What Has Happened To The Leadership Of America’s Armed Forces? When Did The Idea Of America Die? _ Update

It’s Sunday and normally this page is dedicated to the poems of The Nard of Murdock. You will find the Bard’s poem to the right. It is well worth your time to read. I am posting today because there is rage roaring inside of me that will not subside. Ever since the Fox News story broke on Friday that our CIA operatives, ex-Navy Seals at the Benghazi Consulate annex asked permission to go to the aid of our Ambassador Christopher Stevens and were told TO STAND DOWN! Not once but twice. Row of those Navy Seals,  Tyrone Woods and  Glen Doherty, disobeyed that second order TO STAND DOWN and went to the consulate anyway to try to find and protect the Ambassador. They could locate the Ambassador but they did get several people out of the consulate and then fought their way back to the annex which was then under attack.  They requested reenforcements and an air strike. They had the motor that the terrorist were setting up painted with a laser. The air support never came. The fought on for six more hours before being killed by a direct hit from the motor.

Why were Woods and Doherty told  TO STAND DOWN and not go to the aid of Ambassador Stevens? If they had been allowed to go, our Ambassador and Sean Smith may have been saved.. Why was no attempt made to give our men the air support they requested?

Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, says that those who are criticizing the decisions taken are a buch of Monday Morning Quarterbacks. Really? Is that what we are? Leon Panetta says they didn’t have enough intel to act. Really? When did a commander ever have more information than you and your Generals had, Mr. Secretary of Defense? You had live communications with our operatives in the thick of the battle. You had real time visuals of the attacks from our drone overlooking the battle. What more intel did you and your Generals need, Mr. Panetta? We are told that there were two drones. That the second drone relieved the first drone probably so it could return to base to refuel. We are left to assume these drones were not armed. Why then didn’t the first drone get armed and return to aid our men? If we had no arms for our drones in Libya, WHY NOT?

Yesterday a commenter at America’s Watchtower by the name of Sonny said this:

Latest news is the 3 generals involved with decisions in Benghazi have stated that “we didn’t have enough intel to go in”. The general has stated that they can’t just ‘blindly’ send in troops into a situation that they don’t have full details on….

I have not been able to find a source about what these three Generals said. If it is true, those three Generals should resign immediately and they  should be Court Martialed for dereliction of duty. Who were these three Generals? Was one of them General Dempsey?

My heart breaks for the families of those who died in Benghazi. I am ashamed of the leadership of this administration. In the opinion of this humble observer,  the Secretary of State, the Director of the CIA, the Secretary of Defense, and the Commander-in-Chief should all resign in shame. Where was our Commander-in-Chief? We are being told he was not aware of any requests for help in Benghazi. Really? Why was he not aware? Was he not in the WH Situation Room? If not, why not?

What message is the high command of our Armed Forces and the Commander-in-Chief sending to the men and women they expect to protect America’s interests? The message they are sending is if you get in trouble and we don’t have perfect information about your situation, you will be left on your own because we won’t send any kind of reinforcements. When did the idea of America die?

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Update with a hat Tip to Blue’s Blog

38 thoughts on “What Has Happened To The Leadership Of America’s Armed Forces? When Did The Idea Of America Die? _ Update

  1. Your sentiment is shared by most. There is so much more to this and it shall come out. The Generals should have resigned than carry Obama’s deed. That is my guess. Or rather Valerie jarrett the genius,his utmost adviser.

  2. I share your concerns… The Administration has not come clean and even the President appears to be actively sweeping the investigation under the rug until after the election.

    This is a very big deal. Big enough to bring down a presidency. I’m going to write about it, too.

  3. This isn’t new unfortunately. Over the past few decades, spurred on by the debacle in Vietnam and the relatively cakewalk engagements in Grenade, Panama and Desert Storm, the DoD has become ever more risk averse….to the point where often times, force protection rules the day.

    We no longer ride to the sound of the guns. We analyze, assess, mitigate and task organize to a point of absurdity before ever seeing the elephant.

    1. You are probably right, CI. I smehow didn’t pick up oon it over all these years. When did it become necessary for commanders to go to the WH Situation Room to get permission to support their troops in danger? I am trying to imagine General George patton calling Deneral Eisenhower to get permission to send reinforcements to aid one of his units in trouble. I don’t believe that would ever have happened. And, I have to believe Gneral Eisenhower would have relied from duty any commander who thought that had to get permission to support their troops.

      1. When the forces are organic to your command, such as any that would fall under AFRICOM, there typically isn’t the need to take a request to the National Command Authority. When it becomes an interagency issue, such as DoD to DoS, there are likely bureaucratic layers of coordination and approval that make no realistic sense to you or I.

