Who Will Carry The Torch Of The Spirit Of What America Once Was? Will You?

Recently in a private conversation with a good internet friend, I told him I was feeling down. The reason I was feeling down, I explained, was that several conservative bloggers I follow went silent after our recent presidential election.  I had expected that after a week or so my friends would recouped from the devastating news that we lost the election at such a critical time in America’s history. I though after that much these patriots would have rejoined the fight. They haven’t. Maybe it will take longer for some than others and that they will in time join with us again. I told my friend that I couldn’t imagine what these people were thinking or feeling. Then I went to explain to how  I saw our situation and what I thought we must do. What follows is an expansion of what I told my friend and please keep in mind what you are about to read are my opinions and nothing more. My crystal ball is just as fractured as anyone else’s.

let me start by telling you that this old man has no fear of death what so ever. None! Zero! I think I know what death is. Although I am in no hurry to know death, if death comes for me today or tomorrow, I am prepared.  To me, death is not something worthy of fear. Dying, however, is something all together different. Often the process of dying is accompanied with long periods of pain and suffering. I am not a fan of pain and suffering. Dying is, in my opinion something worthy of fear. So, I pray when my time comes that the dying happens quickly with minimum pain and suffering. And, dear friends, I feel the same way about America or the spirit of what America once was. I would wish that if the spirit of what America once was has to die, that it would happen quickly with minimum pain and suffering for my fellow Americans.. Unfortunately, what this humble observer sees coming is that spirit of what America once was will die slowly with much pain and suffering.

I know that each of you are well aware of the damage to our country that was caused by President Obama and his collaborators over the last four years. However, we must be honest with ourselves. We know that the decline of America started well before Barack Obama came on the scene. This administration only accelerated the process. We also know what some of the policies of Obama and his collaborators will be in the next fours. Therefore we understand that our fragile economy will only grow weaker during these next for years. More people will likely lose their jobs, the middle class will continue to shrink, and more Americans will fall into poverty. In short many Americans will experience pain and suffering. However, the majority of Americans will only be wittnesses to this pain and suffering of their friends and family members. Most of you will still go to work every day and your lives will not change all that much. America will not be that shinning city on a hill for much longer. America’s prestige in the world will decline, it will become weaker militarily and there may be war in our future. America’s foreign policies, especially in the important Middle East region have been, since the days of President Bush The First, difficult to understand and are clearly causing instability in that region for reason  we do not understand.

On top of everything I just mentioned, we must not lose sight of the fact that there is a perfect storm brewing in what we call the pending debt crisis. This time bomb is not going away. I and many people much smarter than I believe it is a mathematical certainty that the debt bomb, the fiat monetary system that spawned and addiction to credit both by people and by nations, including America, will come to an end. No one can tell us precisely when that will happen. Many so-called experts are amazed that the central bankers have been able to kick the can down the road for as long as they have. But, none of these experts doubt that the debt bomb won’t go off.

So, what I am saying, dear friends, is that you (I say you because I am not there with you, What I will experience here in Venezuela may be something somewhat different from what you in America will experience.)  in America are facing a period of gradual decline where some part of the American population will suffer more than others; but some day the debt time bomb will run out its clock and when that day comes in four or five years or in ten or fifteen years, that will be the day that America will experience a sudden death. And, America will not be alone. The pain will beyond what we can imagine. What comes after death is still a mystery for we mere mortals.

I can not apologize for painting such a dark picture because whether I am right or wrong, this is what I see.

Returning now to the theme of my blogging friends who have gone silent. DAMN IT PEOPLE!  Those of us who love life, who love the idea that America represented, who love our children so dearly we have an obligation to keep the spirit of what America once was alive! I believe our mission for what remains of our lives is the following. We must make sure that our children, be they children or adults with families of their own, know to core of their being what the idea of America was, why American became the greatest most prosperous nation the world has ever known, and why this great experiment failed. We must make our children keep the spirit of America alive and to pass on to their children the love for the idea of America.

Dear friends, from my perspective, the only flicker of hope we have is that some day those that kept the spirit of what America once was alive, will have the opportunity to try that great experiment again.  And, of course if America is given a second chance some day, we must pray they do a better job than those generations of Americans that are alive today.

So, to my blogging friends who have gone silent, if you are still visiting your favorite bloggers, and if you read these words I have written, please rejoin us and take up the fight to keep the spirit of what the idea of America really means alive. We do this in the hope that some day the idea of America will be given a second chance.

