The First Liar Does’t Have A Chance

Assuming that there were some distortions of the truth that emanated from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte has taken advantage of the truism that “the first liar doesn’t have a chance”. Not surprising, of course, because the Democrats have always been superior liars and probably would have out done the Republicans even if their convention had gone first.

I forced myself to watch a good bit of the DNC last night. Thanks to the Fox News live streaming of the conventions, I was able to watch and  listen without having to put up with any talking heads. I missed some of the earlier speeches. I missed, for example, Whatshername-Schultz and I was glad. Thankfully, I also missed Sandra “Pay For My Contraceptives” Fluke. Unfortunately, I did not miss the taped presentation of the second worst president in American history, Jimmy Carter. That was awful! One loser supporting another loser.

I didn’t try to keep track of the number of lies told last night. That would have been an awesome task. But, I was impressed with the sheer number of speakers who focused on three principle lies. Unlike the RNC, there were no musical entertainment breaks. There was just a steady stream of speaker after speaker. So, let me share what I saw as the three big lies that were repeated ad nauseam last night.

Republicans Hate Women

The Democrats had their femmenazis out in force last night. There was a steady stream of women claiming  that Romney and Ryan and the Republicans want to take away a women’s right over her health and deny them access to contraception and take away their right to terminate unwanted pregnancies. These women were very Pro Choice.  Well, I am pro choice too. I believe that women have the right to choose to have unprotected sex or not. And, if they choose not and they get pregnant, they should DAMN WELL CHOOSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT LIFE GROWING INSIDE THEM! But, Democrats are not big on responsibility, are they?

Obama Saved The Auto Industry

How many times did we hear that last night? And, of course, the lie continues that Romney said “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” Well, of course, Detroit is bankrupt. And, in spite of Obama’s bailout of General Motors, they did in fact go bankrupt. However,  our Law Breaker-In-Chief, intervened the long standing bankruptcy laws in this country and purposely shafted the GM bondholders  and anybody who was not a union member so that he could reward his big union campaign contributors. All those speakers claimed that Obama saved a million jobs. He didn’t save squat! Companies, even big companies, do go bankrupt in this country but that   does not mean they disappear or go out of business. From this American Thinker article we learn:

The U.S. auto industry was not “saved.”  Going bankrupt does not have to mean going out of business.  See, for example, Delta Airlines.  It went bankrupt in the usual, lawful way and is operating today.  On the other hand, GM could be heading into bankruptcyagain, post-bailout.  Oh, and since the bailout, “GM has increased its manufacturing capacity in China by 55 percent.”

The government auto takeovers did not prevent bankruptcies.  What they prevented was the usual rule of bankruptcy law.  Instead of paying back creditors in a predictable and lawful way, the federal government simply robbed bondholders and non-UAW workers and retirees (especially at Delphi) and delivered sweet, sweet payback to the union bosses of the UAW.

The other big lie that was repeated and repeated last night was:

We can’t go back to the policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

In what universe do these people live? We are smack dab in the middle of the policies that got us into this mess. Well, they know better,of course. But, it is their job to repeat and repeat this big lie in the hope that the ignorant American voter will eventually fall for it. This is the biggest and most important lie that the Democrats must try to propagate. I asked the question yesterday here: When will Romney and Ryan and the Republicans start telling the true story of the role of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton , Barney Frank, and Maxine Waters and the role of Fanny and Freddy? This is the lie the Republicans absolutely must put to rest.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

24 thoughts on “The First Liar Does’t Have A Chance

  1. I had the convention feed parked in my tabs so I could listen while doing other work. Occasionally, I would pop in for a look-see.

    Since they have no record to stand on, the continual drum beat of Romney is evil was the only thing they have to talk about.

    Also, the focus on “free” abortion was nausea inducing. The national debt hit 16 trillion and they’re talking about “free” abortion and “free” contraception? It is shocking to see thousands upon thousands of people cheering over the killing of babies.

  2. Bankruptcy would also have “saved” the auto industry, and done it according to the rule of law, but that’s not enough for the statist progressives who demand bold, dictator-like action.

