Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Own the “Arab Spring”

I was planning on doing a post about the surprise that isn’t a surprise: Bernanke’s plans for QE 3. That will have to wait until Monday. Warning! Your humble observer is in rage mode again today. So, if you are not up to listening and sharing my rage, I will understand if you take a pass today. My rage keeps boiling to the top of late because I am fed up with what we are forced to call or government. Govern? Give me a break! These people don’t know the first thing about governing. We could talk about the shredding of our constitution or fiscal policy or monetary policy or foreign policy. All incredibly bad! But, with the events that started on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it is foreign policy that has my attention today.

We all know that the United States has had its foreign policy SNAFU’s from time to time over our history. But this administration, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have proven themselves to be poor amateurs in the world of foreign affairs.

Although the events of the last few days were more than worthy of my attention today, I did plan to write on another subject. But, when I made my normal visit to the America’s Watchtower blog, Steve Dennis had put up a post informing us that our Marines assigned to protect our embaasy and consulates in Egypt are not allowed to carry live ammunition. Tha was enough to stoke the fires of my rage. Then I made the mistake of going to the Political Realities blog where Larry Jackson was venting a little steam about the Lame Stream media (LSM) not reporting  on what is the most important news anywhere in the world; the attacks on our embassies in Egypt and Libya but rather they were focused on attacking Mitt Romney for having the gall to criticize the Obama administration’s reaction to the death of our ambassador and three of his staff in Libya. Larry¡s rage was righteous and my rage elevated to overload and now I must use my blog to help relieve the mounting pressure.

Mo one should doubt that the attacks on our embassies and the deaths of four Americans  are the direct result of the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama started his presidency with an apology tour to Cairo where he apologized for America’s past arrogance in playing its role as the world’s only super power. Obama urinated all oner Israel and Netanyahu with demand that negotiations for regional peace with the Palestinians must start by Israel agreeing to return to their 1967  borders. An asinine position! Meanwhile, Hillary and her State Department were busy with their world youth movement and training young people from Tunisia and other north African countries how to use social media like Facebook and Twitter to organize protests against their dictatorial governments. And, when the fruits of her labor ignited in flames, she and the President were there to fan those flames. As an aside,how many times did we hear Hillary tell us that Assad was someone we could work with that he was different from his father; that Assad was a reformer? How has that worked out for you, Hillary? And, our know-it-all President demanded that Mubarak step down in Egypt and that the mad man Gaddafi  had to go. Then, leading from behind (translation: following the dictates of the UN) we lend our military might to helping the Libyan rebels. Many  of us on the Right, including yours truly, predicted that these destabilizing policies could only lead to the  radical islamic chaos we are seeing today. So, I repeat the title of today’s post, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton own this so-called Arab Spring. They and they alone are responsible for everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen in that region of the world.

Now, for those dear readers that decided to share in my rage today, I implore you to understand this. The events of recent days in Egypt and Libya were NOT spontaneous. And, please do not buy the horse droppings the Muslim leaders and our LSM are selling. These anti-American protests, the attacks on our embassies and the deaths of four Americans have absolutely nothing to do with some You Tube video denigrating the profit Mohammad. NOTHING! These attacks and protest were well planned and orchestrated. That they started on the anniversary to the 9/11 attacks is not a coincidence! Yes, those that planned these events needed a public excuse that they could use. They scoured the news media and the social media and You Tube looking for anything they could use as their triggering excuse and they latched on to some stupid You Tube video. I will bet my next Social Security check that the number of protesters you are seeing on television that actually saw said video could be counted on  the fingers of one hand you would have fingers left over!

I am convinced that there has been a conspiracy today to inflame my rage. I came across this headline at the Yahoo “What’s New” page: Clinton: ‘Great religions of the world are stronger than any insults’. Well, I have news for Hillary Clinton and anybody else who is willing listen. Islam is not compatible with the civilized world! Islam is not a religion; it is a philosophy of hate! Obama and Clinton believe that through appeasement and rump kissing the leaders of the Muslim world, that we can all live in peace and harmony. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! It is way past time for this administration to wake up to reality, get out of the Muslim Brotherhood bed, cut off all relations with Egypt and Libya and cut off all financial aid of any kind, and let the animals do what animals do!

