The United Nations _ An Evil Institution. We Are Living In A World Gone Mad!

One of the big problems we who care about what is going on in our country and in the world have is the sheer volume of important issues and bad policies that are all happening at the same time. We are overwhelmed, aren’t we? For we concerned Americans, we not only have uncountable domestic policy actions happening that seem to make no sense, because to us it is logical that in the end those pushing for those policies will end up suffering the results just like the rest of us. We have much the same thing happening with our governments foreign policies, which seem to we reasonable people who will not and can’t make the world a safer place ; but quite the contrary. So, we are overwhelmed with so many issues that we think should worry all Americans; but don’t. We find ourselves in a state of confusion much of the time. And, if that wasn’t enough, we have this world organization gone rogue, known as the United Nations to make matters even worse.

I am hard pressed to come up with one redeeming quality of this international organization. By a large margin, the member nations are mostly controlled by tin-pot dictators looking for, among other things, ways to get money and influence away from the more civilized wealthier nations.

I am no expert on the reasons behind the formation of the UN, but I assume it was for the noble cause of trying to make the world a safer place and hopefully avoid so many wars between nations. That hasn’t worked out very well, has it? It didn’t take long for a young UN to lead us into a police action, otherwise know as the Korean War. Most recently, using a new doctrine called “Right to Protect” (R2P), they got us and our NATO allies to take down the tyrant government of Libya. And, I might add, it was done without much forethought as to what would come next in Libya.  And, we know that has worked out for America.

With little effort, any of us could come up with a list of policies the UN has pushed and is pushing that are so obviously destructive to the economies and/or freedoms of the most advanced countries, right? Anthropological Global Warming and carbon Cap and Trade policies that have already done serious damage to the economies os several European counties and will, under this administration of ours, do serious harm to the US economy. There is this diabolical Agenda 21, smart growth, sustainable living nonsense that is doing serious harm to our country. We see the most ridiculous things happen like the UN appointing someone from a country like Iran to join a commission on human rights or worse a commission on women’s rights. It is insane. We really do live in a world gone mad.

Can someone explain to me why the United States of America or any other advanced nation would want to be a part of and finance such an organization? What do these countries see as the benefits to being part of the UN?  I haven’t bothered, for the purposes of this post to acquaint myself with all that is in the UN Charter.  But, I believe the UN was brought into being to serve as mediators in conflicts between nations and to, in general do good works to help make the world a better place. If I am right about the reason for the UN, it didn’t happen! The UN is a complete failure. And, therefore, I don’t understand why nations like the United States are willing to continue to participate and finance this organization. It is against their own best interests, right? It sure seems that way to me. And, that leads me to the crux of today’s diatribe.

If I am right, the UN was to be an advisory and mediating body. But, over time it should be clear that the UN wants to be and is becoming a governing body. And, like all governing bodies, their nature is to want more and more power and more and more control over those they govern, right? There is a Yahoo News story today that if you missed it, you may want to take time to read it. But, this quote will tell you all you really need to know:

An unprecedented debate over how the global Internet is governed is set to dominate a meeting of officials in Dubai next week, with many countries pushing to give a United Nations body broad regulatory powers even as the United States and others contend such a move could mean the end of the open Internet.

The 12-day conference of the International Telecommunications Union, a 157-year-old organization that’s now an arm of the United Nations, largely pits revenue-seeking developing countries and authoritarian regimes that want more control over Internet content against U.S. policymakers and private Net companies that prefer the status quo.

Okay, this news is not new news. We have known for some time of the UN’s desire to have control over the internet. Since the majority of the members of the UN are tin-pot dictator led nations, it is understandable why they don’t like having that much freedom in their countries. I don’t think this UN summit is going to convince countries like the United States to go along with this nonsense…at…this…time. But, we also know that our own government wants more control over the internet, too. When we listen to what our current president says and what other high level government officials say, we can see a time when our government might go along with giving the UN enormous powers to “govern” over all the nations of the world. Observing these trends both inside and outside of our country brings us back to the frustration of “WHY?”. Why would advanced countries run by more or less intelligent people ever even consider giving any of their sovereign rights up to a organazation dominated by clowns? It makes no dense. It seems to defy logic. And, you all know how I feel about logic being defied. I don’t like it!