  3. The intermittent electoral successes of the muleteers in the Jackass Party only lends credence to the theory that there is no intelligent life in the Universe.

  4. You are a better man than I Jim, there is no way I could stomach sitting trough one minute of that drivel. It appears as if Mrs. Obama wasn’t exactly truthful about her early struggles in life during her speech last night.

  5. I couldn’t make myself watch it either, so Jim gets battle stars for doing it! I did manage glimpses but had to turn away quickly to keep my sanity and my blood pressure in line. Agree with all here on Mrs. Moochelle talking about how destitute Mr. O was when all the while he was going to prep schools and the most expensive colleges in the nation. That was in direct response to Mrs. Romney talking about their humble beginnings in college…so Moochelle had to “one up” her. Who was poorer? Me! No, ME!! NO ME!! It’s all such a sham.

    Now we have to try to suffer the Clintonian self-aggrandizing show tonight….again, not sure I can make myself even look at it.

    I don’t know if you are hearing that they can’t fill the stadium, so they have back-tracked the faux President’s acceptance speech in the Bobcats’ Arena. Not enough suckers promising to show up…so they are having to shrink the venue to make the Pres. look adored.

  6. Well, I have missed the DNC completely up to this point. Tonight, I really enjoyed Storage Wars and Texas Hoggers. I am here to tell you that there’s lots of things in this world more interesting than a bunch of Democrats. Right now, the dogs are running down a really big hog in the Louisiana swamp.

    Did the girl who needs $3000 worth of condoms have any pictures to show?

  7. .

    “And, if they choose not and they get pregnant, they should DAMN WELL CHOOSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT LIFE GROWING INSIDE THEM!”

    And a BIG! long, firm government to punish the sluts. Ya that’ll teach em.


    “When will Romney and Ryan and the Republicans start telling the true story of the role of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton , Barney Frank, and Maxine Waters and the role of Fanny and Freddy?”

    Right after OMitt releases his tax returns? … Then, of course, the people will also learn how much money OMitt made banking against USA. Remember, “Believe in USA but bank overseas (save on your taxes that way).”


    “One loser supporting another loser.” Which RepublicanT Party principle does OMitt say he stands for today, do you think OMitt really believes in?

    Ema Nymton

    1. “And a BIG! long, firm government to punish the sluts. Ya that’ll teach em.”

      You are not big on responsibility, are you Ema?

      Why are you so interested in Romney’s tax reaturns? The IRS isn’t. Is it envy, Ema? Do you hate the rich that much? If you are one who pays taxes, I bet you take every ñegal step to pay the least tax possible. So, why shouldn’t rich people do the same? Why do you think John Kerry keeps his yacht in another state where the taxes are lower?

      Do I wish Romney was more conservative¿ You bet I do!

  8. .

    “Why are you so interested in Romney’s tax reaturns? ” Because he won’t show them. What is he hiding?

    Why were you interested in Mr Obama’s birth certificate?

    Ema Nymton

    1. Ah, Ema. I do feel sorry for that narrow and petty mind you have.

      !“Why are you so interested in Romney’s tax reaturns? ” Because he won’t show them. What is he hiding?”

      Appartently not only are you not big on responsibility, as I pointed out in my previous reply to you, you also are not big in reading the answers to your questions. You ask what is Romney hidding and I told you that the IRS doesn’t think he is hidding anything. Apparently you are miffed that by his taking advantage of the legal tax deductions (loopholes) available to him, in the same way you take advantage of those available to you, that he ends up paying a smaller percentage of his income in taxes than people who make much less. One deduction (loophole) he takes is for the millions of dollars of charitable contributions he makes each year. And, you think this makes him evil? Yet he is the only candidate that is proposing to reform the tax code and eliminate tax deductions (loopholes). Wow! How terrible is that?

      “Why were you interested in Mr Obama’s birth certificate?”

      maybe necause your hero claimed fro many years (according to his autobiography) that he was born in Kenya and only changed that assertion when he decided to run for the Presidency.

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