Stupid On Steroids! Are Green Taxes In Our Future?

It’s the Friday before the most important election in our life time. People are tense. They are rightfully worried about the future of our nation. The pundits all agree that this election is too close to call. Now, I am one who has believed for some time that there are no undecided voters. That has to be a myth. The choice that voters have to make is between two totally different directions for our country. Obama offers no hope and Romney offers some hope. So, in my opinion, the election is already decided. We just won’t know the results until next Wednesday. With that in mind,  it was my intention today to lighten things up a little to relieve some of the tension you are feeling. I was going to ask you to watch this video I hijacked from Frankenstein Government that explains the debt crisis we are facing in terms that even a child could understand.

Then I was going to suggest that you pass this video on to someone you know is planning to vote for Obama on the off-chance that the message might finally get through to them that America can not survive four more years of Obama. Then I was going to say “Oops! We got a problem. You can’t fix stupid, can you?” And then I was going to leave you  with this cartoon I snatched from Blue’s Blog


And, that, my friends, was going to be the end of today’s post. But, you know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men. I came across an article that proves that the above cartoon is no joke. It is deadly serious.

What was the one stupid idea that Barack Obama had when he took office in 2009 that he couldn’t even get passed by his Democratic super majority in both Houses of Congress? Cap and Trade. Now, nearly four years later, with all the disastrous evidence from countries like England and some  European countries that passed carbon tax laws, you would think that not even our Floppy Eared Dunce of a president would go anywhere near a carbon tax. But, noooo! Apparently there really is no cure for stupid.

From Fox News we learn:

A major tax study currently being sponsored by the U.S. Treasury will give environmental activists a powerful new weapon in their campaign to alter the entire American economic and social landscape  in the name of halting “climate change”—including the possible levying of new carbon taxes.


Under the bland title of Effects of Provisions in the Internal Revenue Code on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the $1.5 million study is being carried out under the auspices of the National Academy of Science (NAS). Originally planned to take two years, the ambitious project aims to take an inventory of the U.S. tax code in terms of  the effects of its most important provisions on the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions—a huge and complicated exercise in environmental and economic modelling.

According to the article, the environmental activists see this study as a powerful new weapon in their battle against global warming no matter who wins the election. Their logic is simple (stupid). The next congress will be under a lot of pressure to reduce the deficits. To reduce the deficits, our nation will need more revenue. And, how better to increase revenues that to hang a great big anchor around the necks  of those who will be trying to grow the economy and tell them to try harder.

I rest my case. You can’t fix stupid!

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

31 thoughts on “Stupid On Steroids! Are Green Taxes In Our Future?

  1. Cap and Trade is absolutely the worst fiscal disaster that could happen to the United States… even worse than Obamacare. If implemented together it assures the U.S. will become a 3rd world economy in a very few years.

    What scares me most is a 2nd Obama term and Sandy fear-mongering used to push Senate approval of Kyoto and Congress passing Cap and Trade.

    Cap and Trade, thank goodness, will never pass Congress in a Republican held House.

  2. Oh… for the record… the October Jobs report will be released in a few minutes. My official prediction is it will be construed to favor the President. If it didn’t the Sandy excuse would have been used to delay it until after the election.

  3. If Obama is reelected, there are many more taxes in our future. Our government will have to tax us at European levels to pay for their trillions of dollars of follies.

    I recommend my fellow Americans study up on Argentina and Venezuela, once advanced, great and economically powerful nations now driven to economic penury by leftists. That is our future.

  4. Rest assure, No harebrain taxes will be passed under Romney.

    You are right, Jim, the election has already been decided, and you will come to appreciate Romney more in the next four years. Just don’t expect him to do the impossible if we don’t win the senate.

    His tax reduction plan is doable with minor adjustments. It will simplify the tax code and it will definitely increase revenues. Deficits will start going down slowly but surely. America will get back to past growth patterns.

    I refuse to think in what I know it will happen if Obama wins – at least for now – but the most important clear message would be that the American people are not up to the task of knowing what is best for them, anymore.

