Regionalism (Agenda 21) and Governor Chris Christie

Regionalism is the concept that the suburbs, through their taxes, should support the costs of their nearby city core. It comes straight out of the UN Agenda 21 where they use terms like “smart growth” and “sustainable development” or “sustainable living”. Regionalism is a favorite of “Community Organizers” like you know who. So, why is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersy, a darling of many conservatives and a keynote speaker at this year’s Republican National Convention supporting regionalism in his state? We will get to that in a moment. First, let’s review what “regionalism” is all about.

I first posted on the subject of regionalism about three weeks ago. In this post, I parsed an article at National Review by Stanely Kurtz on his new book,  Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. Quoting myself from that post:

Have you ever heard of the concept of “regionalism”? I vaguely recall reading that term in some research I did a while back on Agenda 21. Mr. Kurtz explains that Obama learned to embrace regionalism from his Chicago community organizing mentors at the Gamaliel Foundation. “Regionalism” is the idea that the suburbs should be folded into the cities, merging schools, housing, transportation, and above all taxation. Kurtz says that the relationship with his community organizing mentors continues to this day.

Via Real Clear Politics,  came across another article about the Kurtz book at New Geography that is excellent and I hope you will bookmark it and read at your leisure if you want to know more about “regionalism”.  This article has some very interesting and important data. Take a look at this quote and the graph that follows:

Opponents of the suburbs have long favored amalgamating local governments (such as cities, towns, villages, boroughs and townships). There are two principal justifications. One suggests “economies of scale” — the idea that larger local government jurisdictions are more efficient than smaller governments, and that, as a result, taxpayers will save. The second justification infers that a larger tax base, including former suburbs, will make additional money available to former core cities, which are routinely characterized as having insufficient revenues to pay for their services. Both rationales are without foundation.

As you can see, bigger is not necessarily better and more efficient. The cities studied do not have a revenue problem. They have a spending problem. Sound familiar?

What does this regionalism have to do with Governor Chris Christie?  Fox News has he story. It seems that cash strapped Camden, New  Jersey, one of the most crime ridden and dangerous cities in the United States, is planning to do away with their police force and let the county provide that service.

In the latest example of a cash-strapped municipality taking drastic measures to deal with swollen public sector liabilities and shrinking budgets, the city plans to disband its 460-member police department and replace it with a non-union “Metro Division” of the Camden County Police. Backers of the plan say it will save millions of dollars for taxpayers while ensuring public safety, but police unions say it is simply a way to get out of collective bargaining with the men and women in blue.


The department has been under the control of the state since 2005, when a power struggle between then-Mayor Gwendolyn Faison and the department prompted Faison to ask the state to take over. That arrangement is set to expire and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has thrown his support behind the transition to county control, which he indicated will help keep costs down.

“A county police force that has a reasonable contract, and that’s going to provide a huge increase in the number of police officers on the streets here in Camden, is a win for everybody,” Christie said at a recent event at Rutgers-Camden University, where he signed a reform bill for higher education. “I’m willing to put my name on the line for this concept.”

The good Governor may regret putting his name on the line for “this concept”. Is Christie stupid? Has he gone over to the other side? Although I am not a big fan of Chris Christie, I don’t think he is stupid nor do I think he is a liberal in disguise. My guess is that like so many of our fellow Americans, I suspect that Christie is unaware of Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Sustainable Living, and Regionalism. These concepts receive the support of Democrats and Republicans, as well as, liberals and conservatives because the projects and the ideas being pushed always sound so good. Christie and the county surounding Camden had better wake up. I predict that the people of the suburbs of Camden are going to get screwed. They will eitheer pay higher taxes to cover the cost of policing Camden, or they will do with less services in their own areas. And, I doubt that Xamden will do any better in the end.

While we are rightly focused on the coming elections and the economy and our own well being and that of the nation, other Marxist leaning folks are going about the implementation of Agenda 21 and all of its nice sounding programs. Some of us are working hard to educate the people. But, to me, it is inexcusable that someone like Chris Christie doesn’t know what is happening under his own nose. This man was being pushed by many conservatives to run for the Presidency. Mit Romney considered him as a potential running mate. But, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on the Governor.  I have no reason to believe that Romney and Ryan are any more aware of the dangers of Agenda 21.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

28 thoughts on “Regionalism (Agenda 21) and Governor Chris Christie

  1. It’s always some big agenda or grand scheme with progressives, isn’t it? Reminds me of those old WW II movies where the generals had the big map table and pushed around armies with those long sticks.

    Christie has never been a big conservative. He’s a moderate.

    1. “Reminds me of those old WW II movies where the generals had the big map table and pushed around armies with those long sticks.”

