Ods and Sods

A few things that caught my eye on the world-wide-web yesterday.

You gotta love American ingenuity

I shamelessly    stole this quote and video from Steve at the great  Motor City  Times blog.

The Aerofex hover vehicle looks similar to the hover bike we talked about last year. The main difference is rather than one geek working on the project, Aerofex is a company that hopes to commercialize the technology. One of the most interesting parts is that Aerofex has solved some of the instability issues plaguing similar earlier designs and says operation of the vehicle is so simple no pilot training is required.

I’m trying to imagine New York  full of these hover bikes. What comes to mind are the bumper cars at the amusement parks when I was a kid. Maybe  Aerofex might want to add rubber baby buggy bumpers to their hover bikes.

Man bites dog stories are common. But, man bites snake?

From Fox News

Farmer in Nepal reportedly exacts

revenge  on cobra, bites snake to death

Published August 23, 2012


  • annapurna_post.jpg

Mohamed Salmo Miya reportedly was farming his rice paddy field near a village about 125 miles southeast of Kathmandu when he was bitten by a common cobra, AFP reports.

Miya then chased the snake down and bit it repeatedly.

“A snake charmer told me that if a snake bites you, bite it until it is dead and nothing will happen to you,” Miya told the BBC.

I think I’ll just stay away from India and cobras. How about you?

And now, a little politics.

Are You A Racist?

After watching this video that I snagged from the one and only, King Shamus, I’ve come to the disturbing conclusion that I may in fact be a racist. Watch it and see if maybe you too are a racist.

We live in a strange and wonderful world. But, the world of politics is rarely wonderful and always strange.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


18 thoughts on “Ods and Sods

  1. Unfortunately, the left has overused the word rapist until it is now a meaningless word, and that is a shame because racism still exists. But if we call everyone a racist, how do we identify the real ones?

  2. Great video. This is an example of what I like to call liberal constipated thinking. They believe they are making intellectual statements by accusing others of being racist, but it illustrates a lack of critical thought.

    As for the snake thing, you really have to be mad to bite the snake that bit you. What kind of cobra would run from a victim, anyway? No self-respecting snake would give up a meal so quickly.

  3. Personally, I think the idea of using those hovercrafts like bumper cars sounds like fun. They were always my favorite ride at the fair.

    I must be a racist too. That’s a good video.

  4. I would love a hovercraft–once they perfect them and have enclosures so you can drive them in all weather!
    The Racist video is a scream!

  5. The EPA would ban the hover cars because they put too many particulates in the air because they are fan driven. PETA is after the guy who bit the snake. Anyone who puts race (or sexual orientation, or class) front and center in every thought and sees it everywhere is, in fact, racist. What I love about most Republicans and Libertarians I know is that they don’t give a rat’s ass about race. They took M L King at his word and judge people by the content of their character. They say, “Everybody should have an opportunity to become successful due to effort and creativity.” People who think free market capitalists are racist completely miss the point. Do I care about the skin color of someone who invests in my business? Do I care about the skin color of someone who has created a business that will make me money if I invest in it? Do I care about the skin color of my customers, or do I just want more of them? Do I want a lot of poor people of any skin color around, or would I rather have more people be successful to buy my products or use my services? It is only the Dems that want to keep some people oppressed, because it is only Dems that benefit by gaining power through keeping people separated into grievance groups.

  6. I’ve heard so much about being a racist, when I am not and never have been, that I find myself beginning to think about the FACT that my race will not exist just a few years in the future. One day we will all have a bit more tint to our skin than we do today, but I do resent that it happens at the same time we are being hated for our Caucausion-ness.

    “They” are diluting their race by pro-creating with Whites and visa versa. There will be no one left to hate. Oh, but wait…darker skinned persons are usually not so fond of lighter skinned people of color. We will ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE TO HATE and to blame for everything, inside and outside of politics. Now I feel better.

    Great video Jim.

    1. Your comment reminds of an episode of Star Trek. Two aliens hated each other and wanted to kill each other. Capt. Kirk was talking to one of them and trying to understand what the hate was about. The alien said: “well just look at the other. He is disgustingly ugly.” Hork was confused because both men looked exactl alike. Each had half their body white and the other half black. The alien called Kirk an idiot for not being able to see the difference. The other alien was white on the left side and black on the right side. “How hedious.” So you are sadly right, Maggie. Mankind will always find some reason to hate.

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