“Let Them Eat Bread!” a poem by the Bard of Murdock

It’s Sunday and today’s poem be The Bard of Murdock laments the passing of the Twinkie. The poem was originally published on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Please be sure to read the article linked by the Bard before reading the poem.


Let Them Eat Bread!

Alas! The Twinkie has expired.
The Hostess brand is dead.
The unions killed the golden cake,
And cried, “Let them eat bread!”
Though cream was what the masses craved,
The unions overfed.
They chose an unemployment check,
And cried, “Let them eat bread!”
So when Thanksgiving dinner’s served
I’ll gaze across the spread,
And cry a tear for Twinkies lost –
And binge on pie instead.


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My goal is to produce poetical cartoons. I try to use metaphors and caricatures (or a politician’s own words) to address complex political and social situations. In this way, I sum up current events in humorous verse.

6 thoughts on ““Let Them Eat Bread!” a poem by the Bard of Murdock

  1. Well, if they listen to those “higher ups” and let them call the shots, this is what they get. They “had” a job, now they don’t. Unions are for the big guys, not for the little people, anymore. I think we will see alot more of this in the future, companies are getting tired of being strong-armed by the Unions. Good poem.

  2. The Hostess Brand situation is just another example of how the corporate loyalist blame the workers for their very own failures. When Hostess saw it was facing a bankruptcy just earlier this year, the 1st action was to award CEOs by tripling their salaries. Look it up! And now, there’s this strange expectation which follows today’s GOP mindset that the workers should pick up this tab. Never mind that Hostess workers make less than most in the industrial market and that their wages have been stagnant since the company’s bankruptcy 8 years ago.

    1. Hi, Ronald. Thank you for stopping by. I understand perfectly what you are saying- I f you thought I was going to defend Republicans, you are mistaken. I am not going to try to verify or disprove your side of the story. I will assume for the moment you are right. Without a doube management do somemtimes do a bad job. That is a fact. However, when such a company has to file for bankruptcy and reorganize, they have to present a reorganization plan to the bankruptcy court, who will use experts to determine if the plan is viable. If the xourt agrees with the plan or makes alterations and the company has union contracts, the company then must present the plan to the unions where it typically means some concessions will be need for the company to be allowed by the court to go forward with the plan. In spite of who caused the company to fail, the union members have a choice. They can make the concessions andat least continue to have a job, or they can decide they do not want put their trust in this company any more and do as the Hostess workers daid and strike and lose their jons. The Hostess workers decided to lose their jobs. It is that simple,Ronald. Good luck to all 18,000 former Hostess employees.

  3. The reality that has come to light is that Hostess has changed hands several times in recent years and much like the present CEO and officers slicing off their pounds of flesh, Hostess has fallen victim to vulture capitalist who’ve pretty much picked the bones clean. Each time, the union was asked for concessions and accommodated the company. Hostess workers have seen their wages dwindle to a near poverty level only to be asked for more concessions. Their decision to walk off will very likely be repeated by many more in the next few years, union or non union. Look at Walmart today.

    And to think America almost rewarded a vulture capitalist guru with a seat at the Oval Office.

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