      I’m hoping people will finally grow tired of being pushed around.

  2. Christie talks a good line. You may be too kind. On the other hand, many of these cities are in hopeless states. With any luck, they will burn after the union firemen refuse to go to work. Well, not seriously.

  3. Most likely Chris Christie doesn’t know about Agenda 21, but while he has become a darling of the Tea Party and of people like Anne Coulter the truth is he really isn’t all that conservative on issues other than fiscal ones.

  4. I’ve had a few things to say about Christie in the past. No surprise here, although…you could make a case Camden is an exeption to the rule and a homegrown police force in that nightmare just won’t cut it. I think there’s a bigger question here. What do you do with a place like Camden in general?

    1. You are right about there being a bigger question here, I haven’t a clue what can be done about a city like Cmden let alone a city like Detroit. That question could be the subject of an entire post. Good one, rjjrdq!

  5. I heard it once said that regionalism is communism. Even if Christie is aware of Agenda 21, how much power does he really have? I would say that most of our local leaders are totally unaware of the big picture. However, they are trained by Rockefeller funded National Planning Association minions on how to use Delphi to quell dissent in public meetings and such. I know Rosa Koire has done a lot of work exposing that.

  6. Just getting here for this one. And after watching Christie last night in Tampa, my impression is that he is a “salesman” with little core principle. He spoke of blending two opposite sides to get to an outcome that would satisfy people. Sorry….that is just the Hegellian Dialectic and he is an appeaser. I’ve never understood Ann Coulter’s support of Christie. She lost me totally when she started doing that. Some time ago he did sign onto some Eastern U.S. regional energy group for cap and trade…not sure if that is still there or if he got out of it.

    On whether elected officials know about Agenda 21? Some hear about it and laugh it off. Some don’t care and just want the Fed grants. As for Romney…I’ve never heard him mention it. Gingrich was the only one who did. The Republican Party put that anti-Agenda 21 Resolution in the platform, but will that prevail? Will Republicans #1. Recognize it when they see it? #2. Even read it?

    RM is right on target….Regionalism is exactly Communism. It creates powerful soviet bureaucracies in a layer of “governance” who are unaccountable to the voters. I say “soviet,” but it is also the same exact set up from Hitler’s Weimar Republic with the brown shirts as enforcers. Orwellian language techniques….new names for the same old tyranny. People have to wake up to this…or we might as well just toss in the towel and give up. This IS the domestic enemy we face in our day. And already it is entrenched and pervasive beyond what you would ever imagine.

    Thanks for this post, Jim!

    1. Thanks for finding time in your busy schedule to come ny, Cheryl. One thing about the communist, especially the Fabians is that they have lots of patients. There are willing to make their gains slowly and stealthly.

  7. Combining law enforcement under one umbrella doesn’t necessarily mean NJ is embracing Agenda 21. Sometimes regional efforts do make sense when it comes to funding from tax dollars. I live in a rural county with three very small towns–each with their own police department and a county sheriff’s office and believe me, it’s all politics. All 3 towns complain about not having enough $, about losing officers to other localities that pay better, while the citizens see too many cops with too much time on their hands. (I believe there has been one homicide in the last 10 years. Most of the crime is theft, small-time drugs and speeding through the 25 mph speed limits in town). I would love to see our town police departments abolished and just expand the sheriff’s office. Ditto for Parks & Rec, refuse programs, the list goes one. I am a huge opponent of Agenda 21–most especially the overtaking of personal property rights. But let’s not assume that every time something is regionalized that it’s a government grab for power.

    1. I understand your argument, Freedom; but I think it is a case of apples and oranges. The people of your small towns are already pating county taxes and could pay a little more to the county and less to their towns and end up with better service. In the case of Camden the folks in the suburbs will pay more taxes and receive less services.

  8. Well I would like to think that ignorance is what it is. However I am painfully aware that for many it is about power and control and their own well being. That being said ignorance is so very possible. In most political arenas I have been exposed too most of these things are sugar coated and people are actually inviting socialism when they think the candy looks good. Every time we look to the government to solve all of our ills economic and otherwise we invite our world to become increasing more socialistic. It is an inevitably outcome. Those who still believe in hardwork and solving their own problems, with God as their leader, if there are enough left, need to literally wage a resistance that wil prevail. Freedom is falling from our grasp and the world government that many have dreamed of is not a democratic one but rather a socialistic one. There are no more easy solutions. What is going on in a world is “heartbreaking”. Anything to do with the United Nations council should be rejected by the American people and it’s federal, state and local governments. It is sophisticated set up, a wolf in sheeps clothing,..

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