The North Koreans Are Developing More Than A Nuclear Arsenal

Please watch this remarkable video of North Korean children and then I will have some questions. Whoever posted this video in YouTube had the same reaction that i did. There is something creepy about this. Are all these little tikes musical prodigies? Have the North Koreans developed some incredible technique for teaching children to play guitar? Note how everything […]

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We Know About the Federalist Papers. What About the Anti-Federalist Papers?

Constitutional scholars, federal justices, and lawyers who try cases in federal courts and the Supreme Court often go to the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist papers and other historic documents to get to the original intent of our constitution. Although my education on American history was woefully lacking, I was, at least, aware the something […]

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Obama, Still Going Green

In spite of all of Obama’s green  energy fails, he is putting his “fundamental transformation of America” on the fast track:Secretary Salazar, Senator Reid Announce ‘Fast-Track’ Initiatives for Solar Energy Development on Western Lands . Bruce McQuain of Questions and Observations posted on this yesterday and he found the story at The Hill. In my search […]

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What We Sometimes Forget

Sometimes it takes an immigrant to remind us what a great country we have. I found this excerpt of a letter posted at Questions and Observations. It was written by Karol at the AlarmingNews blog. In 1977, the year I was born and the year my father, his mother, his aunt and many other Jews […]

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