing that this is ranked as Obama’s 9th greatest achievement.
  10. Toppled Gaddafi, joining a coalition of powers to kill this aging dictator. This was a positive- low cost to the US, possible improvement in Libya- and I’m going to count this as a solid accomplishment. Way to go Obarfo, you got one out of ten!
The rest of the rest is great- I’m going to pick up this post and run with more of these later- this is like shooting fish in a barrel since most of Obama’s accomplishments are either illegal actions, epic backfires, poor policy, unconstitutional, or downright hum-dum.


4 thoughts on ““President Obama’s Greatest Accomplishments (1-10)… are mostly Unconstitutional and in retrospect Bad”, an essay by A Conservative Teacher

  1. I’m glad the writer is a TEACHER! Too bad Conservative teachers don’t indoctrinate their classes like the leftwingers do so much! He/she got it right here, that’s for sure. The bail out of the auto industry has me particularly inflamed today because I saw an article last night that pretty much shows GM is becoming a Chinese company, since they’ve moved so much production there, employees there, etc. Now I’m hearing steering wheels are falling off and engines are catching on fire of one of the GM cars…………the Chinese ARE “Killing us softly”…one product at a time!
    But the election’s coming and gas prices are coming down (surprise) here in LA, at least…and we have a president rallying people of HIS color (who would DO THAT?), and who’s got an OBAMA EVENT REGISTRY suggesting that brides and grooms will have money given to Obama for his campaign instead of the guest buying them a toaster (did you see that at my place?), etc etc………..and fraud. They will stop AT NOTHING. and WE MUST STOP THEM and bring America back.

  2. Funny thing, some of these “accomplishments” are things so-called progressives were supposedly against, yet they still support him.

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