The Culture War, SCOTUS and, Obamacare

By the time you are reading this post, The Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare will be known to you. What does the Culture War have to do with  SCOTUS and its decision on Obamacare? They are very much  tied together. Allow me to make my case.

John Stossel in his article, In Praise of Discrimination, is scared about what may happen if SCOTUS  rules all or some of Obamacare unconstitutional:

I fear that even if the Supreme Court overrules most of Obamacare (or did already, by the time you read this), Republicans will join Democrats in restoring “good” parts of the law, like the requirement that insurance companies cover kids up to age 26 and every American with a pre-existing condition.

Those parts of Obamacare are popular. People like getting what they think is free stuff…

Of course it is not free. Someone has to pay. My point is this was not always they way that most Americans felt. Expecting freebies from government was not always part of our culture. Our culture has changed and not for the better. In his article, Stossel reminds us that discrimination isn’t always a bad thing. We discriminate when we decide what to eat for breakfast and to whom we decide to marry and when we decide which car we will buy and, etc. Discrimination against high risk clients, Stossel rightly points out, is what make the insurance business model work.

No-discrimination insurance isn’t insurance. It’s welfare. If the politicians’ plan was to create another government welfare program, they ought to own up to that instead of hiding the cost.

But “fairness” is the word that echos through the halls of government day after day. And the insurance industry in many cases caved-in.

Caving was safer than fighting the president and Congress, and caving seemed to provide the industry with benefits. Insurance companies wouldn’t have to work as hard. They wouldn’t have to carefully analyze risk. They’d be partners with government — fat and lazy, another sleepy bureaucracy feeding off the welfare state. Alcoholics, drug addicts and the obese won’t have to pay any more than the rest of us.

Another cultural abomination, the corporate/government partnership. Cronyism is destroying our great nation.

Robert Burke has a very good article at American Thinker today, in which he probes the fault of our cultural decline. He starts out:

They took  prayer out of the schools.  We grumbled, but did nothing.  They  took George Washington’s portrait out of the classrooms.  We grumbled, but  did nothing.  They started teaching collective  socialist doctrine to our children.  We grumbled, but did  nothing.

They  started awarding  trophies to every player in school team sports, winners and losers.   They replaced health classes with  sex education, and taught it to grade  school children.  They promoted failing students in the name of self  esteem.  We grumbled, but did nothing.

The list of attacks by the socialist/Marxist in our society against our culture goes on and on and our response was sadly to do nothing. The bottom line of Burke’s article is that the socialist/Marxist are guilty of sins of commission and “We The People” have been guilty of the sin of omission. Burke finishes hist article saying:

The  tail has wagged the dog for too long.  It’s time for the dog to have his  day.

I’m not sure it is time yet for the dog to have his day. A Renaissance follows a time of darkness, does it not? I am reminded of a fable I read at a blog a year or so ago. A stranger walking down a hot dusty road stops at a farm house and asks the old man there for a glass of water. The old man invites the stranger to take a seat on the porch and brings hom a glass of water and they sit and talk. There¡s an old hound dog laying on the porch that keeps groaning and occasionally lets out with a yelp. This goes on for a while and finally the stranger asks: “What’s the matter with yer dawg?” The old man replies: “Oh, he’s probably laying on a nail sticken outa the porch.” The stranger thinks for a moment and then asks: “Well, why don’t he just move?” The old man shrugged his shoulders and said: “I guess he ain’t hurtten enough yet.” Maybe that’s the case with America today. Maybe we haven’t suffered enough yet.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

16 thoughts on “The Culture War, SCOTUS and, Obamacare

  1. We’ve got the results, you know them, but I’m thinking it’s not quite so clear who the real winner is. It’s clearly not the American people but the WH will paint it as such …… I believe there’s something about giving choice to the States, which means they will have to opt out of Medicaid and millions will have no insurance……….this isn’t over yet.
    I hate Justice Roberts this morning, but maybe I’ll get over it.
    And, of course, the liar in chief won; he always said THIS IS NOT A TAX and then his lawyers argued TAX, which is the only reason this thing passed.
    Goodness sometimes can’t fight true evil like that.

  2. Roberts chickened out politically, but he saved the day by writing the ruling to justify the law under the government’s taxation power.

    So this constitutes no expansion of government power.

    Government already and still does have too much power, but this did not expand it.

    This started 100 years ago…

    1. Well, I am confused. The Affordable Care Act was a Senate bill and I was under the impression that all tax bills had to originate in the House. And, i do beliieve this actiom by the Court does set a prescident that there is nothing the federal government can not mandate its citizens to do.

  3. This did expand the federal government’s powers. The court has ruled they can tax your behavior (You decide NOT to do something, you can be taxed). I believe this ruling, unless addressed by a future court in perhaps another case (about illegal taxation, this time–it’s sure to come, the feds are salivating at their new-found power) will completely undo our nation.

    1. You know that the statist are all celebrating today while freedom lovers are wondering what the hell just happened to America. Today’s decision gives the federal government a blank check.

  4. It’s a sad day. I now expect the feckless Republican party to restore the “compassionate” parts of the law while repealing the individual mandate. I expect him to be reelected. Americans above all else love winners. Obama is now a winner. He is THE winner. The people were stupid enough to vote for him in 2008. They will in 2012. All for “free” stuff.

  5. We lost today and the “right” of healthcare will never be repealed, perhaps this is the final nail in America’s coffin but I just don’t know yet. It will all depend on the reaction of the people, if they vote for Obama in November I think it will show us we have reached the point of no return.

  6. Just getting to you this evening, Jim. Yep. Bad day at Black Rock here. The precedent is now set for the Federal government to tax anything ad infinitum for any arbitrary reason some idiot dreams up….as said above, the EPA can tax the air we exhale due to carbon, salt, sodas, sugar, meat, anything. So…236 yrs. ago we declared our independence from the King for taxing some tea. And today we lost the revolution. Roberts created a legacy for himself alright…just not the sort anyone would want on their family. Shame shame shame.

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