“Maybe Shaky Was Right” an essay by Brian

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from Brian at the Framkenstein Government blog. The essay was originally published on June 28, 2012.


Maybe Shaky Was Right

I am in awe.

I am in awe that so many seemingly intelligent people could act so stupidly and so short sighted-ly. Obama and the Supreme Court members. Harvard indoctrinations. Lawyers. Most of Congress too.

Maybe Shaky had it right.

As the famous remark by the plotter of   treachery in Shakespeare’s King Henry VI shows – “The first thing we   must do is kill all the lawyers,” – the surest way to chaos and      tyranny even then was to remove the guardians of independent thinking.

Are lawyers the guardians of independent thinking? Is that how it is? Are the rest of us chopped liver because we chose not to waste our lives studying the man made history of law? Does common sense, economics, or a history of democratic governments failing have no bearing?

The trappings of man are simple. We seek short term solutions and completely ignore the larger picture. The large picture of course, is ultimately, chaos and collapse. Obamacare will help accomplish that.

I cannot speak for all of the world but I can speak to what I have witnessed here.We look for and seek short term solutions because our lives are short and finite. We seek only comfort while we are here. We do not really care about other lives or the people who follow us even though we say we do. We are like the abusive husband who kicks the shit out of his wife every night while telling her how much he loves her.

So what really happened here is simple. Our generation (the boomers) have hijacked the earnings of our children. We have saddled them with debt burdens that they can never pay. Because the boomers, guys like Obama, Congress, and that Supreme Court, have the POWER to tax you and make it stick. As we grow older now, the boomers have found a path to free health care. It’s going to be paid for by the kids or not at all. Because we don’t see the bigger picture nor do we really care.

We boomers will all be gone in 40 years. And the harsh reality is- is that we don’t really give a shit how you youngsters pay for it. We will not be on this rock anymore. Or so we think.

I want you to know that what happened here today was wrong. I am a boomer. I can’t apologize for the year I was born anymore than a black man can change the color of his skin. But I still know what happened. I was blessed with vision beyond my own life span. We screwed the kids and we continue to do so. We might be the most self centered generation that ever existed.
The subtitle to this blog comes from the God of the Machine. I wish that we could all claim that we are kind and good, forward thinking people. That our motivations are always pure. But that’s bullshit. We are self centered and scared. We want free health care or as close as we can get to it- so that it doesn’t impinge on the rest of our retirement dreams. Then we’re going to tell you that we did Obamacare for your benefit. Because we care about you. God of the Machine stuff. That’s the sales pitch of delusional lefties.

Other than that- the rest is bullshit. We hijacked your work product (money) and thus some more of your freedom. I over-estimated the vision of those lawyers in robes. The guardians of independent thinking? Nah. The guardians of self centered-ness? Probably.

One day, a giant group of people are going to think that maybe Shaky had it right. I wish I could be around for that.

3 thoughts on ““Maybe Shaky Was Right” an essay by Brian

  1. Lawyers are skilled at making tendentious arguments to prove the impossible. It’s a game with the law, making a mockery of plain reading. The further a legal system gets from natural law, the more mischief like this will happen

  2. “I am a boomer. I can’t apologize for the year I was born anymore than a black man can change the color of his skin.”

    As a boomer myself, I can absolutely say I had nothing to do with this ghastly unconstitutional crap that has infiltrated this country for the last decades. I am ashamed of the boomers I know who subscribed to any of it. And there are way too many of them. Even so, it goes beyond this generation of boomers back one hundred years and back to the co-opting of our universities and culture by the Marxists who have been so very clever and convincing in their lies. Which explains a lot about “intelligent” people who are not at all. An education doesn’t give one wisdom, but these days reflects nothing more than regurgitation of leftist dogma. Sadly.

    The other thing I want to say here is that Roberts completely abdicated the Court’s role as the ultimate defender of Constitutional rights. Handing Congress the open door forever to tax us for anything, including non-activity, is such an anathema to the Constitution as to be laughable. Frankly, he made a joke of the Court, while making joke of us all. And, indeed, it is a very bad joke that each citizen will suffer for a long time unless some “adult” mind takes the reins and reverses this abomination of a decision. At the same time, we have the lowest caliber of elected representatives that I could ever imagine. So few of them have either a brain or a spine. What does that say about our generation? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for your post. Don’t give up!

  3. Cheryl, look at the bright side. With Obama’s death panels, our kids can get rid of us more quickly. We will cost them less money, this way. That means more money to take care of illegals and illiterates.

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