Putin to Obama: Take That Nuclear Arms Treaty and Stuff It!

From the New York Times:

The Russian government said Wednesday that it would not renew a hugely successful 20-year partnership with the United States to safeguard and dismantle nuclear and chemical weapons in the former Soviet Union when the program expires next spring, a potentially grave setback in the already fraying relationship between the former cold war enemies.

Gee! What happened? Wasn’t our Nobel Peace Prize winning president going to calm the seas and bring peace to the world by putting an end to America’s long-standing policy of “Peace Through Strength” and replacing it with a kinder gentler and appeasing America? Barack Obama was convinced that he understood something that no previous US president understood. He and he alone knew that many of the problems and tensions in the world were due to the arrogance of the United States which it had demonstrated over the years around the world because its “Super Power” status had gone to its head. Barack Obama understood that the United States was just one nation in a world of equal nations.

Shortly after taking office, Obama made his famous apology tour to Cairo. There would be a new era of friendly and supportive relations between America and the Muslim nations. Soon he set his State Department to training young Arabs to organize protests against their governments. He decided that strong men leaders that the US had supported either directly or tacitly for decades had to go and make way for Islamic style democracy in the region. Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya had to go. That turned out real well for the Muslim Brotherhood and various al Qaeda militia groups. It didn’t turn out so well for our Ambassador to Libya and three off his staff. But, North Africa and the Middle East were only part of Obama’s plan to calm the seas.

The other part of Obama’s plan was to improve relations with our old “cold war” nemesis, Russia. On matters of missile defense and nuclear arms, Obama proposed his “Reset” plan for negotiating with Russia. The US would drop its plans for an East European missile defense system and when Russia asked for information on the British missile defenses, Obama obliged against the wishes of our strongest ally. And, who can forget the “hot mike” words that Barack Obama spoke to Putin’s stand-in Russian President Medvedev? Our President explained to his Russian colleague that this was his last election and after the election he would be “more flexible”. Medvedev said he understood and would pass that message to Mr.Putin. Well, by yesterday’s announcement, it appears that Vladimir Putin is not betting on Obama to have a chance to be “more flexible”.

Friends, this humble observer is worried. I want to put you on alert. Mitt Romney has, of late, caught a lot of flak over his statement that Russia is our greatest enemy or some such words. He is not wrong! In my opinion, Vladimir Putin and Russia are about to become a very big and very dangerous thorn in the side of the United States thanks to the ineptitude of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Pay very close attention to what is going on in Syria.

I want you to think back and recall the words that Hillary Clinton spoke repeatedly. She said that President Assad of Syria was not like his father, that we (The United States) could work with him; that he was a reformer. You heard Paul Ryan mention this last night in the debate.  But, after the Arab Spring reached Syria and began burning out of control and the killings of tens of thousands of Syrians began, Madam Secretary changed her tune and it is important that we all pay very close attention to her new message. This administration has drawn a “red line” around the supposed chemical weapons that the Assad regime has. The potential is very real for a real or false flag announcement that either Assad or some radical rebel group is about to put those chemical weapons to use. That would mean that the UN, NATO,   and the US would have to step in to secure those chemical weapons.

Here is what everyone needs to understand. Syria IS NOT Libya or Egypt.  Syria is strategic for many reasons. You know that Syria is strategic to Iran for very bad reasons. What you may not know is that Syria is very strategic to Russia and to plans that Putin has to transport his country’s oil through Turkey and Syria to the deep water ports that Syria allows Russia to use. Syria and Russia are allies. Those ports are very important to Russia. Russia has many troops (military advisors?) in Syria and a large part of their navy is in the Mediterranean. Putin (Russia) needs a stable Syria that only a strongman like Assad can provide. If the UN, NATO, and the US intervene in Syria, be it a real or false flag, Putin and Russia will not stand idly by.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have created a powder keg in North Africa and the Middle East. They put the match to the fuse. If it blows up it will not be some small regional war. It has the potential to become something much worse. There is time to put out the fuse if cool heads prevail. That is a very big “if”.