Finally, let me say that I know all to well that no one has a monopoly on the truth. And, I know that no one can know with any certainty what the future will bring, least of all me. However, I hope you all recognize how strongly I feel about what I have written here today. I have no choice but to write or speak the truth as I see it. That only the future will prove if I am right or wrong is something I can not worry about. I ask you, dear friends, to keep the faith. And, in the words of Wild Bill for America: May God bless America………. again!

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

29 thoughts on “Who Will Carry The Torch Of The Spirit Of What America Once Was? Will You?

  1. While we are focused on America and its problems, the world continues to spin out of control. I disagree it will be a slow decline. The middle east is about to explode, Obama is agitating Africa as well, and I assume our appeaser is moving on to Asia. We will be short of energy very quickly and the thin line of comfortable living will end. Prep well friends.

    1. If the Middle East blows up sooner rather than later, Bunker, then you are right. How can the US finace such a war when it is so weak financially? Yet, it seems that is what the geniuses are planning on doing. Not good, my friend!

  2. I don’t blame anyone for giving up their blog. At this point, I think we are all pissing in the wind.

    I have taught my children history, and I have taught them what I know about economics, and they are becoming smart libertatians with skeptical eye towards wealth, power, privilege and governments, especially those who want to “help” you. I have not taught them to be cynics, but rather clear-eyed observers who, like George Orwell (who I made them read), can face facts, no matter how painful they may be.

    My kids have been to other countries and they speak other languages, so I’ve taught them that the world is theirs. Get a good degree and go wherever on earth opportunities present themselves.

    America will never go back to what it once was. Both parties have destroyed it and our society. We will become more like Latin America, with a permanent kleptocratic oligarchy and increasing class warfare.

    Those who have wealth will live in walled compounds and to hell with the rest, corruption will be cynically taken for granted in this Hobbesean all against all, but we will limp along.

    I expect at some point, when the federal government is finally and completely broke, the country will split up, with different parts realigning with howerever the global power structure looks at the time.

    The Founders called it an experiment.

    1. You are a good man, Kurt Silvrfiddle. I applaude what you have taught your children and how you prepared for the future. After the debt bubble breaks, I hope some parts of the world recover in time for your children to take advantage of those opportunities wherever they may be. Who knows how long it will take for some new world order to take hold. I am sorry to hear that you don’t think the idea of America is worth preserving; that you see no hope ever that beautiful experiment could be tried again. I will continue to encourage people to keep the idea alive no matter how small chance of a second chance may be.

  3. Well said!

    I understand why so many bloggers have recently thrown in the towel, and I can’t blame them (although I do greatly miss them). As Silverfiddle said: we are all pissing in the wind. So be it. I will continue exercising my First Amendment rights as long as I have those rights. To do anything else runs contrary to my own principles.

    Although I am in no hurry to know death, if death comes for me today or tomorrow, I am prepared.

    I feel the same way. I’m glad that I’m as old as I am.

    My job is driving me up the wall, however. I can no longer put on an optimistic face with regard to the future of America — and the future of my students, all of whom are conservative patriots. Every day, I ask myself, “What is the point in teaching now?” The oligarchy will grind up these students in the mill. **sigh**

  4. Throwing a hissy fit and stopping to blog because the globalist democrat Mitt Romney didn’t win really is indicative of the lack of knowledge on how the world really works. Because I have proved to myself that America’s fortune’s wouldn’t change one iota no matter who won, I’m able to keep my cool.

    The fact is the debt, derivatives, and shaky foundation our economic society is built upon is so large (as in Biblical proportions) that no one administration could fix it even a little bit if they really wanted to. We have a 100 year old system put into place by monied interests whose descendants are doing quite well from it today.

    One great thing about blogging about this stuff is getting to inform people who are not that into politics and also creating chatter for Eschalon to chew on to let them know that we know that their political charade is starting to fail. Now they just might track my IP and haul me off to Camp FEMA for that, but at least I can say I said something.

  5. In the aftermath of the election I also tried to rally the troops who I thought were giving up, but as I continue to post I fear I am losing the will to fight. I used to think I could make a small difference and I had a passion for posting, but as I post today I find that passion being replaced with a sense of inevitability which I just can’t shake and I wonder if my efforts are worth it anymore.
    I will still fight because I believe in the cause, but I now question whether the fight is already lost and I am just the last person to realize it. Thanks for your words of encouragement Jim, I will keep fighting until the bitter end, but I feel more and more certain that the end is coming.

