Making Use of Distraction is the MO of the Left

Big time criminals often use the “modus operandi” (MO) of creating a disturbance in one part of a city to attract the police, while they are carrying out a crime in another part of the city. Because politicians, especially Democrats, are not much different from criminals, they also use distraction as their MO. And, what greater distraction could they wish for than a hotly contested Presidential election.  While everyone is  focused on the election, they are busy with their criminal acts.

The first item on my hit parade may noy be truly criminal but it should be. Look at this excerpt from a recent Questions and Observation post.

Representatives from the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission are due to arrive in Athens next month to assess Greece’s reform efforts.

They are expected to report in time for an 8 October meeting of eurozone finance ministers which will decide on whether to disburse Greece’s next €31bn aid tranche, promised under the terms of the bailout for the country.

American officials are understood to be worried that if they decide Greece has not done enough to meet its deficit targets and withhold the money, it would automatically trigger Greece’s exit from the eurozone weeks before the Presidential election on 6 November.

Oh my … election.  Hey Europe, this is about me!  Suck it up and hold off doing anything until after I win!

The Euro Zone has an  extreme crisis on their hands  that if not handled with care and forethought their entire financial system could come undone. But, our President thinks they should put his reelection hopes ahead of their concerns. Maybe not criminal but certainly shows the psychopathic arrogance of Barack Obama. You didn’t hear about this from the MSM, did you?

Okay, let’s move on to something  that is unquestionably criminal.

From this American Thinker article quoting from The Hill we learn

The Federal Communications Commission is eyeing a proposal to tax broadband Internet service.

Here are the slimy details. For some time now on your phone bill there is a charge called The Universal Service Fund, which is one of those “fairness” programs to make sure everyone has access to phone service. Well, some time ago the FCC without authorization from Congress decided it was only “fair” that everyone should also have access to wide-band internet service. So, they just diverted funds from the Universal Service Fund  to a new fund they call the Connect America Fund. But, the FCC ran into a problem. You see, people began using e-mail more and long distance calls less and the fund they were robbing from began to dry up. So, of course, the only solution is to tax broad-band internet service.  And wouldn’t you know, the big internet service companies think this is a great idea. Let the stupid taxpayers foot the bill for expanding the needed infrastructure instead of them. I am pretty sure that Congress passed a law in or about 1999 to prohibit this but I can not find a reference source. However, it doesn’t matter to the Obama administration. To them, laws are just minor inconveniences that can be ignored.

And, now for Number One on my hit parade,

Is there anyone in America, who is not brain-dead, that doesn’t recall what happened in 2008? Of course, everyone remembers the Sub-prime Mortgage Bubble that burst throwing America into the worse recession since the Great Depression. A bubble that was fomented by Democrats starting with the Carter administration. They pressured mortgage lenders to lower their lending standards  such that people who couldn’t afford homes could buy them anyway. All in the name of “fairness”, of course. America is still suffering from the aftermath of this Democrat fiasco. It is reasonable then to believe that no one in their right mind would want to go there again. Everyone except Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, that is. You know her. She is the one that taught Barack Obama “You didn’t build that…”.  This must read article from American Thinker has the details.

…that Elizabeth Warren of the Consumer Finance Protection  Bureau, created by Dodd-Frank, has announced that the CFPB is adopting a  20 page “Policy Statement of Discrimination in Lending”.

The policy  statement’s position is that to deny a loan on the grounds that the  applicant can’t repay the money is discrimination if the applicant is black or Hispanic.

What could I possibly say about this that isn’t patently obvious. Ms. Warren is not only insane; she is a criminal.

So, while we are distracted by what should concern us most, the criminals; aka Democrats, are busy doing their best to destroy this country.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “Making Use of Distraction is the MO of the Left

  1. No one wants to read the fine print to all of this. Chief warren is one dangerous gal. Yet few appreciate what the big plan is.

  2. Has anyone wondered why the Dems insist on bankrupting the nation? Obama seems to be doing it on purpose. What does not seem rational to me apparently looks attractive to others. I don”t get it except that they don’t want a United States of America to be a viable nation. That’s the logical trajectory of their direction.

  3. Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t be dangerous if the people of Massachusetts were not dangerous. Even if she loses, the fact that there are 46-49% that would probably vote for her is not only disappointing but an outright indication that democracy-of-the-entitlements will bring the downfall of any great country.

  4. Obama loves the politics of distraction; he is using distraction to take peoples’ minds off his record and focused on other issues and he is using the election as a distraction to do other things behind the scenes as well.

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