The Conservative Resistance Is On The Path To Victory

How’s that for starting out the week on a positive note? In a long article, on the order of 3000 words, Daren Jonescu at American Thinker makes the case for our ultimate victory. By the second paragraph, I was hooked and had to keep reading to see where his thought thread was leading. In essence, he makes the case that our 100 year history of losing every major policy battle is what is leading us to victory. It is not so much that we will finally win the final battle. On the contrary, it is the frustration of our long and growing resistance is slowing down the liberal’s progress will cause them to finally over play their hand causing an absolute tidal wave of resistance that will wash them away for good. In other words, liberals will  end up defeating themselves. Let’s see how Jonescu arrives at this interesting conclusion.

Early in his piece, Jonescu challenges conservatives about their motivation. Conservatism by its nature is not about being radical or revolutionary. It is about preserving, conserving, and maintaining. Do conservatives know and agree on what it is they want to conserve and maintain? Although the author believes that American conservatives know very well where they want to go, we would have to agree, wold we not, not all conservatives are created equally. Many would say that the goal is to return to the limited government that our Founders envisioned and described in our constitution. Others would be content with smaller less intrusive federal government but they would still want to maintain some level of social programs. A few would go much further, wanting to do what the Founders were charged with doing and fix the Articles of Confederation.

Jonescu paints a very disturbing picture of where America is today:

Despite  all of Barack Obama’s hoopla about “fundamentally transforming” America, the  truth of the matter is even scarier than Obama’s threatening promise: the  fundamental transformation has, to a large extent, already happened.   Contemporary society has been gradually undermined, in the strict sense of  having had its terrain booby-trapped with moral explosives, over many  decades.  Obama’s promised transformation is merely the paperwork, writing  into law what has already been accomplished in culture.

In  short, Western society has essentially ceased to be the glorious crown of  humanity that it once was.  The wellspring of ethical individualism has  regressed into a fear-addled horde of collectivists.

[… ]

And  the civilization that, through its dual focus on human reason and the individual  soul, planted the seed of that political liberty which is literally  inconceivable in any other historical context has allowed itself to recede into  an increasingly unvarnished mob of angry, frightened children clamoring for  their “fair share,” for what they are “entitled to” — for a ruler to take care  of them, freedom be damned.

The author goes on to explain how, in Europe and the rest of the West, the decline into socialism has met less resistance than in America and, therefore, the liberals in Other Western nations were able to achieve their ends without showing their true colors. But, in America, we freedom lovers have been a much bigger thorn in the side of the liberals.

…This strength and this vehemence have manifested themselves in angry, careless  lurches, wild punches that expose progressives and their real agenda more fully  than they would ever have wished to expose themselves.

And  their open aggression has, as it were, awakened a sleeping giant.  The Tea  Party is the direct product of progressivism’s excessive “vehemence.”  And  the Tea Party’s effect, in turn, has been to stoke the left’s ire that much  further.  Even President Obama, who was intended to be the European-style  kinder, gentler face of socialism, has become angry at this resistance and has  dropped the veneer.

And, how does Me. Jonescu see this playing out?

The  days lying ahead of America will often be treacherous and sad.  They will  require nerves of steel from those who would resist progressivism’s desperate  last stand.  It has become patently clear that the present Republican Party  establishment is not up for this fight.  Constitutional conservatives must  do it themselves, using the GOP apparatus as just one tool.  They must  remain cool and workmanlike, rebuilding dams faster than the leftist waves can  knock them down.

This  is the means to conservative victory.  One cannot merely “go back” to a  better time.  Societal decay cannot simply be undone.  One must allow  — even encourage — the progressive degeneration to play itself out, fighting  it at every turn until the leftists, seething with an increasingly open hatred  of America, overplay their hand and self-destruct.  Finally, thanks to  steadfast conservative resistance, “progressivism” will be fully exposed for the  empty, anti-human power lust that it truly is.

So, is Mr. Jonescu right? Will the conservative movement finally achieve victory through a few more loses? A strange way to win a war, don’t you think? I find myself agreeing with his logic. Or, maybe it is that I am desperate to belive there is any path to victory for conservatives. All of my grandchildren are adults now and all but two have their own families. Two of my great-grandchildren will start kindergarten this Fall. It is my fervent wish that by the time they are adults that there will be an America waiting for them that is much closer to the America in which I grew-up in the fifties. It wasn’t perfect; but, it was pretty damn good!

Whether you agree with Mr. Jonescu or not, I do hope you will bookmark his article and read it at your leisure. He is a very talented writer.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

19 thoughts on “The Conservative Resistance Is On The Path To Victory

  1. One must allow — even encourage — the progressive degeneration to…self-destruct.

    As did the USSR!

    But we have to push the Left to make that self-destruction happen.

  2. I love the way that guy writes, and I agree with his trenchant analysis. Our resistence has forced them to expose themselves for what they really are. I never realized it until reading this.

    I hope, I pray, that millions of Americans are recoiling in shock and horror (albeit silently, why speak up and catch crap?) at what this man and his grubby horde have done. And I hope they all go to the voting booth and turn these reds out once and for all.

    1. The more we resist, the more frustrated and angry they get and they start showing their true selves and making strategic errors. We will have some wins but we will probably have some more loses before we can finally reclaim America.

