Political Wars and Dead American Soldiers _ Where is the Outrage?

If there is one thing the Right and the Left should be able to agree on; it’s that we should have abandoned Afghanistan a long time ago. Every time I read about another death of American or NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, my blood boils. I am outraged and I don’t understand why more Americans aren’t outraged, too. Why aren’t the anti-war Left marching in the streets? Oh, right. They have one of their own sitting in the White House calling the shots. And, why isn’t the Right demonstrating their disgust for the way our valiant soldiers are being wasted in this “politically correct” war on terror in Afghanistan? Apparently we learned nothing from the Korean War or the Vietnam War or from the Gulf War. When you can’t tell the enemy from the “friendlies”, you can not trust the so-called”friendlies”! Period! You must plan your strategies and tactics accordingly.

If this story related by Mark Steyn at National Review Online doesn’t make you want to scream in anger, I don’t know what will.

The pitiful self-inflicted tragedy of the West’s “strategy” in Afghanistan is summed up in this opening sentence:

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A newly recruited Afghan village policeman opened fire on his American allies on Friday, killing two US service members minutes after they handed him his official weapon in an inauguration ceremony.

There’s nothing clever or sophisticated about this attack. You don’t have to plot, or disguise yourself, or break into a secure facility. They come to you, to your village. They even give you money. And then they give you the gun. And then you shoot them.

How often does it have to happen that our brave men and women or those of our allies die at the hands of those we are “training” to keep the peace after we are gone? TOO DAMN MANY!  We can not force this primitive culture to immolate ours and we sure as hell should not be putting our soldiers at risk while we are trying to do the impossible. They didn’t sign up for that. They deserve much better from our leaders.

In the opinion of this humble observer, the blame lays at the feet of George W. Bush. Barrack Obama has, for the most part, only continued the Bush policies. Let¡s go back to the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. How did Bush respond? Well, he declared that to protect our rights he would have to take away some of our rights. He gave us the unpatriotic Patriot Act and now we live under the tyranny of the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. Thank you, George. Then this President Bush declares war on “terrorism”. Way to go, George. You created the perfect war; one that will never end. And, now US territory has been declared one of the battle fields in this war on terror. Now, with bipartisan support, Americans can be detained indefinitely as  terrorist suspects  with no rights to due process.  All of that thanks to you, George.

In my opinion, Bush should have declared war om Afghanistan for harboring the Taliban who were harboring al Qaeda who were harboring bin Laden. We should have done exactly what we did do for the first two years; hunt down and kill as many Taliban and al Qaeda as possible. We then should have destroyed every institution of the Afghan government and then poisoned every single poppy field and then come home and left the vermin to fight among themselves as they have for the last 1400 years. Mission accomplished!

If President Obama wanted to do one decent thing in his first (and hopefully last) term, he should bring our troops home  NOW! There is absolutely nothing this nation is going to gain by continuing this war that is worth one more drop of American blood.

Okay. My rant is over. I hope you didn’t mind too much.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

18 thoughts on “Political Wars and Dead American Soldiers _ Where is the Outrage?

  1. “We can not force this primitive culture to immolate ours and we sure as hell should not be putting our soldiers at risk while we are trying to do the impossible.”


    A most excellent righteous rant, my friend. I heartily agree with every word.

  2. And barely a comment at obama’s presser yesterday except they are going to vett the afghan soldiers more carefully. What a joke. Meanwhile they are murdering us by infiltration.

  3. We should have …

    You are right, of course, but the Ruling Class is infatuated with Wilsonian dreams of “spreading democracy” and neocon dreams of perpetual war (see Trotsky). Leftist globalism – messianic militarism.

    People forget that the neocons were men of the New Left who simply decided to call themselves “conservative” in order to join the Republican Party for political reasons. Neocon foreign policy has nothing to do with fighting wars … it’s about Grand Plans to remake the world – Immanentize the Global Eschaton.

  4. I have become…less enamored…with neocon foreign policy as time has gone on.

    Having said that, I think the modern neoconservative movement is, in total, closer to traditional conservatism than some might think. Just because they started out on the Left doesn’t mean they stayed to the Left all that much. Norman Podhoretz is a pretty right-wing dude. Irving Kristol was fairly right-wing as well.

    As for Afghanistan, we should’ve followed Ripley’s advice from Aliens II: “Nuke the site from orbit; it’s the only way to be sure.”

    Rubble don’t make trouble.

  5. This is an excellent example of damned if we do, damned if we don’t. The initial reason to take care of business in Afghanistan was to deny Al Queda a place to rally, plan additional raids on USA territory, and train tens of thousands of operatives. Remember, it was Osama Bin Laden that declared war on the USA, and we ignored the threat. The Taliban in Afghanistan welcomed him, and gave him protection.

    Allowing Afghanistan as an Al Queda playground and training area was not smart. That’s why we went after Al Queda and their brothers, the Taliban. They are basically the same breed of roaches.

    After Afghanistan was pretty much pacified, and Osama Bin Laden was marginalized in the fringe reaches of Pakistan. Bush rightly saw Iraq as the next rallying ground of terrorists. Yes, there were already terrorists living and training there harassing the Kurds in Northern Iraq. The potential for Al Queda was obvious, and terrorists were leaving Afghanistan for Iraq. Remember all the Al Queda operatives we had to kill in Iraq? They made it a major battleground. They REALLTY WANTED Iraq for a home base. It was critical to Bin Laden’s plans. That’s why his top lieutenants went to Iraq, and not to New York City.

