The Benghazi Fiasco. Why? Why? WHY?!!!

Nearly eight weeks after the Benghazi fiasco on September 11, 2912 amd we have no answers. All we have are questions. WHY?

The answer obviously is this administration, this President, this Commander-in-Chief refuses to tell us what happened and why. And, apart from Fox News, the rest of the media has treated the Benghazi attack the killed an US ambassador for the first time in thirty years and three other Americans as a non-event. WHY?

We are left to surmise that President Obama wanted to keep a lid on things until after the election when supposedly he could be more flexible. And, of course, the Left Stream Media was complicit.

Lack of Security Prior to the Attack

Without  rehashing all the information that has come out since the attack, let me give a short review. We know from e-mail leaks and other sources reported by Fox News that   the Ambassador and others had reported heightened activity of militants in Benghazi including an attack on the British Consulate and our own consulate. We know our Ambassador was worried about the lack of security and made requests to improve the security. We know after the fact that those requests were denied. Worse yet, not only were the requests for additional security denied, we learned that five weeks before the attack the sixteen man security force under Lt. Col. Andy Wood was ordered out of Libya against his recommendation to the contrary. Why? We know that in House Oversight Committee hearing that Congressman Darrel Issa asked Charlene Lamb,, the head of Diplomatic Security Services, about the lack of security in Benghazi. Ms. Lamb responded that they had the “correct level”  of security. When Issa went off on her for that answer, she then said that the Benghazi Consulate had the “approved level” of security. The approved level? Who decided that essentially no security  was the “approved or correct level”? Why?

America’s Non-Response to Americans Under Attack

Thanks to so far unidentified whistle  blowers we know that the White House and all the upper echelons of our government were in voice communications with the people at the CIA annex from the within minutes of the attack beginning until it ended seven hours later. We also know they had real-time visual of the attack via our drones in Benghazi. We know that two ex-Navy Seals wanted to go to the aid of the Ambassador immediately but were told to stand down. By whom? Why? We know that an hour later our two ex-Navy Seals disobayed a second order to stand down. We know that they fought their way into the Consulate and saved many people there, but they could not find the Ambassador. With the rescued people from the Consulate, they fought their way back to the CIA annex and defended the annex for another six hours before being killed by a mortar round. We know they asked for reinforcements and air support but none came. Why? We know that we had special force teams ready to go to the aid of our people in Benghazi but they were not sent. We know that General Ham had a team ready to send to Benghazi but he said he never received the order. Why?

The Shame Gets Worse

If you missed this Fox News story on Friday, please consider it a must read. There is a lot of disturbing information in this article. But, it is this that is tearing my guts apart:

British intelligence sources said that unarmed drones routinely flew over Benghazi every night in flight patterns and that armed drones which fly over chemical sites, some a short flight from Benghazi, “were always said to be on call.” American sources confirmed this and questioned “why was a drone armed only with a camera dispatched?”

There were armed drones in the Benghazi area and we didn’t use to protect our people. Why? Why? WHY?!!!  And, there is more:

British sources on the ground in Benghazi said they are extremely frustrated by the attack and are still wondering why they weren’t called for help. “We have more people on the ground here than the Americans and I just don’t know why we didn’t get the call?” one said.

Both American and British sources said, at the very least, the security situation on the ground and the lack of proper response were the result of “complete incompetence.”…

So, let’s recap this fiasco in Benghazi, Libya that cost the lives of our Ambassador and three other brave Americans. Our government under the “leadership” of Barack Obama intentionally provided no security to the “Diplomatic Mission” in one of the most dangerous areas in the world. Then when the Mission comes under attack, in spite of having a multitude of options to come to the aid of our people, our government under Barack Obama decides to do nothing. Why?!!!

The story that is picking up steam is that our President was illegally running gums being bought and/or collected from militant groups in Libya and sending to dissidents in Syria via Turkey. Is this what the President is trying to cover up? Does Obama have his very own “Iran-Contra” affair going on? Is that why for two weeks after the attacks, even though we now know they had all of facts, the President, the Secretary of the UN, and the Secretary of State tried to convince America and the world that the attack was a spontaneous reaction to a video insulting to Islam? This is why our Mission in Benghazi had no security and why no aid was given after the attack began? Is the average American on Main Street as OUTRAGED as I am? I am outraged this piss poor excuse for a human being could even consider asking the American people to give him a second term. Why?

