More Anti-Free Enterprise at the DNC?

The Republican fun and games were last week in Tampa Bay, Florida and this week we will be entertained by the Democrats in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m guessing that we will be hearing a lot of anti-free enterprise rhetoric. However, we can expect Obama & Company a little more circumspect with their choice of words. It is doubtful we will hear “If you have a business, you didn’t build that”. No, we can expect them to camouflage their message just a tad. Obama is probably still full from eating his Roanoke words. But, no doubt we will hear about how Obama wants to help the middle-class grow the economy instead of the failed Republican approach of trickle-down economics that only benefits the rich. We will get into that subject more in a moment.

First, I think we all should take a moment of silence and consider how fortunate we are that Obama is so inept. As much harm as Obama did to our country in the last four years with OnamaCare, Dodd-Frank, driving up all energy costs for Americans and hundreds of thousands of new job killing regulations he really could have done much more damage during those first two years when the Democrats controlled the House and had a filibuster proof control of the Senate. The kool-aid drinkers at Huffington Post recognize how inept Mr. Obama has been and they are frothing at-the-mouth mad about it. The Huff-Po article can be more correctly described as a tome. And, this humble observer must admit that he did not get through more than a third of it. That was enough to scare the you-know-what out of me. For example, they believe that Obama should have asked for a stimulus package of 1.8 trillion dollars instead of the 800 billion he did ask for and get. (My number four and dollar sign key is not responding.) Imagine that! Because the 800 billion became came part of the base-line budget and was included in each of the Continuing Resolutions, Obama has actually spent 3.2 trillion dollars in his stimulus program. What the kool-aid drinkers suggested would have added up to 7.2 trillion dollars and our national debt would now be 20 trillion dollars instead of 16 trillion dollars. That is scary!. Very, very scary. The Huff-Po crowd think that Obama didn’t go nearly far enough with his ObamaCare. My interpretation of their words is that they wanted universal government paid for health care for everyone. They are also unhappy that Obama didn’t push through the Employee Free Choice Act so we could have more union thugs destroying the economies of cities and states and of the economy in general. So, I repeat: we should be  very grateful that Barack Obama is so inept.

Now back to today’s theme.  I am looking forward to hear how Obama and the Democrats are planning to grow this economy and create jobs through the middle-class because they believe in  bottom-up economics and not top-down economics.

“We can’t afford more top-down economics. What we need are policies that will grow and strengthen the middle class.” — Barack Obama

That Obama quote is how Steve Conover starts his American  Enterprise Institute article. In this well written and short article, Conover dissects the misconceptions that the Obama left are intentionally selling to the public.

“Top-down economics” is a hijacked phrase. Objectively, it should be the label assigned to rule-of-czar capitalism steered by government officials. Instead, campaign rhetoric has been assigning it to rule-of-law capitalism driven by consumers and entrepreneurs—supposedly a system steered by the already-rich, in which money gradually trickles down to the middle class.

As vivid as that image may be, it is a false depiction of what really happens in a properly functioning private sector. But once the false image captures the attention of enough voters, it’s a simpler step for political entrepreneurs to sell themselves as the better alternative—simpler, that is, than having to compete against the way a vibrant private sector actually works.

Entrepreneurs cause money to gush outward, not to ‘trickle down’

Please find time to read this short article. Conover has good definitions of Bottom-up and Top-down economics, which are NOT the same as rule-of-law free enterprise.

So, I want to hear this week how the Democrats plan for the middle-class to grow our economy. The same middle-class that is struggling these past years to make ends meet and who have less and less discretionary income to spend. How exactly is this middle-class going to spend us to prosperity? We can bet that Obama & Company are going to continue to sell the myth that free enterprise and social welfare redistribution can co-exist. They can’t! There is no way on God’s-Green-Earth that a viable free enterprise can generate enough revenue to pay for all of the redistributive entitlements that the progressive-liberal-socialist-Maxrists want. There is not enough of other people’s money to go around. Anyone who is paying attention need only look at what is happening in Europe. They are running out of other people’s money and we will too. The German’s export driven economy (the strongest in Europe) is still growing, but it is slowing down significantly. Germany has already cut many of their entitlement programs and they are going to have to cut more.

Obama and the Democrats are counting on the ignorance of the average American voter. They believe th average American voter pays no attention to what is happening in Europe and they are betting that the ones who have seen what is gong on there will not understand why it is happening. Like all socialist for the last hundred years, they believe they can get it right where everyone else has failed.

It is the prime job of the Romney-Ryan campaign to educate the voting public. How hard can it be to put together some good ads that explain that Spain, before 2008, was booming and their people were living the good life with free health care and early retirement with excellent pensions and all their bureaucrats were highly paid. And now. Spain has about 27% unemployment and 53%  of those under the age of 25 are unemployed.  Spain is having to raise taxes on their citizens at a time when their economy is shrinking. That is what America can look forward to if we don’t throw the current bums out and elect Romney and Ryan.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

17 thoughts on “More Anti-Free Enterprise at the DNC?

