Who Is Mitt Romney’s Opponent In This Election

America’s Socialist News Network’s presidential debates start tonight in Denver, Colorado. How did the Republican National Committee allow the Left Stream Media control the debates? Today’s media should be required to register as Democratic Party Super PACs. I’m serious!  But, it is what it is. So, the challenger, Mitt Romney, about whom we know intimate details of his life, will square off against the incumbent, Barack Obama, about whom we know very little even after four years in office. The reason we know so little about Mr. Obama is in part due to his own actions to hide his past by having everything from his birth certificate to his school and college records sealed by court order. The other reason, of course, is that the left Stream Media refused from 2008 until today to vet him as  they have every candidate for the office of President in our history.

Through the efforts of people like Andrew Breitbart and many conservative bloggers, those that have been paying attention were able to piece together a much different picture of who Barack Obama is and it is a much different picture than the one painted by Obama and his minions. We know who his mother was. A strange woman who led a strange life and had some strange connections to people high up in our federal government. We know who Obama’s grandmother was. Not the poor woman Obama wanted us to believe she was. Although there is some debate about who Obama’s real father was, we know that Kenyan, Barack Obama, married his mother and then shortly disappeared. We know that his mother remarried to an Indonesian Muslim and young Barrack becomes young Barry and he goes of to Indonesia and attends a Muslim school for a few years. Obama’s affinity for Muslims has been very evident during his term as our President. We also know that Barry was sent to live with his grandmother in Hawaii. Although his grandmother was not poor, she was not rich either. Yet, Barry/Barack attends an exclusive and expensive private school. How did that happen? And, although we have no reason to believe that Barry/Barack was a superior student, he is admitted to an exclusive and expensive private college in California. How did that happen? Who pulled the strings?  Who paid the bills? We know that Barry or Barack (we don’t know when he changed his name back) went to study at Columbia University where no one remembers him. Obama explained in the fictional books he supposedly wrote about himself that he chose his friends carefully; like radical Marxist professors and like-minded friends. Who paid for his time at Columbia? After Columbia, Barack goes to Harvard to study law. We don’t know if he went as a foreign student from Kenya or not. We do know that he allowed, for sixteen years, a published bio of himself to stand unchallenged that said he was born in Kenya. He was not born in Kenya; but we are left to assume he applied the same tactics as Elizabeth “Cherokee” Warren to his advantage. Although we have no knowledge that Obama was a superior student at Harvard, we know he was appointed to the prestigious Harvard Law Review. This was a first for Harvard, having a black man on the Law Review. It was also the first time that someone named to th Law Review never wrote a review. How did that happen?

After Harvard, Obama decides to go to Chicago where he takes a job an instructor of Constitutional law at the University of Chicago. From those who knew him there, he was a mediocre teacher at best. Obama gets involved in “community organizing” with some shady groups like ACORN and begins to build alliances within the Chicago Democratic machine. He marries Michelle who gets a job paying $300,000 a year at a prestigious Chicago hospital doing what, we don’t know. We know when she left that job, the position was never filled again. How did that happen? Obama decides to run for the State Senate in Illinois against a very popular opponent. He wins because his opponent’s court sealed divorce papers become public, creating a terrible scandal. How did that happen? Who made that happen? Without distinguishing himself as a State Senator, Obama decides to run for the US Senate and he wins. Well he had the Chicago machine behind him and it was probably a safe seat. So, before finishing his first term as an US Senator and without ever writing a single bill, this unknown nobody decides or SOMEBODY decides he should run for President of theses United States against the popular Hillary Clinton who is backed by the Democratic Party machine. And, the rest is now history. Obama defeats Hillary in the primaries and goes on to defeat John McCain for the Presidency. Defeating John McCain was not much of a trick. Defeating Hillary Clinton was an astounding accomplishment. How did that happen?

