Guest Saturday post comes to us from Cheryl Pass of the My Tea Party Chronicle blog and is a tribute to a patriot that has gone the extra mile to fight the pernicious advances of Agenda 21 in America. The essay was originally published on Friday, August 3, 2012.



History lessons give us accounts of women who have stepped up in the past to support liberty.  Thinking about Rosa Koire today, I was inspired to take a quick look around to see what I could find on some of the women who worked hard to bring forth American liberty.  I came across a review of a book HERE.  It is a well written review and looks like a great book.  There have been some outstanding women in the defense of liberty.

Rosa Koire qualifies in this category.  Yesterday she made a guest appearance on the Glenn Beck Show to speak out against Agenda 21.  This is far from my first exposure to Rosa’s works.  In my own quest to fight off Agenda 21 policies in my area of the country, I came across Rosa’s website some time ago.  There is a youtube video of a SPEECH.  she gave in 2011, too.  (There are more than that one on youtube, if you want to look her up.) As I recall it is over an hour, but very worth your time.  Rosa lives in California and, because of that, she has been on the front lines of Agenda 21 attacks on liberty hitting her city and state over the past years.  If I may make some suppositions, I think she arrived in this fight because of her career in real estate appraisals for eminent domain which led her to see the insidious infiltration of Smart Growth and Sustainable Development (other names for Agenda 21).  I also expect that when she went looking for explanations, she did what I did and kept asking, “Where is this coming from?”  Research led us both to the same answer.  Agenda 21.  Because of her knowledge on the subject and her determination to share that knowledge, her message has moved forward in other parts of the country now.  She is doing speaking engagements and advising other freedom fighters on fighting back.  My hat’s off to Rosa and her willingness to get out there and educate the public on this tentacled monster that is strangling our freedoms.
As Rosa explained on the Glenn Beck Show yesterday, this is not a “right vs left” issue.  This is a liberty issue.  She further explained she is a “Liberal Democrat,” but not a “Progressive.”  She said she did not vote for Obama or McCain.  She voted for the Libertarian candidate.  I readily admit that I don’t agree with Rosa on some other issues.  I don’t support government sanctioned gay marriage, nor am I “pro-choice”(the euphemism for government sanctioned and paid for abortions).  I have to step aside my beliefs on those issues for this one over-reaching tyrannical monster that we are fighting. So I do.  But, she is a great voice for Constitutional limits to government and keeping it that way.  She also explained that much of Agenda 21 is coming at us through unelected boards, boards who have no accountability to the voters. This is part of the frustration.  Without elected representatives who will stop the unelected from regulating us out of existence, we are “up a creek without a paddle,” to use the colloquial vernacular for it.  In fact, when anti-American unelected drive the elected off a cliff with all of us in the vehicle, using our money to buy the fuel for the vehicle, we are literally doomed.  And when the elected commit dereliction of duty, as well as treason, and vote for this tyranny, they should be arrested and or thrown out of the country.  (I would go for that.  Seriously.)
This fight against Agenda 21 is not just about women, to say the least.  Another great patriot on the front lines is Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Institute.  Henry Lamb, who passed away recently, gave all he had to this fight.  Randall O’Toole and Wendall Cox write lengthy and erudite dissertations on the insidious nature and damaging policies of Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, a k a Agenda 21.
All of these people have realized the attack on the United States is coming from infiltration through our government agencies.  In great part it is coming from the American Planning Association into the EPA, HUD, DOT, DOE, HHS, NEA, and more.  But other organizations are involved, lots of lobbying organizations including the USGBC (US Green Building Council), AIA (American Institute of Architects).  Agenda 21 is so invasive, it is doing exactly what it proposes to do…and that is control every aspect of life.  The past week brought our household a survey put out by our local hospital including all of the Delphi technique questions of Agenda 21.  Questions like: Do you think we should do more to protect our air quality?  Our water quality?  Do you think we should have more walking trails and bicycling paths?  Do you think we should more access to housing for the poor?  Or, how about more energy options for everyone?  Mind you, this came from our local non-profit hospital.  And so it goes.  Even our hospital is complying with Agenda 21 command and control of every aspect of our lives.  The reason given was they were forced to do this survey by the IRS in compliance with Obamacare.  So realize Obamacare is just another avenue of Agenda 21.  In fact Chapter 6 of Agenda 21 is on healthcare.  They left no stone unturned.
I am appalled.  That any red-blooded American could even begin to docilely bow down to this sort of tyranny is beyond my comprehension.
Cheers and encouragement goes out here today from me to Rosa Koire, today’s voice for liberty. You can find her website <=”w.democratsagainstunagenda21.com”> HERE