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

54 thoughts on “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Own the “Arab Spring”

  1. Clinton(s) and Obama(s) don’t live in the real world, Jim. They live for their own fiction and hatred. The idea that such people as these have been put in positions of power in our nation is a travesty beyond comprehension.
    You see, they wish that amateur video would be the cause of the uprising, because that way they can justify controlling speech. They wish Islam would be a “real” religion, because that way they can diminish the word of the Christian God. They wish all kinds of things that aren’t true in order to justify their own power.
    And you are completely right….they own it. What they own is their own lies and the resulting conflagration. The really tragic thing is all the rest of us always pay for their lies. Those dead in Libya died for Clinton(s) and Obama(s) lies. I just hope we don’t have WWIII and a lot more dead thanks to them. Betting we will…
    Hang in there…these are ugly days.

  2. Your rant is timely and otherwise appropriate. I agree that the events were well planned and that the video was not the cause of the planning.

    However, does it not seem likely that the video served as a convenient basis and rallying cry for those who did the attacking? They seem to require little manipulation to generate homicidal furry, and the video was excellent for that purpose.

    They need not even have seen the video, although I understand that it was translated so that they could understand it. It seems unlikely that most of the “foot soldiers” there, many of whom are illiterate and hear only what they are told by their leaders, are sufficiently aware of geopolitics to react other than to something like the video. Had the video never been produced, some other convenient basis and rallying cry could likely have been easily found.

    1. “However, does it not seem likely that the video served as a convenient basis and rallying cry for those who did the attacking? They seem to require little manipulation to generate homicidal furry, and the video was excellent for that purpose.”

      Absolutely, Dan. I was trying to imply such with my point that they need a public trigger reason. You said it much better than I did. Thanks!

  3. Well, hopefully your blood pressure is a little less. Ever so often, even as mild mannered as I am, I have to vent or I will explode. Please do not feel bad about doing this, we have all been there and with what is going on now, it is “normal” as far as I am concerned. I do not think this was sporadic, it was cold and calculated and I believe they had help in the planning. For the Sec of State not do her job should be a pink slip and Obama has dropped the ball, as well. He only wants to read his teleprompter, golf and watch tv. Oh, I left out flying around the country on our dime and vacations. I have never, in my 58 years seen such total bullshit come out of this White House and there has been plenty of it over the years. To just throw it in our faces takes alot of nerve, well, something other than that, but nerve will do. For our Military to be neutered as they were/are, is unheard of. I know there are those on the dole that will NEVER vote against this fraudulant man (term used lightly) in OUR HOUSE, but we have to make sure that the vote is kept honest and we start healing this country. I have kids and a grandson that I sure as hell do not want to suffer because of this mad man running the show. Well, that is how I feel, at any rate. At times I feel that there is no hope, but that feeling has to be pushed way back and the anger has to come out…adrenaline can be a wonderful thing. Keep the posts coming, Jim!!!!

  4. I would be interested to see what you make of Bernanke’s reelection campaign. Although I can guess your general take of it, I would like to see the macro-economic conclusions you draw from it. You can have the advantage of knowing mine from my piece on the subject today.

  5. Bernanke just sent our economy into oblivion. Rampant inflation coming our way. I dont know which issue is more upsetting. But you did good! P.S. Hope your wordpress issue is resovled.

    1. Yeah! I am going to post on Bernanke on Monday. We are being bombarded with one crisis on top of the other. I wish I was up to writing three or four posts a day. There is no shortage of material to write about; that’s for sure.

  6. Dude! I took my blood pressure medicine this morning, and you need to do likewise. If you don’t take blood pressure medication, find some! Perhaps you can try a South American blood pressure remedy a Colombian lady friend told me about. Boil some ginger root, and drink the stuff. It can’t be worse than whiskey. Or, maybe you would prefer the whiskey. I do.

    You are right. The video is nothing more than a red herring. The attacks carry the familiar Al Qaeda finger prints, and were planned some time ago. That is so obvious it is painful.

    And to think that I had to challenge some dummy on another blog that Al Qaeda has not been diminished as the Democrats claim. What a bunch of fools.

    1. You bet I took my blood pressure pills. I even took an extra baby asprin. I do have a thing for 12 or 18 year old scotch; but I can’t afford it any more.