Here is a warning for you, dear friends. If you ponder on the question of why too long, you run the risk of arriving at a very scary place. You can arrive at a place where what you are observing only makes sense if there is evil at work in this world that is doing thing for its benefit and not for the benefit of mankind. Understandably, most people refuse to go to that scary place. So, was is a man like me to do. I know I am not alone in my behavior patterns. let me explain.

Your humble observer in Venezuela suffers from a split personallity. One personallity is very pragmatic and depends on logic to understand the world around him. The other personality is a bit of a romantic. He grew up with Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rodgers, Lassie, Howdy Doody, Superman, and several other TV programs where the good guys always won. Well, we grow up fast, don’t we? We learn at a young age that there is no Santa Clause, that there really are slutty women out there and bad men, and worst of all we learn that the good guys don’t always win. This causes a problem for this personallity, because shouldn’t good always win in the end? Isn’t that what most of our religions teach us? And so, half of your humble observer is compelled to look for straws of hope to cling on to tiny flickers of hope that the good ideas and the good guys will eventually triumph. So, what is this old man to do? One part of him sees that the pragmatic thing to do is accept the evil forces in the world will have their way no matter what and, therefore, the best thing he could do is carve out a nitch in this world where he can live as best he can. The other part of me insists that  I keep on fighting in the hope that the collective efforts of good people will eventually defeat these evil forces. Well, you already know which  of those personalities is the dominate one at this stage of my life. I will, of course, continue to fight for the good.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

25 thoughts on “The United Nations _ An Evil Institution. We Are Living In A World Gone Mad!

  1. “Can someone explain to me why the United States of America or any other advanced nation would want to be a part of and finance such an organization?”>/i>

    Keep your friends close and you enemies closer used to be my standard answer, but now we are willing enablers of this den of internationals thieves, rapists, torturers and scam artists.

    It is nothing but a global shakedown scheme, and as you say, civilized nations are stupid for participating in it.

  2. And the best news is that Susan Rice will take us to the next level with her u.n. contacts. Look out Africa. Next on the schedule to muck around in, and Africa is her forte so they say.

  3. The UN began with Communism and continues its march to global dominant Communism. Alger Hiss, a traitor to America and its Constitution and a Soviet spy, wrote the original UN Charter and was the first Secretary General of the UN. He did this with the explicit assistance of FDR and his Fabian Socialist wife, Eleanor. Roosevelt was both enamored with and intimidated by Stalin, refusing to see the horrors Stalin was committing during the war in order to grab more power and land. Possibly, though I doubt it, Roosevelt was naive. But Hiss definitely was not. The social programs begun by Roosevelt were modeled after Socialist plans. In fact, Roosevelt would have gone a lot further with Socialist controls if he could have gotten away with it….i.e. his proposal for a new Bill of Rights.

    At the time, Hiss gave Russia 2 seats at the Security Council while the US had one. I’m not sure where that stands at the moment.

    After Roosevelt, in 1949Truman signed the UN “Human Rights Treaty.” The very intent of the UN Human Rights Treaty was to give the UN the authority to determine “human rights” globally. Because of that treaty, that was ratified by our Senate, all UN treaties and initiatives signed by our Presidents take precedent over our Constitution whether ratified by our Senate or not…..because they couch everything …base everything… coming out of there as “human rights” referring back to that 1949 Treaty. So, Jim….my conclusion after learning all of this is that we have been duped for years thinking that our Constitution protects us from encroachment by the UN and globalist powers. I sought this information by trying to find a way to stop Agenda 21…and so far, because of the 1949 Human Rights Treaty, we have no power to stop it. People who say Agenda 21 has no legal teeth over us, don’t know about this information.

