Without a Rudder or a Sail

Will Rodgers once said:  “I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat.” He would have made the same point if he had said he was a Republican. I am going to extrapolate Will Rodgers’ words and say: “I am not a member of any organized culture, I am an American.” One would be hard pressed today to describe American culture in a few words. That was not always the case. In the eighteenth century, American culture was dominated by the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants). As the nineteenth century progressed and the country grew through immigration, our culture morphed into a Judeo-Christian dominated society. The twentieth century has become known as the socialist or statist era. Now in the twenty-first century, some would say that socialism is on the wane and will be replaced by a form of fascism. I have to wonder if President Obama is purposely dividing us in order to control us, or is he merely taking advantage of the lack of cohesion in American society today?

George Scaggs, in his article Beyond the Ballot Box demonstrates many of the same concerns that I have; but he is able to  express himself much more eloquently than I am able. Here are some excerpts:

Rather  suddenly, the incremental erosion that has haunted America for decades seems a  distant memory.  Under the Obama administration, particularly within the  last couple of months, America has now accelerated headlong into the wholesale  destruction of constitutional limitations and inalienable  rights.

“Laws”  are now created by simple proclamation, while other laws are rendered  irrelevant.  Some are even subject to public pronouncements that they will not be enforced by those constitutionally charged to do  so.

The  concerted level of ignorance, apathy, and selfishness necessary to deliver  America to this rather dismal station is becoming ever clearer, and the extent  to which a lack of personal responsibility by some subsequently results in a  loss of freedom for all has never before been so present.

As I see it, the Judeo-Christians are still the majority in this country. But, we are anything but united. I see the Judeo-Christians divided into three groups: Two are politically engaged as either “conservatives” or “progressives” and the third group are totally disengaged from the political process. That makes us vulnerable to those who want to rule over us. Mr. Scaggs excellent article ends with these thoughts:

Though  Mr. Obama and his congressional ilk need to be vanquished in November, America  will find many of the solutions to what ails her lie beyond the ballot  box.  There is an anchor weighing on the nation’s ability to reverse  course.  It is interwoven throughout our entire culture, and it has been  strengthened for decades.

Regardless  of what unfolds in November, and long after Mr. Obama is gone (whenever that may  be), peril awaits.  Dealing with the uncomfortable reality that America is  destroying itself is the true measure of the task which lies  ahead.

Strangely enough, I started out today to write a positive post about reclaiming the vaunted American spirit. It didn’t work out that way, did it? Frankly, I don’t know what it would take to turn America around. Maybe we need a conservative version of Will Rodgers to remind people what we once were and what we could be again. A culture without a sense of unity is no culture at all. We seem to be a ship without a rudder or even a sail.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


25 thoughts on “Without a Rudder or a Sail

  1. I agree. We have so Balkanized this nation that we no longer have a “culture.” It’s the most depressing time of my life to see our nation sink like this and so many seem to not care.

    It’s hard to even blog, Jim.

    1. I agree and I think it is part of Obama’s plan to divide and conquer. He wants to wear us down and break our will, it is hard to blog at times but please don’t let him get the best of you.

  2. Even if Obama loses (and that’s not certain) we are still doomed unless the American people decide to take back their country. I fear that so many of us are already too dependent our our Lords and Masters in the Federal Government that we are now content to be serfs.

  3. I’m afraid there is a rudder and a sail, but it belongs to the “Kooks”, as monica Crawley calls them in her book.

  4. Hang in there Roxannadanna. Even if Bunker is right that we are toast…and most days I think so…..we are “standing in the gap.” It may seem a puny effort to “stand in the gap” with just a quiver full of words…but if that is what our talent is, then God will help us use that to “stand in the gap” the best we can. Each of us who visit Jim and carry on with our blogs are doing what we can. It’s something…better than nothing.

    Jim…wonder no more. Yes, Obama is “purposely dividing us in order to control us.” He is just one tool doing this…but that is what he is doing on purpose. The “lack of cohesion” has been in the works for decades, so yes..he is taking advantage of that, too. So it’s both. You can’t control happy free people who have common culture and goals, living peaceably together. (That is the reason for “diversity”..breaking down the common culture.) You have to cause chaos to wreck the peace. You have to break to own it. I would call the global elitists brats, those who don’t care whose blood runs in the streets as long as they get what they want. For compassionate people, it is hard to grasp that concept, but the proof is in the pudding. Their allegiance is only to their own power….

    What to do? We either stand by and let the whole thing implode or we stand in the gap.

  5. People are always under the impression that politics begets culture when in reality, it’s the other way around. In order to change politics…really change politics, we must first restore our culture. Think about the difference in politics from the fifties and early sixties and politics now: Which was better? Which culture was better? Therein lies your answer.

  6. I heard Lt Col (Ret) Lawrence Sellin on the radio this weekend, and he answered the question of why one side or the other can get by with an eggregious power grab without the other side blowing the whistle: They’re all in it together. No politician wants to stand on the constitution to block an opponent’s action because he will need to abuse the constitution himself to get what he wants.

    In a land where over half the people are constitutionally-illiterate, there’s no stopping this trend.

  7. I, too, am finding it more and more difficult to write positive posts. The outlook for America is so bleak — for the reasons in the body of the post and in the comments.

    I do wonder if America’s best days aren’t behind her.

    1. I understand completely, and I feel the same way; I often wonder if we are fighting a losing battle but we must continue to fight as long as possible, we cannot give up!

  8. When you are the bull in the china shop you have identity. When you become just another customer then you lose your identity. That is what is happening to the United States.

    1. For now, that may be true, AZ. But, it is up to us to chamge that. If we can back off centralized planning in this country, there is no way those centralized economies can compete with us for very long.

  9. Two decades after the media and an Arkansas hillbilly taught us that adultery was fashionable, most levels of American government now resemble the debauched and corrupt pagan culture of ancient Rome. This permissive attitude has even worked its way into the military, which now allows openly gay service members to… well, to be openly gay (thanks to a Republican-controlled House of Representatives for that one, by the way). How did all of that work out for ancient Rome?

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