  3. As I have commented, they indeed are flailing, and have lost any good sense. The fact that Obama continues to install Marxists without thought of any reaction, demonstrates his arrogance. But with all dictatorships, if we loose the ability to have free and honest elections we are indeed lost. With all of todays tech to track dissidents, I do not see the way through.

  4. Is Jonescu a real name? Sorry…

    ” Constitutional conservatives must do it themselves, using the GOP apparatus as just one tool.”

    I think this spells, Tea Party. GOP leadership is feckless. and more concerned with staying in office than in a grass roots revolution. The Tea Party is the first really genuine grass roots political organization to appear in my lifetime. The more we are able to change the GOP towards conservatism, the better things will be.

    On the other hand, it is scary to think of somebody like Rand Paul being in a leadership position. We have to be careful with those we elect as leaders.

  5. It is an interesting concept that perhaps even though we seem to have lost so many times that it might help us to win and I see the logic; Obama has overreached in his frustration with the Congress and perhaps that has made people take a second look at who he really is. In the end this could be what saves us.

  6. He is right. That transformation has already happened. I think I am in Bunker’s camp on this if I read him as pessimistic. And I’m very concerned about massive voter fraud coming in the fall. I like the snippets of the article, but then…I don’t want to go the way of the Soviet Union…collapse and end up with today’s corruption. Hardly a bright future there.

    Tomorrow I am interviewing our DC Republican House rep. I spent a long time over the past couple of days studying his voting record. He voted for the NDAA, to give you a for instance. There is some good and some bad….but he also voted recently to hand over power to the President in order to make appointments without Senate approval. That rewrites Article II of the Constitution…no referendum..just bango…done. I tell you this to tell you the Republican Party is, at this point, is not leaning toward the Tea Party. That little item didn’t even make the news. Ho hum…nothing to see here…just move along. This rep is coming, I assume, to see if he can garner Tea Party support for the fall election. I see this the other way around. He needs to support the Tea Party if he wants to win. But what is our alternative, but a Democrat winning instead? Stuck! We are stuck.

    So if we are winning, I’m not seeing it. It would take many election cycles even if we had the wind at our backs…. and I don’t think we have that kind of time.

    1. “So if we are winning, I’m not seeing it”

      No, we are not winning and we haven’t won in the past either. That is the authors point. Although we continue to lose, our constant resistence is forcing them to make mistakes which will eventually anger enough Americans that we will in the end win through our loses. Sounds kind of crazy but I think it is the only way we will win.

      BTW, I too am very wabout voter fraud.

  7. Let me share a comment I made at another site regarding the recent TN primary:

    Am I supposed to believe that a record number of republicans came out to vote in a primary (not general election, mind you) to vote for Bailout Bob, who votes with Obama over half the time? Especically in the face of him not getting half the vote the last time he ran in 2006. Back then, bailout and banksters weren’t in anyone’s vocabulary. Am I supposed to believe that with the internet, after the Tea Party movement, that the combined anti-Bob vote was only 12%? That seems off, as in Soviet Russia off.

    I get the same feeling for the House race, I’ve never known anyone who met Diane that actually liked her. Again, she won by just a sliver last time (200+ votes), and since she’s gone RINO, but now wins by a huge margin (2 to 1)?

    Someone more in the know responded:

    But it is the numbers, and what is worse, how do you get an audit? our state, is by law supposed to use money given them by the Federal government to get those paper back ups and to keep the tally from the vote in storage. This money is sitting in a bank account and has been there for MANY years. I cannot remember the number of years, but I was told this by Mark Goins the Tennessee State Elections Commission! 2 years ago. Then as the date approached to get the machines set up with a paper trail, several counties asked for a delay, because storing the rolls of paper would be a financial burden! Remember the money (sitting in a bank) is there to make the transition!

    What’s scary is that the US Democrat candidate is more conservative than Corker!!!!
    And the state democrat party has renounced him, but here’s his platform:

    The Clayton campaign’s Facebook page champions three major positions: strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution, family stances that are pro-life, and keeping the country from turning into “AN ORWELLIAN SUPER STATE.”

    Sign me up!

  8. I think he makes great points but I fear our kids are so indoctrinated to the extremes of the Left that we don’t have that ‘net’ we used to have…will the pendulum really swing toward the Right? Our college kids don’t know what the VP’s name is, or what the Declaration of Independence says, etc., if you believe the pollsters!
    It’ll be up to us adults……….I often think Soros made his big play a LITTLE early; if he had waited ten years, he’d have had zero resistance to ruining our great country…the Tea Part IS that resistance and we have to stop the media from so badly maligning everything we’re trying to do.
    I very much fear voter fraud this November, as Cheryl said above……….always have. It was bad in the 2008 primary against HIllary…documented! Even Gloria Allred is on video griping about Obama’s actions. But…she quited down. Do they get threatened?

    I think so. It’s going to be a tough fight and, to win, we must engage our kids.

    1. Well, i think he is saying that we may make some progress with this election and maybe the next, but the Democrats will be back. It is going to take a while for the Democrats to self destruct. Meanwhile we do need to totally revamp our education system. Your point is an important one.

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