  4. The Benghazi attack has been a screw up from start (actually, before the start) to the finish… And the coverup isn’t finished yet! The “we didn’t have enough information” line is simply intellectually dishonest, as you have pointed out. How much more information can you get than communications with the people on the ground, confirmed by the drone over head? Did we need the bad guys to be wearing shirts that said “Terrorist” on the front? Did we need them to announce “We are firing on your positions because it is our intention to kill people”? What, exactly, were they looking for in terms of more information?

    I’ve heard speculation that they didn’t want to fly anything in for fear that there was a trap laid, and the terrorists were waiting for the help so they could shoot down a jet or a helicopter. This brings up two things: first, if what you’re seeing leads you to have that fear, you’re pretty damned confident that this isn’t a “protest” that’s out of hand; second, if you have that fear, can’t you plan for it? How long would it take to figure out a way to defeat such a plan when you have the kind of technology we have? Here’s one… We had a guy on the roof laser targeting the mortar location. Fly high enough to put a laser guided bomb on target and get the hell out of there. If no rockets are coming your way (hopefully you’re high enough to defeat any that might be), circle and light up another target. Another plan… As Jim said. Arm the f-ing drone with a laser guided munition.

    All of the statements they are making make them sound increasingly incompetent.

    Oh… And I’ll tell you where Obama was. Getting ready to campaign. That’s what he likes to do.

    1. Pat, I am still havibg trouble getting my head around why the first person in the chain of command didn’t locate and send the nearest assets he could find instead bucking the decission up the chain. Out enemoes must be laughing at US. That makes me sick!

    2. Pat, that is ALL he knows how to do! We are the ones that are suffering for it. Stupid people voted him in, intelligent ones will have to vote him out.

  5. Like the rest of my fellow Right Blogistanis, I am righteously pissed off about this. Panetta and the glorified wine stewards who call themselves generals should all be fired.

    This is what happens when inexperienced people who have no idea what they are doing are put in charge.

    I’m firing up the flamethrower for my Monday post.

  6. I’ve been told by military personnel exactly what C I is saying….that there is no stomach for real time engagement or taking any chances. On who did this….I am still thinking Obama was the one who refused to help those guys…and went on his merry way. The generals….I think the entire military has been wimped, for lack of a better way to put it. They seem to be more concerned with internal social policies and humanitarian missions than actual defense. and on Panetta….good grief. The very idea that Leon Panetta is anywhere near our military is such an affront to America, I can’t imagine it.

    We will see in a week and half if these creeps stay in office and positions. I hope. That is unless the election turns into another chaotic legal tangle. I feel like I am just holding my breath…..

    1. We have the best soldiers and special forces the world has ever seen. Our top brass have been politicized and indoctrinated in political correctness. The are not fit to lead our troops! When Romney is sworn into to office, he needs to puge the Pentagon and the CIA.

  7. This administration is an embarrassment and the media just covers everything up. Although as a libertarian I am upset that Romney is unwilling to make any serious cuts, I really do hope we can get Obama out of the white house. We need to show the American people that it is not OK for the president of the United States to do things like this and get rewarded with another term. The man is a liar and is unfit to run anything.

  8. I posted my disagreements with Gen. Dempsey, Chair of the Chiefs of Staff, in an article about 2 months ago. Unfortunately to no avail because this is one of the culprits for the Benghazi disaster and the cover-up.
    The others are Panetta, Clinton and CIA director David Petraeus, who is the biggest disappointment of all. Petraeus lied to congressional members of the Intelligence committee three days after the attack in full knowledge that is was a terrorist attack.
    Unfortunately none of them will be punished because Romney will become President and they will all lose their jobs with pensions intact. The long term good thing is that Hillary and Petraeus can forget about the presidency in 2016.

  9. Kurt’s description is so-on-the-mark, “Panetta and the glorified wine stewards who call themselves generals”. That’s as good as I have read in a long time.

    You guys have the right idea. Keep on blogging about the Obama Libya disaster as much as you can. Who knows, maybe somebody in Ohio will pick up on the absurdity of a President who makes an issue of directing hurricane preparations in emergency centers this weekend, but was nowhere to be found when men were being killed in Libya because of his policies.

    The shame is ours. The blame is all Obama’s.

    1. Another blogger tells me that the ratings of Fox News have surged since this story broke. The other media are not covering it. So, that means a lot of people are learning the truth; evem in Ohio.
      You are right, Bob. It’s our shame and Obama is to blame.

  10. Thanks for the link Jim, this story infuriates and saddens me at the same time. I have a new post up about this and it turns out that Obama was in the situation room and Panetta couldn’t act unless Barack Obama ordered him to. This means Obama knew about the attack, was watching it, knew about the requests for help and he still didn’t give the order. This is absolutely unforgivable and the most serious dereliction of duty I can think of. I am disgusted by this whole story!