I think it was Thomas Sowell who wrote recently that nobody could possibly be that lucky. His analogy was that no one goes to Las Vegas expecting to be dealt a royal flush, let alone being dealt a royal flush night after night. But, he says that has been the story of Barack Obama’s life. The Left Stream Media has no interest in trying to find out how a no body could have such a meteoric chain of successes that led to the most powerful position in the world; the Presidency of these United States.

So, now America’s Socialist News Networks will entertain us with what they call the presidential debates. We know the cards are stacked against Mitt Romney. This same media tells us that this election is very close if not in the bag for Obama. They tell us that the only chance Romney has is for him to score a knockout in the debates. Yet, they themselves will be there to try to make sure that doesn’t happen.

In the opinion of this humble observer, Mitt Romney needs to deflect the moderators questions as quickly as possible and attack Barack Obama by ridiculing the President’s record and layout a clear explavtion of what he will do as president and why Americans will benefit from his plan. In short, Mitt Romney needs to go on the offensive. Mitt Romney needs to take off his mittens.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Who Is Mitt Romney’s Opponent In This Election

  1. Isn’t it odd that Romney is winning with Republicans by a huge margin, and that polls also show him leading with independents by a surprisingly large margin, yet the race is a statistical tie and in many swing states Obama is leading… According to polls. Oversampling Democrats a bit, are we? What’s the plan? Dispirit Republican voters. “Romney’s going to lose. It’s not worth casting a ballot. Stay home.”

    Romney definitely has to go past the moderator and make his points. He also needs to find a relatively polite way of calling Obama a stinking effin’ liar, because he is. A polite way would be like Reagan’s, “There you go again…” with a shake of the head. I’d even be OK with, “Wait a second. That’s not the truth. The truth is ______.”

    Obama has nothing but lies on his side. He lies about the 2009 budget (drives me crazy… It was a Democrat budget, never presented to Bush, and signed by Obama in the first month of his term) in order to say his spending hasn’t risen much. Seriously!? He lies about “going back to the policies that created this mess in the first place.” The policies that caused the problem were heavy handed government interference in the market via the Community Reinvestment Act, and (as usual) inept regulators (regulation is never the answer because regulators are always inept… they’re bureaucrats with a completely different set of incentives than private sector workers, like making darned sure they get their coffee break and not making waves. “Keep your head down and make sure the forms are filled out. If you are cooperative with those you’re supposed to oversee, perhaps you can land a high paying job with them.”)

    The question is this: A real recovery started before the stimulus money was spent, and prior to Obamacare legislation being passed. Growth was over 3%. AFTER the Democrat dominated government started implementing their policies, the recovery became anemic and it has stayed anemic (1.3% growth? Welcome to Europe.) for three years. What does that tell you about Obama’s and the Democrat’s big government solutions to our economic problems?

  2. Great job Jim! A wonderful summary of all the questions that still remain about Barack Obama and these are questions the media doesn’t see fit to ask. As Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren would like to say, he didn’t get there on his own. Someone has been guiding this man’s career from the beginning and we don’t know who it is. Meanwhile we know Romney picked on some kid in high school because the media finds that interesting. Yes, Mitt Romney has more than one opponent and the opponent which is most dangerous is the media which is looking to take him down, not Barack Obama himself.

  3. Great article, Jim. I have just one correction.

    Barack Obama was not appointed to the Harvard Law Review. He was the first elected President of the Harvard Law Review. The Harvard Law School administration changed the rules to make sure that someone who was a in a racial minority could have that prestigious position.

    These details can be found in the pages of the New York Times. I researched it before he got elected. It is possible that the article may not be found, now.

    Since Harvard changed their entire system of staffing the Law Review from those with superior academic skills to a popularity contest, it adds to the fishy odor you are describing that has attached itself to Barack Obama.

  4. Romney took full advantage of the format of last night’s debate and hit a grand slam. Lehrer didn’t stand a chance–and Obama looked like he didn’t know what hit him for much of hte 90 minutes. This round: Romney-1, Obama-0, Media-0.
    Following the debate, even Obama-loving pundits had to admit that their guy lost big.

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