      Yeah, you don’t often find spur of the moment mobs with rocket lauchers, gernades and automatic weapons, do you? Not even in Libya.

    2. I have a BP pill as well, but will look into the Ginger root, would love to get off the pills. I don’t like any pills, for that matter. Now, on the other hand, a good bottle of Bushmill’s is usually handy to have around, might try that.

  7. Did you ever think you’d see the day when the black flag of Al-Qaeda is flying over our Embassy? Worse yet, our Commander-in-Chief is probably silently applauding. Shocking? Not really when you look at his track record and ideology. He supports reparations, anti-Colonialism and in general wants the U.S. influence checked globally. A little egg on our face like the flag stunt is a step in that direction. He is the epitomy of an anti-American and stands a very good chance of receiving a mandate from the American people to give them more of the same. Sad. Disgusting. Disheartening.

      1. Jim the sad fact is that not every American keeps track of what is going on in the rest of the world or here for that matter. They don’t think further ahead than what they are doing this weekend or what game is on the tube. I am not sure we can really blame them (most likely they don’t even know they are doing it), maybe they are the lucky ones that are just going along with the flow and carefree. I doubt they have blood pressure problems. Maybe this is our crutch to bear, that we care what happens and we have to look out for the innocents and stupid people. We are the ones crying out about the consequences, we can only hope that some of them open their ears and listen. They will have to once their jobs are gone and the money stops coming in, then they will wonder when this happened, but til then, we do what we do.

      2. “Maybe this is our crutch to bear, that we care what happens and we have to look out for the innocents and stupid people.”

        I agree with you, Loo. I don’t recent that we must take care of those innocent and stupid people. What conerns all of us, of course, is when they out number us and out vote us. That will mean the end of America as we have known it. Until 2007_2008 I was content living here in venezuela. For the first time since I moved here, I wish i could live in the States again. I wish I could do more to help save my country than just wrote this blog. I would like to active in a local Tey Party and help by going door to door encouragine potential Republican voters to turn out on election day even if I needed to drive them myself. I lived the American dream and I want my grandchildren and greatgrandchildren to have the chance to do the same- In short, Loo, I am frustrated that there is not more that I can do.

      3. We have gone to a few different Tea Party groups, what I see is controlling people micro-managing the groups. They are fed bits and pieces of what they want them to know. We have tried to give out DVD’s or literature to give them some other things to think about, but they have to be “cleared” from the head people before they will let them have it. Sad thing is that these people feel they are “informed” and they are, on a very limited basis. I live in central Illinois, the area is or rather was very “unionized”, but so many of the big companies have moved out. This has left the area with alot of people on welfare and unemployment. The jobs are moving out of Illinois because of the extreme taxes our governor has subjected us to. BUT, they are still Democrat voters, they just do not associate what is happening with them to their party and I doubt they ever will. There are those of us that try to get the word out, but then the Republican Party groups are not much better. I resent those that try and feed me bits and pieces of info they want me to know,,,so that leaves me on the internet looking for the truth. What I have found here is people of like minds whether they are one party or another that want what is best for our country and not necessarily for just the party. Of course there are a few that will never listen and absorb what is being said and process it with an open mind. Those of us with children and grandchildren are scared, scared people do things out of their comfort zone, things they might not ordinarily do. I guess we have to become aggressive in our believes, that might be our last hope. We do not have the luxury of being complacent anymore. Take care and do what you can do.

      4. I was a Republican for mist of mt adult life. Then I finally wised up. Sadly, our political history is such that third parties don’t have a chance. Reforming the Republicans is the only option I see, Linda. So, I’ll keep blogging in the hope that someone besides the choir comes by and is influenced.


      5. Third party candidates are shot down at the get go, look at what they did in the debates to those candidates. The moderators were horrible and so obvious about it, too. I know that we just have to keep hoping we can get more conservative like minded people into the Republican field. There are always some that will stop by and there is the chance that we we take away from the blogs and voice to others here at home will make a difference as well. All we can do is arm ourselves with the best knowledge we can find and pass it on. If nothing comes of it, we can at least say we tried, unlike those that sat and did nothing. Take care.

