“Local Politicians Every Bit As Reprehensible As The Rest Of Them” an essay by Brian

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from Brian of the Frankenstein Government blog. He reminds us that state and local governments are just as corrupt as the federal government. He published this article originally on August 23, 2012.


Local Politicians Every Bit As Reprehensible As The Rest Of Them


Most of the time, I focus on the reprehensible actions of our President, Congress, and their lap dog Supreme Court. Today I am going to post a nice little “screw you” from the Blaine County Commissioners to their electorate- representing my old hometown of “Moonbat Valley.” Articles like this infuriate me. More on that in a minute. First, a little local background.
In 1994, after citizens voted for term limits 4 times in Idaho and the Idaho Supreme Court upheld the law’s legality- the Idaho State legislature  refused to enact the law. It was the most outrageous and arrogant act I have ever seen any legislative body engage in. A good analogy might be workers at a factory who while refusing to perform the work that they were hired to do and while engaging in that level of insubordination, manage to keep  their jobs while still collecting a paycheck. http://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/02/us/idaho-legislature-repeals-term-limit-law-undoing-voter-approved-measure.htmlWhen the politicians thumb their noses at the electorate, it’s time to fire the politicians. In Idaho, the politicians who voted to repeal term limits- mostly- were re-elected. Now you’d think that was a real “head scratcher” but it’s really not. What happens is that in a couple of years- the voters forget what happened, who was responsible, and at some future date they march to the polls and vote for the incumbents. This absolute insanity or stupidity, whatever you’d label it, is not lost on the politicians.
They know they can get away with shit like that because voters are stupid and they will forget.

Which brings me back to the local politicians in Moonbat Valley. The three member board of the county commissioners are all financially well off individuals. One is a trust fund/business owner, one is a retired network executive, and the other has plenty of money from somewhere. The point is- is that these three commissioners are very well off and don’t really need more money. I think the term “greedy” can be applied accurately here.


Not only that- but the amount of work that these commissioners actually do is relatively small and certainly does not qualify as full time work. They also have a county manager making six figures that they can appoint to do most of their work. At any rate, this governing body of part time workers decided that they needed a 10% raise this year over the objections of a citizen’s committee. So they went ahead and did it.


A departing commissioner claimed the raise wasn’t a good idea. This is a man who has given himself raises before. His no vote this time around means that he can come off like a responsible good guy to the public while the other two commissioners can get their raise. A simple 2-1 vote is a win-win for all three of them. Politicians are good at counting votes.


These commissioners should be recalled. But they won’t be. They know that. Like their bigger state and national cousins, small town politicians are certainly no better. Here’s the article. http://www.mtexpress.com/index2.php?ID=2005143511

3 thoughts on ““Local Politicians Every Bit As Reprehensible As The Rest Of Them” an essay by Brian

  1. Why do people trust politicians at any level? It’s what I don’t get about leftists. In exactly what way, other than when making speeches, has government shown itself to be efficient, competent, or incorruptable? Haven’t they shown themselves, repeatedly, to be exactly the opposite? And, the bigger the government becomes, the more inefficient, incompetent, and corrupt they become.

  2. I agree 100%, and would only say that local politicians are MORE reprehensible because they sell us out for less than the major leaguers.

    When Steve Hall had the audacity to run for Knox County mayor, the bullet missed his head by an arm’s length. But you woudn’t have known it from the media, it was a little story under the fold. I loved the good old wheel tax or property increase issue: vote for one. We need a new library, then the library is not built and the mayor goes out to eat with P-cards drinking fancy wine.

    In my new locale, this last election was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. They’ll just bold-face lie and put it on a mailer to discredit you.

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