15 thoughts on ““ROSA KOIRE ~ AGAINST AGENDA 21 ~ HEROINE OF AND FOR TODAY” an essay by Cheryl Pass

  1. Awareness of what Agenda 21 is and how it is cloaked to deceive is the first step to stopping it. I’m thinking we take a page from the liberal’s own handbook and start ridiculing it at every possibility.

  2. Dear Readers:

    Cheryl Pass, in this post, rightly gives tribute to Rosa Koire, a woman who has gone the extra mile to educate people and politicians to the dangers of Agenda 21. But, I want you all to know that Cheryl Pass is a heroine in her own right in the fight against Agenda 21. Cheryl has done much more than to write post about Agend21, Smart Growth, and Sustainable Living. She has worked tirelessly to educate her local Tea Party in her part of North Carolina. She has developed a relation with some state legislators and inlisted their support. She has writen numerous letters to the editors and attended and spoke county city council meetings. In short, she is making a difference. We may not need a million Cheryl Pass and Rosa Koire but we do need more people to get committed to stopping this pernicious attack on our freedoms. Adenda 21 is not a conspiracy theory. It is a plan that is being put into action with great stealth. The vast majority of people have no idea of what they are being lead into. Tha elites behind this plan will still be living in their huge estates with their limosenes private jets and yachts. A few of the top executives will be allowed to live around the fringe of their estates; but everyone else will be stacked and packed into high density urban centers to be their worker bees. We need more peopllike Cheryl and Rosa if we are to stop them.

  3. I watched a video Rosa did of being interviewed by the Huffington Post. It was very telling what did not make the cut for their story. The guy get trying to say that Agenda 21 was a Tea Party issue, and Rosa kept coming back with “its an AMERICAN issue”.

    The inventory and control of everything is kind of like DEFCON FIVE people. This is “THE ISSUE” that should bring the left and right together. Gay marriage, healthcare, unions and such aren’t going to matter when we’re all living in stack and pack housing getting socialist healthcare, food allotments, biking to our overlord’s corporations to expend our labor units for their gratification. This is the plan for a high-tech animal farm where they’re the farmer’s laughing it up on their private islands.

    We do need to be more active on this – educate yourself on the Delphi technique they are trained to use on resisters.

  4. Thanks all here…and thank you, Jim, for posting this. !

    I do agree with RM…this is THE ISSUE. But I disagree on RM’s point here “Gay marriage, healthcare, unions and such aren’t going to matter.” I know RM and I are on the same side in this…so not meaning to be too critical, but those things are all part and parcel of the same agenda. As I said in the article, healthcare is being used as part of this control of all of us a la Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is quite open about the Malthusian concept of too many people. What better way to get rid of them but by destroying the healthcare system. (Emanuel’s “Complete Lives System” is part of the same mind.

    Gay marriage is part of it through the destruction of family life and promoting “diversity”….and is part of Agenda 21. Social Equity, one of the three pillars of Agenda 21, through the catch word “diversity” means you don’t have choices. The Social interactions of people are not to be viewed as free choices, but command and control of acceptance of activities you may not wish to support. (Our taxes paying for a Gay Pride Festival at the Bulgarian Embassy last year. Our taxes paying for abortions.) Where America used to thrive on a ‘live and let live’ theme on the gay issue, Agenda 21 forces Americans to accept and support with taxes things they wish not to support …socially. I’m all about live and let live, but don’t use my tax dollars to shove some things down my throat…indoctrinating children, etc. I guess i have to point out the hate thrown at the Chick-fil-a CEO and that company these past couple of weeks if you think the Socialists aren’t serious about using this issue to divide and conquer the traditions of Americans.

    Unions, are a tool to control private ownership of companies and unions are being used to prop up the government tyranny. (GM would be the example.) So…trust me when I tell you every single aspect of life is being used as a pathway to kill America via Agenda 21.