Pay very close attention to Syria, my friends. And, pay very close attention to words used by our “leaders”.  A misstep could be devastating.

Well, now you know what I know. What are your thoughts?

20 thoughts on “Putin to Obama: Take That Nuclear Arms Treaty and Stuff It!

  1. I guess that ole reset button didn’t work. Oh well. There’s still time for the world’s greatest, the most intelligent man ever, to make Putin bow before his moral superiority.

    And I’d also like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

  2. To be fair, Russia is a very prickly country.

    Remember how Coni Rice was supposed to be a Russia expert? It didn’t help Bush at all.

    Russia was on their knees after the wall fell, they lost their republics, and instead of kicking them when they were down, we extended a helping hand, and they’ve resented us for it ever since.

    Sometimes, you just can’t win.

    1. Kurt, you have touched on a very important point. Russia and Putin in particular still resent what happened during the Reagan years. The USSR went bankrupt trying to stay up with America’s military advancements. Potin would like nothing better than to return the favor. By embroiling us in a costly war in the Middle East, the US may very well be bankrupted. Ironic, isn’t it?

  3. “Peace Through Strength” has been replaced by “Leading From Behind”, that is why all the bowing and Hillary is the perfect Secretary of State.
    We are now supposed to instead of turning the other cheek, to turn the other butt.

    What more is there to say!

      1. Exactly. The sooner we can get the current administration out of Washington, the better we can all sleep at night.

  4. Jim, this is a very thorough analysis. Add to it the fact that Iran is ruining out of oil and gas, and has territorial designs in the Middle East. For the last 4 years we had no foreign policy to speak of.

    1. ” For the last 4 years we had no foreign policy to speak of.”

      I find myself at times torn between believibg Obama and Hillary are fools and the possibility that they have some eevil design. They may not be the brightest of people; but they are ideologs and that makes them dangerous.

  5. Yes, Jim…you have presented some great insight on this. I think part of the reason we were supposed to keep a strong presence in Iraq was to thwart just this sort of Russian influence with Syria and Iran. Looks like the Clintons and Obama didn’t agree with that strategy, but instead decided to hand over the whole Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood, who will be all too happy to do business with Russia…and are.

    Between Mutually Assured Destruction and Mutually Assured Economic Destruction…the powers are Assuring Destruction on all fronts these days.

    Do I remember something about the Lord sending his army of Angels to subdue Syrians? This is certainly more than we can handle on our own.

    1. It is a terrible mess, Cheryl. Obama and Hillary built the bomb and set the fuse. There is no win for the US in this. A costly conflict and disruption of the oil flow from the region and the US will be bankrupted and Putin will be smiling from ear to ear. Pay backs are nell!!

  6. I also am very worried about what is happening in the Middle East right now and fear this could become a huge problem in the very near future. Barack Obama’s policy of appeasement is close to blowing up in America’s face. We saw this happen in Europe in the 1930s and now we are the ones who are following the same type of policies which led to WWII

    1. I can’t yell you, Steve, how much I want to be wrong about this. But, Obama and others have put certain events in motion and now they have taken on a life of their own. this din’t have to happen. I suppose we could say that about many wars, couldn’t we?

    2. Steve,
      We are indeed seeing many of the hallmarks of the 1930s. At least, those of us with any knowledge of history are seeing what’s bearing down on us. So many don’t have a clue about history and are going to be blindsided.

  7. Nearly every day brings news of yet another failure of the Obama administration.

    In my view, it’s only a matter of time before “the bad thing” happens — a terrorist attack on the part of jihadists, a world war that engulfs all of us because Obama has weakened our military, an economic meltdown due to the wild spending this administration has done.

  8. The population of Syria is 74% Sunni (mostly Sunni Arabs, but also Kurds , Circassians and Turkomans ), 13% Alawi and Shia (mostly Arabs), 10% Christian ( Arab Christians , Assyrians and Armenians ) and 3% Druze (sometimes considered part of Shia Islam). Combined, 87% of the Syrian population is Muslim . The majority of the Syrian population is Arab .

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