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

37 thoughts on “The Benghazi Fiasco. Why? Why? WHY?!!!

  1. Statement on Formation of Libyan Government (November 3, 2012)
    Statement on Formation of Libyan Government
    The United States congratulates the Libyan people on the formation of a government. This is a critical milestone in their democratic transition. We encourage the country’s leaders to build democratic and security institutions and to promote economic development and the rule of law. The Libyan people fought a difficult revolution in order to enjoy a democratic future with peace, security and prosperity. The United States looks forward to working closely with the new government
    I was going to do a post but…..

      1. This alone should be a impeachable offense. There is no government! Thanks for the link, great post.

    1. Exactly, Bunker. what Libyan governemnt. they have nothing but chaos. The Obama administration had to know that; yet the “approved” level of security was no security! From the LSM, the sould of crickets chirping.

  2. The story that is picking up steam is that our President was illegally running gums being bought and/or collected from militant groups in Libya and sending to dissidents in Syria via Turkey.

    I wish it were picking up steam, but it is not.

    The White House spin rules the day: “We are investigating and will get to the bottom of it and bring the perpetrators to justice, bla bla bla…”

    And the media buys it, never bothering to ask the president why he left those Americans to die at the hands of terrorists when we had the capabilities to save them.

    1. My hunch is that all the ammo and guns recently bought by the government was shipped over there via Libya. Why else would social security and other agencies need so much stat?

    2. I should have said picking up steam with Fox aand with conservative bloggers. the white will try to sweep this under the rug and chances are they will be successful. The House and the Senate will start hearings and the wittnesses called will lawyer up and we will learn nothing. Our so-called independent kournalists are anything but independent.

  3. They are in big-time CYA mode at the White House. Obama’s plan is to win re-election and sweep this entire sordid affair under the carpet. Not only does Benghazi-gate cast a horrible light on the lies and cove-ups of the Obama administration, it puts the media in a glaring spotlight. If Americans learn nothing else from this, they need to learn that can never ever again trust the major networks or newspapers for important information. With the exception of Fox News (and a half-hearted effort from CBS) there is no such thing as true investigative, non-partisan journalism left in America.

  4. The media doesn’ t care about American lives, unless one happens to be a journalist. If something happens to a journalist, they are automatic heros, and the story gets published ad infinitum. It would be interesting to see if a journalist were killed and American soldiers could have prevented the killing, would the media be so passive?

    The media are completely butt-kissing Obama. I am afraid it is that simple. Because of their adoration for Obama, we would never hear of anything negative about the worst President in History.

  5. The answer to all of the whys? To bring down the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria by arming the insurgents. Simple as that. The American people can decide if it was worth it. Especially after Assad is ousted and we see another Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over.

    1. Yes, bring down Assad. But, why? What does America gain from bringing down Assad= What did we gain from bringing down Mubarak and g
      Gadhaffi? What does Saudi Arbia and Israel gain from more instability? let Russia deal with Syria. they need a stable Syria. We have enough problems on our plate with Iran, iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and the rest of the region thanks to Barack Obama.

      1. Why would America meddle in the Shiite-Sunni wars at all? Our national interests don’t ride on the outcome of which sect in the Muslim world has the most influence.We support Al-Qaeda when it benefits us. We look the other way when Saudi Arabia exports Wahhabism. We took out Hussein and the Sunni government and allowed the Iranian Shiites to take control of Iraq.

        Syria has Hezbollah which threatens Israel. Assad wants to shut out Turkey, our ally, in the pipeline wars. Syria is an energy crossroads. China wants a pipeline through it. The Iranian Shiites want control of Syria now.

        As you know, I believe our national interests in the Middle East revolve around two main ideals. Protecting our allies and their interests is one. The other is energy access and denying Russia and China any monoplizing of it. That’s why we pick winners and losers in the Arab Spring and sometimes side with the Shiites and sometimes the Sunnis.

        I know I continually harp on energy access, but when you try to make sense of the conflicting direction of our foreign policy, it always come back to it for me.