  8. Man, I think I can see the steam coming off your house all the way in Oklahoma. I surely didn’t mean to send you into orbit, but I understand completely. This situation is more than a little frustrating and you nailed it perfectly. Thanks for the link, Jim. I appreciate it.

    1. Well, I was already pretty fired uo by the time I got to your place, Larry. The point you were making was the final straw. We have a buch of fools in charge of our country, as you well know, and it is driving me up a wall.

  9. Thanks for the link Jim, I am sorry for contributing to your rage. But welcome to the club, I am outraged as well! This falls solely on Obama and Clinton for their policies and their ineptitude! They both backed the Arab Spring and this is the result of that backing. They both have blood on their hands if you ask me and the MSM was touting how great Obama was for ushering Democracy in in the Middle east with his Cairo speech yet now that it has backfired they have decided to focus on ROmney instead of outing Obama. It is so maddening!

  10. Jim,

    I had no idea that you live in Venezuela. When there off and on from 1996 until 2001, I enjoyed it. As you are more aware than I am, the place has changed. Daniel at Venezuela News and Views and Moctavio at The Devil’s Excrement comment on the situation there almost daily, but I doubt that they have as many readers in the United States as I think you do. Their blogs are principally about Venezuela and rarely touch on analogies to the United States. Might you consider an occasional post about the horrid situation there and its possible migration to the United States?

    Chavez started his revolution slowly at first and by 2001 it was hardly noticeable that he had. Now, it is inescapable. People in the United States seem neither to realize just how bad it has become there nor to draw any comparisons between President Obama’s slow start and what he would be capable of doing with the “greater flexibility” provided by a second term.

    1. Hi, Dan,

      I could have sworn that I mentioned on a post you did some while back on Venezuela that I lived here. Anyway, I first came here to do some consoukting (mining) in 1992. The next year I came here to work and and in 1999 I had to retire for health reasons and I decided to stay here. You are right that Chavez started his “fundamental change of Venezuela” slowly. It was after four or five years that he admitted to being a Marxist. I did do a couple of posts on Venezuela and Chavez; but my wifr (Venezuelan) made me sware I would not do it anymore. I don’t know if you are aware; but Miguel Octavio felt he had to leave Venezuela. To my knowledge he has not revieled where he is currently living. It was four or five years ago that Chavez bought a statlite ( Stelite Simon Bolivar) from the Chinese for thirty billion dollars on credit. He told us it was to bring netter communications and TV to us poor Venezuelans. He built a highly secure control center in Valle de Pascua in Guarico state. It is maned mostlyy by Cubans. We all know that its purpose was to spy on us: intercept cell phone calls and e-mails amd etc.

      There is another good blog on Venezuela in English called Caracas Chronicles.
      Francisco Toros is the main witer there, but he lives in the US. He does seem to have some amazing contacts.

      I can’t aount the times in my blog tthat I have said that something Obama or his administration is doing is right out of the Hugo Chavez playbook.

      Thanks, Dan, for your interest in Venezuela. I have actually been surprised how much my commentors know about Venezuela.

      Stay well there in panama. I will try to keep my head down.

      1. Thanks, Jim

        Your position is not only understandable but entirely reasonable.

        If you are interested in posting articles on Venezuela — the electoral kerfuffle now in progress and a revolution should it occur, for example — and can find a safe and secure way to get them out of Venezuela, I would be honored to post them on my blog as from an anonymous source knowledgeable of what’s going on (or however else you might wish to have them attributed). I suspect that other bloggers would be equally honored to do the same were you to contact them.

        Should you want to contact me, you have my e-mail address via the WordPress comment notifications.


  11. Jim. Several people on this blog have stated in comments that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were directly responsible for the deaths in our Libyan embassy. I always take things like t cautiously in case it was wrong. Now that I have taken some time to read more of what has been going on, things are worse than I thought.

    Those who comment on your blog are correct, and I owe them a bit of apology for not immediately believing them.

    Our Libyan embassy had NO security force, and NO marines. The Ambassador had a couple of body guards who were former seals, and I don’t think that the Libyans officially allowed them to carry guns. As a matter of fact, the Ambassador’s location was thought to be a secret. Somebody let the cat out of the bag, and Hillary is directly responsible for there being NO SECURITY at the embassy. People are dead because of her decisions.

