What Does The Future Hold For Us? What Is The Real Problem? Who Is The Real Enemy? What Is Their Objective?

[Folks, forgive me if I ramble today. But, that is the mind-set I am in.]

No one can see into the future. That is a given. And yet, it is absolutely necessary to be concerned about our future and, therefore, try as best we can to anticipate what is coming. To do otherwise would be to stick our collective heads in the sand. There is really only two things we meer mortals can in trying to project into the future. One is to be observant about what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen (looking at trends) and connect the dots and see where the lines that are formed are pointing. The other important tool we have is history. There are so many lessons we can learn from history. History does repeat itself. It is truly amazing how inept mankind has been in learning from history.

In the week that has passed since the election, many conservative pundits and bloggers have been busy analyzing what went wrong and making suggest of what we patriots can do to take our America back. There are many different opinions and many different ideas about what we should do going forward. I say to these people GOD BLESS YOU!  God _Bless _ You! Because that tells me that there are many patriots out there who have not thrown-in the towel. And, I am not surprised by that. True lovers of freedom never quit. Now, it is true that many of the bloggers I follow have been silent this past week. Others have announced that they will be posting less often. I suspect most of them will come back.

One of the problems that I strongly feel must be addressed in the coming weeks and months by we patriots, is to come to a general agreement of what our real problem is that we are facing together. Right now there is no agreement among us. The first step in solving a problem is not only to recognize that there is a problem; but to clearly define what the problem is. It is pf paramount importance to identify who our real enemy is. What faces us is complex in the extreme. In my experience. the best way to solve complex problems is to break it down into less complex parts and attack those parts separately. Although complex problems have many parts to them, if the problem is properly identified, those parts all point to the same thing. They all point to some end point X. When we have collectively identified the real problem we are facing and who are real enemies are, then we will have a clearer picture of what X is. Only when we have done this can we begin  to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our enemy and begin to develop strategies that give us the best chance of defeating them.

I can not emphasize enough how important I think it is that WE IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM,  IDENTIFY THE ENEMY, IDENTIFY THEIR GOAL. To that end, I intend to dedicate this blog to bring us together to debate exactly that, at least for a while. I have some ideas that I will throw out for discussion. Some of them you will not like. In some cases you will undoubtedly think that the old man has his tin-foil hat screwed on too tight again. That’s okay! All I ask of you is not to abandon me in this effort. If you think I am wrong, please make your case. Most importantly is if you have other ideas, put them out there so we can all debate them.

Tomorrow I am going to challenge a commonly held opinion by conservatives. Keep the faith, my friends. Join me in trying to come to agreement about what the problem is, who the enemy is, and what their objective is. This is important. Very, very important! I have never been so sure of anything in my life. If we fail to do this, we will be like Don Quijote tilting at windmills.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

22 thoughts on “What Does The Future Hold For Us? What Is The Real Problem? Who Is The Real Enemy? What Is Their Objective?

  1. The problem is statism. There is a necessary and proper role for a federal government; it is detailed in the US Constitution. Our feral governement has burst its constitutional bounds, and that is the problem.

    Federal nannyism has snuffed personal responsibility and self-reliance and rendered millions helpless and unemployable.

    I have no idea how to fix it. A cold turkey solution will probably be thrust upon us

  2. I think Silverfiddle nailed who the enemy is, statism. Our permanent fixation on the federal teat. I also don’t have a good idea for a solution, beyond the obvious hope that we can compel the electorate to return all powers not enumerated in the Constitution to the states.

    For the party [GOP], there should be a frank discussion on what social Conservatives desire, and the realities of a shifting paradigm where the concepts of liberty have been broadened over the course of the last couple of decades. The GOP can acknowledge this shift and embrace the components of freedom found therein, or disregard it and slide into electoral obscurity.

    1. I have a lot more questions than answers, CI. Politicians change, the parties in power change; what keeps driving the move toward more and more statism. There are a lot of very smart people in government. How is statism going to survive the coming monetary collapse. The smart people in government have to see that the monetary system is going to fail, yet they keep doing the same things that will accelerate the coming of the collapse. Why?

  3. Two gargantuan tasks; identify the problem (enemy if you like), and find a solution.
    I will guarantee you that even if we are successful in the first task, we will scratch each other’s eyes out on the second. Some of the most virulent ones will be those professing to act on behalf of “principle” and “moral superiority”.

    I can advance the likelihood that any “solution” to a political problem will neither be “pure” nor 100% “principled”.

    One thing I can say, Jim, is that you have the patience of Diogenes – looking for an honest man. Get on with it friend, I will stay with you.

    1. “… we will scratch each other’s eyes out on the second.”

      That is a risk we must take.
      I have some non-conventional ideas that I hope someone can convince me that I am worng. That will take some effort. So, I am pleased you are willing to participate with me, John. Several of us thinking outside the conventional box may arrive at answers and, of course, there will always be more questions.

  4. I feel Republicans for too long have been afraid to defend conservative principles for fear of being attacked by liberals with their demagoguery; so much so that we can no longer tell the big difference between the two parties. We need to start nominating candidates that can speak the truth in a way that the common man can understand, rather than move away from the truth because we’re too lazy and afraid to stand up for it.

  5. Part of the problem I also think, is that people are just idiots. They just are. They don’t want to use their brain anymore. It doesn’t matter how clearly you can articulate the facts, they don’t care. They will justify anything to make it fit their worldview. They think with their emotions. I don’t know how it can be fixed. Unfortunately, the left is too good at marketing, and these people are the perfect customers for them. And they are the majority, it seems.

  6. I agree with statism is the problem, but the way you combat it is by IDENTIFYING the mechanism by which it grows. Most people can’t handle the big picture all at once, so illustrating the pieces relevant to individual people. When one gets down to following the money, it becomes apparent that both parties are controlled by the banksters, just like Carroll Quigley said they are.

    They keep us going around and around down wedge issues and fruitless arguments. That’s why I never, ever mention race on my blog, I know it’s designed to distract. Instead I mention the deliberate genocide of the blacks via Planned Parenthood, for example. What we face is a group of anti-humanitarians who are totally given over to a reprobate mind. You can’t reason with crazy, so we need to stop trying and just call out these sociopaths for what they are.

  7. I think that the “free mentality” might be our biggest barrier to get past. Yes, this administration is a voice to be reckoned with, but without those “takers”, they would not be near as powerful as they are. That our government can dangle little trinkets to those “takers” and get their votes is a MAJOR obstacle we will have to tackle. At some point the money and “stuff” has to dry up and I know they will have to be weaned off of all the stuff, but it will have to be done, or we will continue to have more and more of those “takers”. The Republicans control the money in the HOUSE, so we know they can stop funding all of it. Will they do it, who knows!

    1. Linda, I don’t know yet how many articles there will be in this train I have stared. I don’t know where it will lead. I have some ideas that many will think are far out. I’m hoping that people like you will continue to participate in this journay and if they think I am wrong, I want them to convince me; not just tell me they don’t agree. I want people to feel free to offer up other ideas that we all can debate. Hopefully in this manner, if enough people take the exercise seriously, maybe we will all learn something in the process.
      Glad to have your input, Linda.

  8. I think the enemy and the problem is the same and that is the leftists and statists we now have in power and the goal is simple; European style socialism ushered in through class warfare with a divide and conquer mentality. As to how we are supposed to combat it, I don’t know any other way other than to attack it in a frontal assault and that is what I intend to do.

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