      2. I understand all of what you are saying, 5e. But, it didn’t have to be this way. We had reletive stabulity in the region for fifty years! Okay. we can’t undo the damage rhar Obama has done. But, what so we (the US) have to gain by gitting rid of Assad. Hr and his father before him were not a problems for us before now. Why is he a problem all of the sudden? Why shouldn’t Russia have a pipeline through Syria? Let the Russians deal with Syria.

        The United States would be independent od mid-Eadt oil tomorrow. We could replce Saudi oil with oil from Canada, Mexico, and a few other countries. If the US were to declare a national emergency (invloding converting our transportation to using natural gas) we could be totally energy self sufficient in lss than ten years. We could then supply Europe with most of their oil needs. Isn’t that netter than war or serious tension between the US abd Russia and China?

      3. Won’t let me reply below for some reason.

        “Isn’t that netter than war or serious tension between the US abd Russia and China?”

        It’s hard enough just trying to figure out what our foreign policy is let alone explain the rationale behind it. I can only assume they figure any sort of isolationalism type policy is wrong. More likely, I see the power brokers in the FedGov enjoy the power trip. Using foreign aid as leverage for example. Controlling regimes also gives us a say on alliances so as to keep our enemies in check. Call it superpower arrogance if you will. Some see it as our responsibility as America is exceptional and thus inherits the duties of world cop and overseer.

        Many more like you, my friend, who think we should just stop meddling, develop our resources here at home and let the rest of the world sort itself out. Those at the top don’t agree. Right or wrong, it is what it is. Want to change that mentality? We’ll need a revolution.

  6. Jim, I agree with your complete position on Benghazi.
    I also think that America cannot avoid many more Benghazi’s in the future if we don’t rectify our national economic and character course. That is why this election is so important.
    When the 47% becomes 51% instead of 43 or 30%, all is lost.
    However, I still think that Romney will win. He has been my favorite from day one two years ago.

    1. Agreed, John. An america that is weak economocally can not remain strong militarily and can not lead the world. I am praying for a Romney landslide tommorow. Romney needs the Senate. Romney needs a mandate.

  7. Libyagate, quite likely, will become Obama’s Watergate. You can only stonewall so long. Nixon made it past his reelection and the same may hold true for Obama. 😦

    1. You may be right, AZ. I would like to see that happen, however, without the reelection of Obama. Also, I fear that even if Romney is our next president, he may find when he is briefed that the truth is to ugly to expose; that the truth would harm America more than help it. That kind of thing has happened before.

  8. As you know, I am outraged by this story and the more we learn the more it looks like Obama was running guns to Syria and Stevens got in the way. Even if this theory isn’t true Benghazi should be the downfall of Obama’s reelection and yet the media isn’t reporting it because they are in bed with Obama. This whole situation disgusts me!

  9. To the point above regarding oil access. I think it has more to do with the global “designers.” If you look at the economic debacle that is the EU, you can see the “regionalist” plan they are putting in place in the Middle East….another “region” under one economic order. Once they get the Middle East all nicely arranged under the one region…next up comes the North American “region. It’s seems obvious to me. The question I have is why is the United States on board with this insanity….which will eventually completely undo our sovereignty. Even that is probably stupid for me to say since it is already nearly undone by the UN, but it looks pretty plain to me. Control of resources (Oil or whatever) is so much easier when every nation is eliminated and tied up into little neat regional packages. That way you only have a few regions to control instead of hundreds of nations. ??? That’s what it looks like to me. So Benghazi….Benshmazi…they don’t care about 4 Americans lost in the shuffle. Just saying.

  10. What you wrote here in your reply to Steve says it all for me.

    That this president could be so callous and cavalier about ehat he allowed to happen is eating at my insides.

    I can’t stand this President for just those reasons. He has no regard for the people that are serving under him.

  11. Here is what Lt. Col. Shaffer said regarding the Benghazi stand down. He says his sources tell him that Obama saw the whole thing go down and could have intervened:

    I’ve read his book Operation Dark Heart and it is most enlightening.

      1. Yeah, I just put in the youtube link and the video magically appeared. That was pretty cool. I really like how Col Shaffer explains things so an ordinary American can understand it. You might can call the whole situation “Fast and Furious: Libya”.

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