The Obama Campaign is Running On Spent Ammunition, Retreads, and Used Tires

We bloggers on the Right have been saying since, at least, the 2010 elections that the Left in general and Obama in particular have run out of ammunition. In any political campaign, the ammunition includes lies, distortions, and rhetoric. One would think that as desperate as the Left and Obama are to hang on to power that when the ammunition runs out that they would look for new ammunition. That is to say they should rethink their strategies and tactics. In other words, they should come up with new lies, distortions, and rhetoric. But not Team Obama. Obama’s speech  writers make him sound like a broken record. You may recall a few months ago a Danish journalist was perturbed enough by Obama’s well used rhetoric to put up a video on You Tube showing Obama using the exact same phrase to describe his “respect” for different ally countries. The phrase was from a boxing analogy. He said of Canada, Iceland, Denmark, South Korea and others at different times that they “punch above their weight class”. I, for one, was embarrassed for America. Well, it is not just foreign dignitaries that Obama treats this way. He is doing the same thing to the American voters. Please rake a look at this short video that I lifted from a Billy Hollis post at Questions and Observations.

Doesn’t he sound like a broken record? It really is getting tiresome, isn’t it? The man really needs to think about getting some new speech writers. But, it is not just the rhetoric Team Obama is retreading. Now they are going to try to retread an old has been president. None other than Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton.  Obama can’t run on his own record so he is going to try to run on Clinton’s record.  But, Team Obama has a problem here. You see when a tire gets too worn, you can not recap it. The recap won’t hold together.

Team Obama is going to tell the voting public that during the Clinton administration the economy boomed and there were surpluses and a balanced budget and Clinton did this with a top tax rate of 39%,  so let’s TAX THE RICH! But, this is not the 1990’s. Things are just a tad different today. Slick Willy has to be the luckiest president ever. When bubbles are growing there is an economic rising tide that makes people and politicians think the good times will never end. Clinton rode the tide of two bubbles: the Dot.Com bubble, which was not his doing, and the sub-prime mortgage bubble, which was his doing. Clinton left office just in time as the Dot.Com bubble broke early in the first term of G.W. Bush. During the Bush years, Democrats like Dodd, Frank, and Maxine Waters and other kept constant pressure on Fannie and Freddie to push the banking industry to make mortgage loans to people without the means to pay them back because housing prices never go down, right? So, the housing bubble bursts and the fault is placed on Bush. ( By the way, why isn’t Team Romney getting out in front of the Clinton keynote speech and tearing down his false image?) Even The Daily Beast sees problems with Obama trying to ride on the tattered and worn out coat tails of Bill Clinton.

But Obama knows that he needs Clinton to lift a convention that many Democrats are pointedly avoiding, and to help rescue an imperiled reelection bid that will be nothing like the relatively easy ride that Clinton enjoyed in 1996.

So, Clinton will be in Charlotte, but Clintonism—that brand of centrist New Democrat politics that helped make him the first president of his party to win reelection since FDR—will be mostly missing. Conservative and centrist Democrats, so critical to Clinton’s efforts to reform welfare, balance the budget, and erase the image of the party as being reflexively anti-business, have nearly vanished.

Yesterday I watched a Fox News clip where  they were talking about new polls that now claim that Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Nevada which had been classified as leaning toward Obama are now considered toss-up states. This is good news. I have to belive that in all toss-up states there are a lot of people who voted for Obama in 2008 that are wondering what happened to the “Hope and Change”? Many of them must be reevaluation whether there is reason to support Obama again. It is these people in the toss-up states that Romney and Ryan must focus on each and every day from now until November 6. This short video demonstrates the process we want these voters to go through. Please watch it to the end and I promise, at the very least, you will get a good laugh out of it.

A big Hat Tip to Grant Davies at What We Think and Why. Grant has a nach for finding interesting videos.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “The Obama Campaign is Running On Spent Ammunition, Retreads, and Used Tires

  1. The Clinton comparison actually hurts Obama if people think about it. Bill Clinton’s success was due to his continuing Reaganomics, and as you say, an inflating bubble.

    Obama’s economic policies are the opposite of Clinton did.

  2. Obama, the palace guard in the media and the Democrats considers themselves the elite, privileged royalty of America. So why should they put any effort into the reelection? After all, they are entitled to it.

    1. Obama gave himself, when asked how he would grade his handling of the economy, a grade of Incomplete. How does one get a grade of Incomplete when he never had the prerequites to take the course in the first place.

  3. The Obama campaign may sound like a broken record to you but to the uninformed, and those that start paying attention late in the election season, some of those false claims sound plausible.
    Their tactic is one used time and time again by strong men all over the world: a lie told once remains a lie, a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.

  4. I can’t see the Clinton comparison working for Obama. To be honest, I am surprised he is even allowing Clinton on the stage. I would have thought his narcissistic self would have stopped that.

  5. I think the first video highlights the fact that Obama is a one trick pony who has no other ideas than the failed ones he put forth in 2008, and you would think that by this time he would have changed his messaging.
    The second video was funny, loved the Obama posters in the 2012 portion, but I do think that there may be many swing and middle of the road people who voted for Obama who are having second thoughts.

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