  1. I agree with you that there are enough object lessons around the world, or even right here in the US, that completely discredits socialist redistribution schemes. The GOP should be asking, What happened to Detroit? Or California? And be prepared with a concise answer.

  2. If you watch any of the Democratic National Convention, you’ll be one up on me. I watched a little of it last time, especially Obama’s speech, mainly because I wanted to see what it was like. I’ll not make the mistake of wasting my time with them again.

    I have no doubt the Democrats will be asking for the same things they have been asking for since before Obama took office. They want to raise taxes and redistribute the wealth of those who have been successful. Can you imagine the shape our country would be in, had Obama followed the advice of the Huffington Post and spent that much money? I suspect the only reason he didn’t is his knowledge that the Republicans and the rest of the American people would have surely been up in arms, had he tried it. I have no doubt that he would have done so, had he thought he could have gotten away with it.

    I don’t trust them, not in the least.

  3. The huff post is down with Obama because Valerie jarrett has no time for George soros. Soros had given big bucks to the huff. Just saying. Politics can be mean now can’t it.

  4. There is no such thing as “trickle-up” economics. Trickle-down is what works. End of argument.

    Our infrastructure is mostly in place, and adding more will not create significant economic activity. End of argument.

    The internet is not a government product. It was originally a defense project and the government funded the research. Private money built it, and made it the commercial tool is it today. End of argument.

    Keynesian economics have never worked, even in FDR’s term. End of argument.

    1. I have gotten many a cup coffee from poor people. I have gotten many good meals from poor people. Have gotten many hours of fun conversation from poor people. But, I have never, ever gotten a job from poor people and I never expected to.

  5. The Huffington Post is one of my richest and more imaginative sources of the absurd, ridiculous, or just plain stupid. I rely on them for some of my most inventive lampooning material. They are irreplaceable to the task of making the Republicans look like geniuses. I wish them long life!

    As I quoted Janet Daly in my last article, ” It has become apparent to anyone with a grip on economic reality that free markets simply cannot produce enough wealth to support the sort of universal entitlement programmes which the populations of democratic countries have been led to expect.” That applies not only to Spain and Italy, but to Germany as well. Yes, Germany is still growing, at 1.7% GDP, if you can call that growth. They have the same problem as the US, their tax system cannot cope with their built-in demands of their welfare system. However, it is true that the Germans, as well as the remaining Thatcherites in the British Conservative Party, are well aware of this fiscal trap and are trying very hard to do something about it. But they have an albatross around their neck (which the British don’t have), the southern economies of the EU. In contrast, our albatross is the intellectual decadence of the Democratic Party and the hold they have on the growing mooching populace of America.

    1. Yep! If anyone wants to know what the Kool-aid drinkers are swigging today, Huff-Po is a good place to go.

      “…our albatross is the intellectual decadence of the Democratic Party and the hold they have on the growing mooching populace of America.”

      They have eroded the once famous American work ethic. Can we shame these people into changing their ways or will we have to drag them kicking and screaming down the road of responsibility?

  6. I made that same point (albeit slightly differently) about the middle class a week or so ago, the point that it’s not “trickle down” that the wealth is pushed up from a foundation that is the entrepreneurs and capitalists. “Gushed out” is good too.

    How in the world do you build anything from the middle? How can the middle class, which consists mostly of people who work for other people (along with small business owners) do better if those who employ them aren’t doing better? You help the middle class by helping the businesses that employ them, and by making it easier to start their own businesses. You do that by cutting taxes, reducing burdensome (and stupid) regulations, and basically getting government out of the way.

    For anyone who is interested, I caught an Obama soundbite in which he said that the RNC was a re-run, with the same solutions that “got us into this mess in the first place.” I wrote a post in which I wondered how anyone could stand in a country that is the richest on Earth, and that got that way through capitalism, and describe free market and individual freedom and responsibility as the things that got us “into this mess.” Think of it. He said that it (the convention) was something you might have seen on a black and white TV. The guy doesn’t even understand that this is the country that went from small black and white TVs to wall-sized flat screens with HD, cable, satellite, surround sound, Internet connectivity, and even 3D. The government would not, could not, do that. Our system (capitalism) has made so much progress that our poor live better than the middle class in places that have a middle class, and this a-hole denigrates that system and says its the problem.

  7. Although the Democrats will never utter the “you didn’t build that” phrase I expect the convention to be a head on assault of the free market and capitalist systems while extolling the virtues of larger government. They will portray this as helping the middle class while in reality it will be a promotion of the Marxist ideal of pitting the workers against the job creators.

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