    What Bush did was not the easiest thing in the world, and now we know that Muslims don’t give a damned about life and freedom like most humans. The real killer is that after all the blood and treasure we have paid for a supposedly better life for the people of the mid-east, Barack is throwing it away.

    Just by setting dates certain for withdrawal, he has guaranteed a zero value for all the blood and tears these wars have cost.

    Regardless of the reasons for the wars, they pretty much had to be fought. Thinking that everything will be OK if we only leave those shit-holes is naive. We also leave any credibility or influence we might have had in that part of the world by bailing out. What are you going to do when the next terrorist attack snuffs out a couple of thousand lives on our soil? Do you regret taking the fight to the terrorists in their back yards?

    I don’t have solutions, but I do know that the price would be lower if Barack Obama were not doing things that everybody in the world knows to be stupid. I think Obama’s actions are the bigger crime.

    1. It’s a shane, Bob, that you and I don’t havee the opertunity to sit down over some coll ones and have a long discussion on this subject. You, doubt would change my mind on some things and I might change yours on some, as well.
      I doubt, however, we would ever agree on G W Bush. I will never forgive him for patriot Act. You asked ” Do you regret taking the fight to the terrorists in their back yards?” Of course not. I explained what I think should have been done. What exactly do you think we have accomplished in Afghanistan since 2004? The government of Afghanistan is not and never was a partner in our fight against the Taliban and al Queda. have we accomplished in Iraq? After we leave, what will we have accomplished in Afghanistan? Is the world reallly a safer place? Are Americans safer because of the patriot Act or just less free?
      I really would enjoy that conversation. Too bad it will never happen.

      1. Jim. I treasure our online friendship, and I didn’t mean to say that I totally disagreed with you. I agree that we should have taken a different course, but we did what we did for the best reasons. Hindsight is always better than foresight.

        I began my little rant with the idea that we are damned no matter what we do in Afghanistan. When it comes to Afghanistan, there is no clean end to that turd.

        What have we accomplished in Afghanistan? Well, for one thing Osama Bin Laden’s guys haven’t managed to pull off a follow-up raid of the scale of 9/11.. The terrorist problems we have had could have been avoided by a government less politically correct, i.e., the Army post shooting in Texas.

        As for corruption in Afghanistan, we were naive to think we could salvage a bunch of drug dealers and make them into patriots of their own country. We lost out on that one.

        Patriot Act – I don’t know the details of the Act, but I do know that pretty much everything the government is allowed to do under the Act are things they were doing, anyway. For a long time, the federal government has had the power to seize your personal property, and freeze you bank accounts upon the mere suspicion of drug activity. Many innocent people have been the victims of the Feds, and there is no recourse. Wire taps have been common for a long time, just on suspicion and not probable cause. Note that I am not defending the Patriot Act, but those freedoms we discuss were gone a long time ago.

        I, too, would love the opportunity to have a sit-down with you. It will probably never happen, but I will keep hoping. Thanks for the great blog. You do a great job. Keep it up.

      2. What burns my butt is that both the federal drug laws and the Patriot Act are unconstitutional But, the Patriot Act has given us an out of control Homeland Security, TSA and a milatarized FEMA. We are at risk of becoming a police state.

        If I ever win the lottery down here, I promise to visit you in Georgia. We would have a good time.

  6. These attacks are happening more and more, I think it is beyond time we leave there. But at home, things are not good and as you pointed out we have Bush to blame for it. We lost liberties with the Patriot Act and that was only the beginning, it paved the way for the NDAA and the FCC Reauthorization Act–both of which passed the “Tea Party” House–which makes us a potential enemy of the government. We are very close to losing it all in this country and I hope we wake up before it is too late. But is one party better than the other? I am not sure any more.

    1. ” But is one party better than the other? I am not sure any more.”

      As things stand today, i would say no. My hope is that with time we can capture and reform the Republican Party. Many don’t believe that is possible. It’s the only hope I have.

  7. Amen, CoF, amen! I remember when I was a rube, shocked and sad (over in England) when Obama won the election. Yet, I took solace in the expectation that a leftist president would bring home the troops that were being wasted on unrealistic expectations of a neo-con “war.”

    Almost 4 years later, I am still waiting for that comfort. But instead, we have SKYROCKETING casualities:


    Which, of course, the MSM won’t talk about.

    I wonder where the outrage is, too.

    We haven’t had the political or cultural will to win a war since WWII, and yet . . . our best and bravest are dying. Yeah, some of that outrage is right here in my belly.


  8. We are deploying reinforcements of more than 20,000 additional soldiers and Marines to Iraq. The vast majority will go to Baghdad, where they will help Iraqi forces to clear and secure neighborhoods, and serve as advisers embedded in Iraqi Army units. And in Anbar province we are sending an additional 4,000 US Marines, with orders to find the terrorists and clear them out. We did not drive al Qaeda out of their safe haven in Afghanistan only to let them set up a new safe haven in a free Iraq.

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