One World Currency _ Is It In Our Future?

In yesterday’s post about the inevitability of a financial and/or a monetary crisis be falling the world, I promised that today I would dust off my tin-foil hat and tell you what I think the world’s bankers have in store for us. I have done that and sure enough it still fits. I knew it would.

In response to a comment yesterday from my friend, Bob, I suggested that one thing that could trigger the crisis would be if the Euro Zone were to become undone. If you think that the EU has things under control, you may want to read Germany may be the country that brings the euro crashing down or maybe Europe’s tired engine.

I went on to explain to my friend my tin-hat vision on how this crisis might play out. If the Euro Zone comes undone, there would likely be a collapse of markets, a sort of deflationary period, and all the big money players would rush to the last safe haven, US bonds. There would be absolute panic in the world, including the US. There would likely be civil disorder like you can’t imagine. The big money players especially the major banks, the banksters, would be unhappy in the extreme. Banksters hate deflation above all else. And, to make matters worse for the banksters, US bonds would be generating almost no returns. The banksters, who also own the central banks, would be demanding that the central banks turn on the printing presses and pay off all debts; i.e., monetize the debts, as the only way to save the world. That, of course, is total BS. They only want to save themselves. But, you say, monetizing the debts would cause hyperinflation. How would that benefit the banksters? The answer is that the banksters would be able to protect their wealth well before hyperinflation got in gear. Think of their demand to turn on the printing presses as TARP on steroids. No, scratch that.  A TARP type of program would require congressional approval. The Federal Reserve would do this withnout public announcement. So, think of it as Quantitative Easing (QE) on steroids.

How does this secret “funny money” get into circulation? You guessed it. Through the major banks, the banksters.  Because they are the first to get their hands on this money that no one else knows about, they will immediately convert all of this soon to be worthless money into hard assets. Think gold, silver, farms, water rights, certain factories and distribution systems, and etc. In this way the banksters will be able to protect their wealth.  And, the rest of us will wake up in a few days to find that prices for everything are going through the roof. The panic just got an order of magnitude worse.

This is not the first time I have written about this possibility. About a year ago I wrote a post describing essentially the same potential scenario. In that post, I went on to suggest that the banksters would allow the world to suffer hyperinflation until they thought the world was ready to accept their solution. That solution included a new world  currency. Now I find I am not alone. Well, I was never really alone. There are plenty tin.foil hats out there that have theorized the same or something similar to what I have described.

John Griffing, whom I do not believe belongs to the tin-foil hat club, has written an article at American Thinker in which he suggest there is a plan for a “Global  Monetary Union”. Mr. Griffing suggest that the Euro Zone was designed to fail.

The euro was from the beginning a “political conceit.”  Anyone with a basic knowledge of economics could predict that a monetary system built on the principle of one-size-fits-all interest rates for 17 different nation-states with vastly divergent economies would end in disaster for its participants.

Why pursue a system so contrary to sound economic principles?


Despite the method of cloaking loss of sovereignty in economic terms, currency unions are never an easy sell, unless there is a natural impetus towards financial integration.  Current proponents of financial integration are the same individuals who over the last few decades advanced a movement to liberalize global capital markets with the object of increasing capital mobility to the point where sudden shifts in capital flows could have untold consequences, causing exchange rate volatility, disrupting world trade, and creating an artificial need for a common currency.


The euro is but a step on the ladder, a means to an end.  The proliferation of regional governments at varying stages of development worldwide is another important step, and it suggests a natural question: “regions of what?”  Clearly, something beyond our present structure is the aim.

This article is worth your time to read.

So, there you have it, my friends, my tin-foil hat prognostication and Mr. Griffing’s more erudite prognosis. Will it happen in one of these ways?  Will the banksters keep the world under their control? I am one of those that do believe that the banksters have been running  the world for a long time. They have had a solid grip on the United States since about 1900 and they have had Europe  under their thumb for much longer.

It was Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild (1840-1915) who once said: “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the British Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”  _ Source

Am I right? We will find out within the next year or two.  One thing I do know for sure is that if something has to give, eventually something will give. I think we are approaching that eventuality rapidly.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

15 thoughts on “One World Currency _ Is It In Our Future?

  1. Best to Prep. There are a lot of good sites for Preppers, and it need not be the end of the world for those of us who have a commitment to survive it the best we can.

  2. I have no doubt that this is something Obama would prefer, he is a globalist who doesn’t believe America is better than any other nation and I think he sees a day where the UN runs the world, including the US.

    1. I don’t doubt that Obama sees his next job as Secretary General of the UN. I comment on anothersite today that the US should get out of the UN and the UN should get out of New York. They can put their whore house in some other country.

  3. I’ll argue against it happening. It does and will exist on paper and inside the halls of academia. Bringing a hundred countries together with vastly different economies and comparative advantages would be mind boggling. At the most, I could see where a group of nations, perhaps the Western Powers to include Mexico, could set up a common market based on the US dollar. But then you have to agree on taxes, imports vs exports, consumer power, etc. Again though, we are back to trying to lineup different economies. How would the German steel industry feel about cheaper steel at the cost in Mexico? Or American textiles competing with Mexican textiles. The deeper you dig the infinitely harder it becomes to try and envision a single currency for so many economies.

    1. I don’t think they mean only one currency would be used like in the Euro Zone, Jason. I think they mean a whole new kind of reserve currency for the world. But, I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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