    1. Steve,
      You nailed it!

      I feel exactly the same way.

      Actually, my sense of disillusionment and inevitability began when I realized that people simply do not want to recognize the threat to the West of fundamentalist Islam.

  6. I do really empathize with those who have thrown in the towel. As the last 4 yrs. “progressed” (devolved) I think we still had some hopeful idea that it would be a 4 yr. glitch of hell and we could pick up the pieces. Now it will be 8 yrs. of irreparable damage and the pieces may be so broken, we can’t pick them up again at all. The main obstacle to blogging now, besides that we are preaching to the choir, is the shear magnitude of issues crashing around us. If it isn’t the Middle East, it is the financial cliff / contrived debacle, the devastation to our military in both morale and armaments, and the continuing implementation of all of the Agenda 21 domestic take-over, the vast masses of predatory citizens feeling entitled, an education system that teaches Marxism however cloaked,….and more.

    I will continue to write as much as I can, but it is much more difficult with a boulder of futility hanging over my head. I think the others feel much the same. Still trying to hang in there, Jim….and glad you are still here!!

  7. Well said, Jim. Well said, indeed. I plan on keeping up the fight, but can not help but wonder if what my wife has said is true. She thinks we are wasting our time and energy on something that will change nothing. Maybe she is right, but I can not help but fight.

  8. There is no question that the US has joined now in the secular decline of the economic fundamentals of the Western Democracies. It is a natural process derived from the demands of trying to imposed the unrealistic dream of equality of wealth from above. Margaret Thatcher predicted it when she said that “eventually socialism will run out of other people’s money”.
    The process will take some time to reach its breaking point. How long? Nobody can predict.

  9. Well, we could just give up, that would be the easy thing to do. Drink the Kool-aid and go with the flow. However, I just think we were not RAISED that way. My Mom and Dad would be highly pissed off at me, if I threw in the towel on this one. I wasn’t happy about the outcome of this election, really, really, not happy, but we deal with what is thrown at us. We know what the outcome will be if we do nothing…it could still be the same with us trying, but guess we have to each do some soul searching and decide if we are quitters or not…I think WE know the answer to that one. Maybe some of the bloggers just have to take a breather for awhile, but I can’t believe they will totally drop out of the fight, they were not blogging because they were weak, the blogged because they cared what would happen. I have to believe they still have that, maybe deminished, but still there. We have such EVIL in our house now, we have to protect our children and grandchildren from what is coming IF we can do it.

  10. It is important to continue to speak while there is yet an opportunity to speak. Living where I live, where I must use a pseudonym to comment on the Internet, and even then I am afraid, where just getting online to see the news or even to look at an innocuous cat picture on FB can be a great ordeal (as it is even as I write this comment), where everything is political and so controlled by the state, where public discussion on important issues central to everyone’s life is prohibited and private discussion highly discouraged, I feel outraged that so many Americans refuse to speak out. This is their chance to take part and have their say. Sadly, it may be their last.

  11. I’ve gone dark because it’s pointless to continue.

    This country is now composed of more than 50% idiots. They are impermeable to facts, logic and reason. They’re a bunch of children who want their Free Stuff, and they don’t care where it comes from or who has to pay for it. Discussions of freedoms, rights and principles, of economics and civics? It simply goes in one ear and out their butt. They don’t know, nor do they want to.

    Folks, we all know that we’re heading–on a GLOBAL scale–for a time that’ll make the ’30s look like the ’80s. There is nothing at all that can be done to stop it. “Working within the system” is a fool’s dream. This last election was blatantly stolen, and not even the GOP cares. We now live in de facto anarchy, where it’s all about who’s got the most guns, who’s in the biggest gang, and who screws who first. THE RULE OF LAW IS DEAD. The Constitution is meaningless. Call me whatever you want, it won’t make it any less true.

    So, enough. I’m done trying to teach those who refuse to learn. I’m finished attempting to open the eyes of the willfully blind. Let them finally see the absolute reality of their non-absolute world. Let them take the consequences of their stupid and shortsighted decisions. And when it all falls apart under them, perhaps then they’ll be open to reason.

    Until then, I’m not holding my breath.

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