“The Choice Obama Gives Us: Re-run of Capitalist Answers, or Clone of Failing Euro-Socialist Script.” an essay by Pat Slattery

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from Pat Slattery of The Free Market Project blog. In this essay, Pat, reveals the stark differences in the two choices that are before the American voters this November.   He originally published this article on September 2, 2012.


The Choice Obama Gives Us: Re-run of Capitalist Answers, or Clone of Failing Euro-Socialist Script.

Obama said that the Republican convention was like watching a re-run. You could have watched it on a black and white TV. Republicans simply want to go back to the “same ideas that got us into this mess in the first place.”

Hold on there, big fella! What you would see if you watched the country from the time of black and white TVs to today (the current economy notwithstanding) is an enormous amount of progress and wealth creation. This old-fashioned notion of free markets and responsible citizens working on their own behalf created the richest nation on the planet, with an incredible standard of living, in which even our poor are better off than most people on the planet, including “middle class” people in most places (those places that have a middle class).

The “mess” was largely a result of government intervention into markets. Democrats always forget that fact and blame capitalism. “It was the greed that caused the housing bubble to burst.” Never mind that the cause of the housing bubble was government policy.

When something stops working, it doesn’t take a lot of looking to find the clumsy, swollen hand of government in the middle of the problem. Obama wants more of that. Free market capitalism, rewarding innovation, hard work, and risk… In Obama’s world that is so passe’. As he stands in the middle of a wealthy country made so by capitalism, he declares that capitalism doesn’t work. More government is what’s needed. Not independent people working for the betterment of their own lives (which, interestingly, only is possible when they serve the needs and desires of their fellows with products and services that are freely exchanged to the mutual benefit of both parties), but dependent people looking to the government to somehow provide them with just enough… That’s Obama’s utopia. That’s the change he was hoping for.

He castigates the Republican recipe for recovery as a re-run. But his show is a direct copy, and it’s a direct copy of a script that is failing miserably. A quick glance at Europe shows us the end of Obama’s show. High unemployment, especially for the young, unsustainable entitlements, confiscatory taxes which can’t even delay the inevitable crash of the national treasury into insolvency… That’s where Obama is leading. Or slouching… Or whatever it is that he calls four years of campaign speeches and golf outings while his leftist minions garner more and more power into bureaucrats’ inept hands.

So, where would you rather go, America? Do you want to be in the re-run that takes us from black and white TVs to wall-sized flat screens with cable, satellite, 3D, Internet connectivity, BluRay and surround sound, or do you want to follow Obama into the failing-before-our-eyes European model of big government dominance of our lives and the inevitable crash when the government runs out of money and the cronies can’t produce enough to save it?

If that’s the choice the Republican Convention presented us with… I’m voting for Mitt and Paul!!!


7 thoughts on ““The Choice Obama Gives Us: Re-run of Capitalist Answers, or Clone of Failing Euro-Socialist Script.” an essay by Pat Slattery

  1. One of my most vivid memories of black and white tv from my early childhood is my mother watching the McCarthy hearings. Sadly, we have no such hearings going on today to convict the seditious acts of communists in our government. They have figured out how to insert forced collectivism into every nook and cranny of our system. Capitalism requires a large amount of freedom, something these people can’t abide. The irony is that their ideas are as old as Machiavelli, Hegel, and Marx. So if you want to talk OLD reruns…..but you would have to assume the majority of the public would get that.
    Keep at it, Pat! Let’s hope Mitt and Paul will purge first and then restore us to our foundations.

    1. I too remeber seeing a protest of the McCarthy hearings on blsck and white TV. Some people were being washed down the steps of some government building with fire hoses. I asked my dad what was happening. He told me those people were rotten communist who wanted to destroy America. I didn’t know what a communist was; but i did have some concept of what America was. So, I knew communists were bad people.

      Joe McCarthy was a bit of a wack job, in my opinion. I don’t believe our government shoud go on witch hunts. However, I do believe the Communist Party should be illegal in America and people who promote communism shaould be considered terrorist, if not quilty of treason.

  2. The two things I can’t abide from the Democrats, and the president in particular are:

    1. Blaming capitalism for the recession and completely ignoring the impact of government intervention in the free market having a hand in the problem… OK, being the cause of the problem. Let’s face it, if there was no demand that low income people be given loans, there would not have been a mortgage crisis. If bad investments were allowed to fail, if moral hazard was not promoted by the government, people would be smarter about their investments. If government hadn’t (under the Democrat Bill Clinton) removed one regulation that helped keep banks from doing stupid things with other people’s money, much of the problem would have been avoided. (Why do Dems always say Bush’s deregulation was the problem when it was under Clinton that a sensible regulation–they do exist–was repealed?)

    2. Standing in the midst of tremendous wealth and prosperity (even in these pitiful economic times, but especially looking at the progress of the last century) that is the result of free market capitalism and decrying capitalism as the problem.

  3. Pat…What you described in #1. ….that is the mental somersault of what the left does. Francis For Piven (and Alinsky) taught them well about how to collapse the system and then blame the system…and then offer a solution that is always more Marxism. How many people in this country know that Clinton caused the mortgage crisis? Or that Carter began it with the CRA? And that the SEC was directed to look the other way? And Barney Frank telling everyone all was ducky at Fannie and Freddie?

    The American people were fraudulently ripped off by leftists in our government. RICO charges should have been brought against all of them. It was racketeering in the highest degree. And still going on. Yet, the entire message at the DNC was that capitalism is the problem and these same folks will never be held responsible.

    (As an aside, because it is always on my mind, Clinton and Obama have also put in place in our government one of the biggest and most fraudulent schemes ever in the history of the world…Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development aka the White House Rural Council aka “regionalism, and aka the Sustainable Communities Initiative. Trillions are being stolen and wasted, freedoms thrown down the sewer, and voters being disenfranchised. Just another “collapse the system” scheme from the same people.)

  4. Have you ever watched Black and White flicks on a 42″ HD, Plasma, Flat Screen TV? The picture is awesome and clear…This is exactly the Presidential choice we have today…Black [no pun intended] and White…Two distinct clear choices, no blurring of colors…It’s Marx n Alinsky-Clouder and Piven VS Capitalism n Milton Friedman-Romney-Paulnomics against the failed Obamanomics-blame it on Bush non-policies of the last 4 years.

    Americans you can tune into the RIGHT channel…WE CAN DO THIS!

    PLU from SSF

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