Seeking The Limits Of Absurdity and Not Finding It

At the Democratic National Convention, you expect to hear some silly. goofy, and down right absurd things. But folks, this 2012 DNC has been nothing short of buzzare. The faux attacks on the Republicans and on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were par for the course. Nothing that  wasn’t expected; but none the less annoying. However, the DNC did have some occurences that have to be embarrassing for the Democrats. But then, maybe not.

First, the DNC planned that Obama would make his acceptance speech in a 70,000 seat football stadium. They were planning to bus in people from neighboring states to fill the stadium for their Messiah. That didn’t work out too well and they had to change the venue to an indoor site that would hold only twenty thousand. The first excuse was there were concerns over the weather. When clear skies prevailed, they said it was for security reasons. I guess the DNC  didn’t consider security before making all those arrangements.

Then we were treated to the 2012 Democratic Party Platform produced by the delegates. The new platform had some changes from previous years. The delegates took out the word God from the platform and they removed the  previous  long-standing position that Jerusalem is recognized as the capitol of Israel. Well, these changes caused a lot of criticism both inside and outside of the Party.  And, apparently the word came down from His Highness that the DNC had better get those changes reversed. So, dutifully, convention chairman, L.A. Mayor, Villaraigosa, called for a floor vote to put God and Jerusalem back in the Party’s Platform. The vote didn’t go as planned. Party rules require that a two-thirds majority voice vote is necessary to pass a motion. The Chairman decides if the Ayes have it or not. When he called for the vote it was clear that there was less than a two-third approval.. Villaraigosa was caught off guard. He then called for a second vote and the NO voices were even louder. On a third vote, even the Ayes were no more than 50% , Villaraigosa did what he was ordered to do and ruled that the Ayes have it and God and Jerusalem were returned to the Party Platform. How embarrassing is that?  Steve Dennis, at America’s Watchtower, did a great post on this yesterday including a video of the votes. If you haven’t seen that video, please jump over there. It is a must see. Listen to the boos when the NO voices are overruled. If the Republicans don’t use this video to hammer the Democrats, I will never forgive them.

Stupid, asinine, ignorant, vacuous, moronic, imbecilic, and dangerous are just a few adjectives that could be used to describe many of the people on the floor of the Democratic Convention. Those who read Conservatives on Fire know that this is where I express my opinions. But, the above terms are not opinion. Peter Schiff has proof on tape. Please watch this incredible video I found at Maggie’s Notebook.

Folks, it would be absurd if Peter Schiff had found just one person to fall for his faux suggestion that the Democratic Party was proposing to ban corporate profits. But he found several people who went along with that Marxist concept. Did you see that one young lady who went even further and suggested that corporations should be forced to have losses. How bizzare is that? I guess some Marxist want to punish the evil capitalist for years of exploiting the workers.

My dear readers, we should all be alarmed at the level of ignorance seen at the DNC this week.  I do not believe that the majority of people who voted to remove God and Jerusalem from the Party Platform or the people who agreed that corporate profits should be banned arrived at those positions through anything that could be considered critical thinking. The vast majority were only repeating what they have been taught to believe. We should be alarmed of the degree in which the Marxist have gained so much influence on the Democratic Party. Folks, we need to do something about this intentional dumbing down of America. I have a suggestion and I would like to hear your suggestions. My thought is this. If you have children or grandchildren in our public “brainwashing” school system, GET THEM OUT NOW! We must protect our children from these Marxists that control our education system. If you can not home school your children or find someone you trust to home school your children, then consider, after a thorough investigation, putting your children in private schools. This is something, in my opinion, that is worth going into debt over. Your children’s minds are worth it!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


25 thoughts on “Seeking The Limits Of Absurdity and Not Finding It

  1. Of course, educating your children in the Teachers Union control environment is irresponsible towards your children.
    Same goes for so called “higher education”, which is not very “high”, and instead of “educated” it is rather “indoctrinated”.

    When our daughter was ready to go to college, I told her, “I pay for it, I get to choose it”. When my partner was ready to give Harvard University a humongous endowment, I convince him not to provide more resources to their socialist faculty to indoctrinate our youth.

  2. That was a great video from Peter Schiff, too, Jim. I was thinking about the general flavor of the DNC and I kept landing back on “victim status.” That is the pervasive message of all I saw, meaning all of those people cheering and applauding were identifying with the “victim” mentality that the speakers conveyed. Women are victims. Workers are victims. Students are victims. Mortgagees are victims. The answer given to cure all of this victim mentality? Marxism, of course. When all these people know or hear is that they are victims and that government solves that for them, then they know nothing else. They are living on this “victim status.” It is what makes them tick. They LIKE that. They really have no (ZERO) concept of succeeding or failing on their own. Everything is someone else’s fault and therefore, everyone should pay. The idea of individualism, natural rights under God, etc…..totally lost on these folks.
    Yes….get them out of power and out of here. It’s very sad, but worse, it is seriously dangerous.

  3. Critical thinking? From a Democrat? Liberalism is a phenomenon of childishness. There is no thinking. Critical or otherwise. It’s all about “feelings” and gimme gimme gimme.

    Bring on the second civil war because we have to separate from these people.

  4. Great post Jim and thanks for the link! The DNC ended up being a circus which highlighted the fact that the party has been co-opted by the far left radicals. If a majority of the delegates wanted God to be removed from the platform then God should have been removed, but the order came down from on high and the will of the delegates was ignored. This should give all those on the fence and Christian Democrats pause and make them wonder why they are even considering voting for such an authoritarian as Barack Obama.

  5. Since I didn’t watch the DNC, I appreciate your perspective. The Party of God has absolutely blown it. It is too bad that the rest of the media will not broadcast those infinitely embarrassing voice votes on God and Jeruselum.

    Great article.

    BTW, the Peter Schiff video is hilarious. Thanks.

  6. Ban corporate profits? I am, but probably shouldn’t be, shocked that he found so many people who actually believe that is a good idea. That is really sad.

  7. To be a Democrat you have to think you are superior and compassionate as you follow the socialist, collectivist course that has lead to the most oppressive and murderous regimes in history (not to mention poverty inducing). You have to be economically illiterate AND horrible at math. You must have a memory that is less than a week long. And you have to be in complete denial of reality that you see around you, as in a quick glimpse at Europe which is ahead of the USA in implementing Democrat policies, and has one country after another that is failing. You also have to avoid looking at the deep blue states in our own country (California, Illinois) and seeing how close they are to insolvency under Democrat control.

  8. “We should be alarmed of the degree in which the Marxist have gained so much influence on the Democratic Party.” I am, with you 1000% (I’m using democrat math today). It’s going to get worse, too, I’m afraid Last night, I watched Downfall (the movie with the “Hitler realizes” scene everyone spoofs) which is a fantastic flick but gosh. It sure reminds one how everyday “perfectly nice” people can go along with just about anything when they choose to worship a gov’t and stop thinking for themselves.

    and on that happy note, Cheers!

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