    1. I wish I had your confidence in Romney. I will jeep rooting for him to do what he can. Gawd I hope we win the Senate, as well. That would help so much. Another four years of Harry Reid is unbearable to think about.

  5. yeah, this is about as stupid as Bloomberg blaming Sandy on climate change.How terribly convenient to blame a pie-in-the-sky concept on the fact that you, Mr. Mayor, were woefully unprepared for your city to face a natural disaster of this scale. (And I won’t even get into the people who are dumpster diving just 3 days after the storm–did ‘ya not buy a couple extra cans of soup?) My heart goes out to those that truly lost their homes or their homes are uninhabitable. But for the rest of you–if you didn’t have sense enough to buy some extra non-perishable food and get cash (you know, that green stuff) before the storm hit and were instead relying on who? The government? HA!
    Oops, sorry, COF. I went way off your topic.

  6. Wow! “Dumb” loves to look out and project its “dumbness” everywhere it looks! “Green Taxes?!” Oh no! I’m TOO DUMB to notice the “Carbon Taxes” I already pay! Too fuc-ing DUMB to notice the cost of killing 6-8,000 people a year in the Los Angeles area alone, from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease… think THAT is caused by the greenies? How about an 11 carrier fleet, The size of EVERY OTHER NATION on earth (& China’s recent purchase of a 2nd hand Ukrainian carrier, their 1st, is hardly cause for worry… no planes!)? And garrisoning the planet with 1000 bases… any “tax” money involved, d’y’think? I could run on forever, mercury in fish (coal), groundwater pollution (fracking), oil spills… the hits just keep on coming! Every one paid for by us, the tax-payer, yet articles like this make it seem we are currently NOT paying taxes for our energy choices! How blind! How uninformed! How… Dumb!

      1. I’m jealous. I wish I would get tirades like this in my blog. It would be proof that I have made it and I’m getting attention from the 47% that approve of the job the Presidents is doing. You cannot cure . . . the 47%.

        Instead, Conservatives On Fire, has made it. Well, Congratulations, Jim; but I’m still jealous!

  7. Rudy, thank you for pointing out mu typo. I don’t have spellcheck on my comment platform and my regular readers know that I am legally blind. It does make for lots of mistakes in my commments. You had no way of knowing that.

    Here is a question for you, Rudy. Why has the American life expectancy increased from 65 years to 80 years in the last fifty years, including in LA. Is that because the rest us are poisoning Americans with our carbon footprints for all those years?


  8. Wow….Rudy is off the charts, eh? Good question you ask of him. Watts Up With That has a great rebuttal on Bloomberg’s stupidity re: his endorsement of Obama based on Global Warming. Makes you wonder what all these people are going to do when they realize they have wasted their entire minds, energy, and time on a complete and total fiction. I really do wonder that…if they ever do figure it out, what on earth will they do? Meanwhile, for God’s sake, let’s take the keys to the government treasuries and laws away from them! And fast!!

  9. Green-ism is the new Marxism … it is part of the “Sustainability Movement.” You’re right, Jim. They’ll keep coming back until they wear us down or until they’ve brainwashed all our children to accept at face value all the lying filth that comes out of their progressive communist mouths.

  10. That was a pretty funny cartoon Jim! Unfortunately it would be better if this was being done out of stupidity but I think it is much more devious than that because I think they know this is a bunch of bull and their true goal is global redistribution and greater control over the people.

    1. “…their true goal is global redistribution and greater control over the people.”

      That is exactly their goal. But, stupid comes in because they actually they are going to like the result. They won’t like it when they find out equality of results means equal misery.

  11. If it’s a democrat controlled congress, they’ll be the ones initiating it, otherwise obama will do it himself by hook and crook, leftists love taxing anything and everything.

    We have this wretched tax here too, the scumbag promised she wouldn’t do it and betrayed us after she swindled power.

    This and gun control, I promise you these are coming if obama wins a second term. He is not done with your country and this time he has no one to answer to.

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