    Anyway…stay on it everyone. This is THE ISSUE!!

    1. Yes, I’m aware that all of the side issues are really part of the BIG ISSUE of zero population control (homos can’t have babies) and complete domination by a ruling elite. Hopefully, that Wildlands map will get the attention of zonked out doubters who are squabbling over tiny parts of the big picture. The Rockefeller Foundation funded the National Planning Board where all this crap is coming from (if I remember right) and they also funded Kinsey and sicko perverted experiments that provided the “expert” analysis that justified undermining the social fabric down to revisions in family law.

      I see it like the Borg, after awhile people have conditioned and adapted to get into these side arguments (which are all part of the BIG picture), showing them the bike lanes, the wildlands map, sustainable development grants and mentioning the prophecies will shake them up some. That or they’ll just start with the nervous giggling. Refrain from slapping them silly and move on.

  5. I have been blissfully unaware of Agenda 21 until this post forced me to look it up. I believe sustainability is a fiction based on a fallacy. No physical system is sustainable in the long run. Everything must be augmented by the addition of heat, money, or some other invigorating commodity. The idea is predicated on the fallacy that we know what the bearing capacity is of natural resources. The truth is that we don’t know.

    For decades we have heard that we are running out of oil and other fossil fuels, yet we keep discovering more. It stands to reason that we will run out some day, but we have no clue whether we have a century’s worth of oil, or fifty years. Almost by definition, the time we learn about the bearing capacity of a natural resource is when it runs out, or runs down enough to uneconomical.

    What is most sustainable? A market economy is the best bet for longevity. The market always knows what the best bet is, and that there are always economic alternatives. The sustainable dudes want to make the decisions on what is sustainable, and that scare’s me. They aren’t that smart.

    Thanks for the post, Cheryl.

  6. “Where can people find the best primer about Agenda 21?”

    I googled agenda 21, and got LOTS of references, including the United Nations site. That’s a good place to start.

    I know I am not Cheryl, and you must forgive me for butting in.

  7. Cheryl -Bob – Cheryl – Bob here!! LOL
    Just sent some info to Jim to send to Pat…but for all of the rest here are some links for diving into this monster….just a start. You can also google Agenda 21 and the UN site comes up with all 40 Comprehensive Chapters if you are a masochist. LOL again.

    Happy reading!

    This is from Tom DeWeese…and is just a brief sketch.

    This is a great site with a terrific front page….lots of info here:

    This page was a link from that last one:

    This is another highly comprehensive site with tons of info:

    This one is an article from American Thinker on Smart Growth – Connecting the dots:

  8. Thanks very much for this post, and for your commitment to exposing and stopping UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. All of us working together to raise awareness, educate ourselves and others, and stand strong against the waves of propaganda will prevail in this fight.

    Recognizing Agenda 21 in your local government is where you start–look at Climate Action Plans and your general plan (called comprehensive plan or master plan in some areas). Regional plans designed to break jurisdictional boundaries (like counties and states) will empower unelected regional boards to control local governments through federal grants (HUD, Dept of Energy, Education, EPA). This will leave your local city and county elected officials desperate for a piece of the federal money–desperate enough to grab the money and give in to the regionalization of your towns and counties. This is the stepping stone to global governance–One World Government.

    We have lots of great info on our sites, including terrific source links, videos, maps, blog posts ranging from land use to drones to water restrictions to RAND mind control techniques (Delphi) and how to block them. My book, Behind The Green Mask: UN Agenda 21, is also available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook. A quick read, with 20 pages on what you can do.

    http://www.PostSustainabilityInstitute.org http://www.DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com

    Awareness is the first step in the Resistance.
    Action is the second step.

    1. Ms. Koire, thank you taking the time to come by and share your wisdom with us. I contacted Cheryl Pass, the author of this guest post and she has read your comment and is as thrilled as I am that would read her words and comment. Cheryl just informed me that her county in North Carolina, despite her best efforts, voted 5-2 to become part of a reional aliance of 14 counties over two states. The local politicians just can’t turn down what they see as free money.

      Ms. Koire, you are a legend and a heroine to many in the conservative community. God bless you amd may your words continue to spread across America.


      Jim Gourdie

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