  11. Wow. This thing just gets worse by the day. I am starting to wonder why Romney had nothing to say about it during the third debate when in fact- the third debate was simply a rehash of the other two minus Benghazi. Very odd.

  12. The whole story is really, really shady. Why do we treat our finest men like that? It saddens me that so many people don’t care/don’t understand the significance of what is happening, and our President is one of them.

  13. I wonder what the Obama administration’s course of action would have been had this not happened during a hotly contested election battle. And I am very sad as an American, to even have to voice that question.

  14. It’s not a screw up, they wanted this outcome. Recall the story of the USS Liberty, which they don’t teach in school, where we know that LBJ told the nearby carriers to stand down and offer no aid. If a Russian ship hadn’t come on the scene to see what the trouble was, those sailors were going to be machine gunned to death.

    People seem to soften the blow by calling it a “screw-up” or citing incompetence, but the reality is the agenda of those ordering our military around doesn’t coincide with the best interest of the American people. The military, as Smedley Butler said decades ago, is the tool of the banks to rearrange the world the way THEY want it. In short, we’ve been subverted. And if a critical mass of people start pointing that out, it will strike “terror” into them, thus Homeland Security.

  15. Jim, you are right to be upset, if most people sat and thought about it, those were AMERICANS, I repeat AMERICANS that were left to their own devices and watched while they died. I doubt that it has sunk into some of the brainwashed, that it COULD be them as well as who it was. They were on American ground, or so we are told it is. Would I travel now, knowing that if something happened, I would be rescued?? The answer is NO. Was this president qualified for this job? No, again. Was he elected because the powers that be wanted him and people wanted to show how “non-racist” our country was? Probably. Has it been a total “cluster-f**k”, sure it has. The problem is, not alot have learned from the experience. They only see all the free things that they are given and instead of taking some pride in themselves, they collect what they can and vote the way Obama wants them to. I don’t blame someone that is actually in NEED of assistance and there are alot that are, BUT, there are also the scammers and lazy ones that will never try to find honest work. This is the turning point for our country, I fear that voter fraud will be massive….I also have to wonder about the timing of Obama now being “presidential” for this storm…what happened to “presidential” for people that were begging for his help in Benghazi? Were they less American than the people that are here in the country? Makes no sense to me and the more I try and think it over, the more I see nothing but something that went wrong, more massive than F&F and handled poorly from all fronts. I can’t imagine that most in the military have any faith in this man (term used lightly) protecting them if the going gets rough. I can see a mass exodus out of the military if he is re-elected. We should be proud of our service members, not dismissive of them as Obama is, they mean nothing to him unless he needs a photo-op. They are underpaid and put in harms way for political reasons, who would want to be in that situation? Well, I have said enough, I am disgusted in what is going on, as one person, I will do what I can to spread the word, will it be enough? I sincerely hope so. Keep the faith is all I have to offer at this point and hope there are those in the shadows that are manipulating what they can and hopefully are able to stop this massive fraud that is being sprung on the American People.

      1. I agree, Jim! There are those working in the shadows, as I have said, that are trying to manipulate the outcome, I hope there are enough of them and that they are successful. And no, these people had no business in OUR HOUSE, period. They know how to “play”, not “lead” and we are seeing the end results of what is happening. To them we are pawns and this is a game, to us, it is our life and our country, big difference. We need to “consider the source” and get theml out of this administration and take their “training pants” home with them, this is a job for someone that wears “big boy pants” and can run with those big dogs….and Obama isn’t it for all his blustering and Chicago Ways. He is a whiny, sniveling, snot nosed youngster that has never grown up, we need more than that in command. He needs to go home and as they say “learn to play well with others” before he gets a REAL job”. Was that too harsh????

      2. No, Linda, that waen’t too harsh at all. Obama got his 3:00am call at 3:00pm and he couldn’t handle it. We shouldn’t be surprised; but we should have been able to count on him at least some adults around him. He didn’t. They all have to go! And, a president Romney is going to have to purge the Pentagon as well. There are too many political butt kissers in the Pentagon and that has to change.

  16. In December 1983 Bush flew to El Salvador and warned that country’s military leaders to end their death squads and hold fully free elections or face the loss of U.S. aid. Bush’s aides feared for his safety and thought about calling the meeting off when they discovered apparent blood stains on the floor of the presidential palace of Álvaro Magaña . Bush was never told of the aides’ concerns and a tense meeting was held in which some of Magaña’s personnel brandished semiautomatic weapons and refused requests to take them outside.

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