    I used to think what you have said here about the UN beginning as an arbiter between nations and a benevolent mission thereto, but that it devolved over time to the monster it is today. But after reading more on the subject, most recently a biography of Alger Hiss, I believe the UN was not created with good intentions at all. It was just another avenue for global Communism to get its claws into the United States of America, as well as to trump every nation on the planet. Sovereignty is dead unless we have leaders who are willing to tell the UN we no longer abide by that 1949 Treaty and they can take a proverbial hike. Which people tell me will never happen. As you know, the “tin pots” you mention do not exactly have a great track record with “Human Rights.” So….why we are stuck in this idiotic organization is beyond my comprehension. It would take me two seconds to get out of there and kick them out of the U.S.

    In short…it’s worse than you think. Sad to say.

  4. You can add:

    1 – The UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change)
    2 – The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), and
    3 – The COP18 (18th Conference of the Parties) that just started yesterday in Doha, Qatar

    to the list of UN concerns.

  5. As world currencies collapse- first the euro or the yen, then the dollar, I think the U.N. will be positioned properly as bankers try to install one currency worldwide. That may have been the role of the U.N. all along.

    That’s the evil. The ability to control people with one currency.

    I don’t think it’s any more nefarious than that. I used to witness worthless organizations at the local level. Politicians never exit those worthless organizations- they get ridiculed and heckled as non team players when they try to—so they stay in. So we are in the U.N. with their statist ideas. They certainly don’t help us. Honestly, the U.N. is really not that big of concern in my eyes….I think there are bigger fish to fry.

    1. Do you really think One World Currency is coming after the debt bubble collapse, Brian. I don’t think so. The experience the bankers got when they tried it on a small scale in the Euro Zone failed predictably. Witout control over fiscal policy, one currency will fail. I do believe, however, that we will be presented with a new world reserve currency. maybe that is what you meant. Will it be a new and improved fiat system or somthing else, I don’t have a clue.

  6. Ditto what Cheryl said, it was a communist plot from the start! (Striking my McCarthy pose.) Check out State Department memo 7727, from 1964 where they said that nation state militaries would be shut down and military power would be transferred to a World Police Force under the UN. The UN is a tool of the Elite to get world domination, the goal of the powerful since time and memorial. It’s not their only tool, mind you, but they have managed to do a lot of global standization with this puppy. Another part of their evil plan is the UN convention on the rights of the child, where you can get busted if you “force” your child to go to church. So far, only America and Somalia haven’t signed it. Don’t forget the Lucis Trust has its office there (Striking devil horns pose-some of you may get the reference.)

  7. The UN might have been set up with good intentions but we all know what the road to hell is paved with, right? The UN has assumed more and more power over the years and now its ultimate goal is global domination and the global redistribution of wealth. It troubles me how much this regime is willing to concede sovereignty to the UN and I can’t for the life of me figure out why more of our elected officials do not speak out against this evil organization.

    1. Because many of the powerful of ALL politicial persuasions are part of the global, one-world government elite and the UN is a handy tool for them. The Bush family is as guilty as the Obama administration in that regard. Why won’t our current president really address our nation’s debt crisis and entitement programs that will surely plow us under with their weight? The US economy must fail in order for a new world currency to evolve.

  8. I am hard pressed to come up with one redeeming quality of this international organization.

    The United Nations does one and only one thing well: the World Health Organization.

    Otherwise, the United Nations is all about establishing a utopian One World Order. All utopias have been consummate failures and financial drains!

    1. The WHO has a huge eugenics bent. They spend a lot of resources on “population control.” They’ve been caught tainting vaccines with HcG to deliberately cause miscarriages and steritilty. The Catholic Church had the vaccines teseted independently and verified that they had been tainted. This went on in Guatamala, the Phillipines, and one Asian country- Burma I think.

  9. RM and I are on the same train of thought on this one….imagine two of striking our “Eugene McCarthy” poses. Formidable !!! Quite right….it is a tool, and RM is right…not their only tool. But it is tangled up with the banking cartel(s), too….so they have it all covered. We need to get them out of our American lives….

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