    It is incomprehensible to me that the President of The United States allowed US diplomatic personnel to work in a dangerous area with NO SECURITY!

    Also, the report that the Ambassador to Egypt, Ann Patterson, ordered that US Marines have no live ammunition is incorrect. The Pentagon put out a statement to that effect.

    Have a good weekend, and may God bless the United States of America.

  12. I’ve actually heard people say that Obama’s foreign policy is his strong suit. I’ve never understood that. How is fecklessness a strong foreign policy? Ignore the popular uprising in Iran after their sham elections, even when the Iranians protesting were really asking for democracy and were actually fighting against an Islamic extremist government already in charge. Then, help the Islamic extremists fighting against other governments… Isn’t that backwards? He’s alienated our friends. He’s given succor to our enemies. He’s apologized for our strength and worked to make us weaker. This is our foreign policy? This is good?

    In my memory I can’t think of a weaker, worse, or less active Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton. Madeline Albright comes close, but even she was more active than Hillary. What the hell does Hillary do? She disappears for months at a time… you hear nothing about her or what she’s doing.

    It is in foreign policy that the film “2016: Obama’s America” really seems to hit the nail on the head in terms of helping you understand what the hell he’s doing. It stems from his father, and his father’s anti-colonialism. If you haven’t seen that movie, go see it!

    Anyway… chill out, brother Jim. Let’s hope that this whole Arab spring, and the recent behavior by the Islamists has served to point out even more that Obama is a complete failure. His economic policies have failed, and his foreign policy is a disaster.

    1. For Obama and Hillary it is all about form over substabce, Pat. I continually shake my head that so many Americans still support Obama. I wonder what Obama would have to do to shake their faith in him? I don’t get it.

    2. Obama and his administration are in way over their heads, this proves it. Where did the adults go? I hold them responsible for this mess, as well. As to what our S of S is doing, we do have pics of her partying, don’t we? Doesn’t that make her just like all of us, a real person? If she was doing that on her own “down time”, I might say yes, but seeing as she is doing it in foreign countries most likely on diplomatic business, this looks bad for her. I mean, in college you might expect the tipped beer bottle picture, but on official business, it is a bit above what her job discription might be. You mentioned Obamas economic policies, does he really have one other than he is the leader of the free world and everyone should agree with him?

      1. Yes he does. Redistribution. Crony capitalism. More Keynesianism years after his “stimulus” proved a failure. A drive to Euro-socialism as we watch the countries of Europe go bankrupt…

  13. I’m reading reports now that your government was warned of this happening 48 hours ago, yet nothing was done.

    Beggars belief but the liberal morons will continue to attack Romney, give up your rights to free speech and anything else, so long as their cowardly and worthless asses don’t have to face reality.

    Only when it’s their worthless corpses being dragged through peaceful muslim lands by peaceful muslims will they wake up.

    Hope you have been well Bob.

    1. Dang, Mk, where have you been? You’ve been gone so long you forgot my name. 🙂 I don’t know about Bob, but JIm here is doing fine. I have been worried about you. I hope all is well down-under with you and your family.

      Ypu are right. The Liberals won’t learn until they are the victims.

      Good to hear from you, mate!

  14. Sadly, we don’t set the bar very high when we elect our “leaders”. To call them amateurs is to give them too much credit. They’re spineless hacks without a clue.

    I feel your pain, Jim. Great rant.

    1. The way it has been going, anyone off the street could have performed as well or better. It must take alot of hard work to be so stupid!

  15. Jim. MK has been gone a long time, and he may have been a little confused. We all write about the same stuff, anyway. The good thing about it all is that we enjoy blog relationships with people in different countries, including you in Chavez land and MK in the land down under. Have a good weekend.

  16. Let me add my thought. Think back to the BP Oil spill. Prior to its occurrence O’dumbo agreed for new exploration of oil, suddenly the explosion, then investigation. The report was altered and moratorium put it on drilling. I firmly believe this was a sabotage at the direction of Obama. His way of crippling the oil industry. One by one he has crippled our nation. We cannot have him directing us another four years. No black flag or gold dome on the White House. There will be a civil war again, and we need to think about this and unite.

  17. Hillary Clinton should immediately go to Libya to replace the ambassador. She could wipe the blood on her hands on the pillars next to Chrises……………. anybody agree?

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